The Walking Dead has grown to become one of the most popular TV shows you can find. Fans and fanatics alike have the burning question where is The Walking Dead filmed and the most brazen fans want to know where is The Walking Dead filming now? In any case, they flock each year to view the sites of their favorite characters and stories of The Walking Dead. 

Where is The Walking Dead Filmed?

When asking where is The Walking Dead filmed you need to look no further than Senoia, Georgia. Senoia, Ga. is in Coweta County which is around 35 miles south of Atlanta. It’s pretty easy to find and you’ll experience a quaint town with polite people when you are there. Senoia is considered to be the wealthiest town in Georgia. 

You can see all the different locations in Senoia from Season 3 to Season 8. You can book a tour or make the trek on your own if you prefer with a Walking Dead self-guided tour. However, with the tours, you will get extra tidbits of information that will amuse newcomers to the show and surprise even the most die-hard fans. You have some options when choosing a tour to see The Walking Dead filming locations 2019 and The Walking Dead filming locations 2018 as well as the locations from past years. 

You can experience where is the Walking Dead filmed at The Walking Dead sanctuary filming location along with many others when you arrive at the Senoia Walking Dead filming location. You can also visit the Senoia, Ga. Walking Dead store while you’re there. You might even want to check out The Walking Dead Studio tour reviews before you go. You won’t be disappointed that’s for sure. 

The Walking Dead Studio Tour

When you need to address the burning question where is The Walking Dead filmed, one of your options to see The Walking Dead filming locations 2019 or those from previous years is taking The Walking Dead Studio Tour. If you want to get an intimate look at where is The Walking Dead filmed and each of the sets from the last decade The Walking Dead Studio Tour is where you can find that. 

This tour provides an in-depth two-hour tour or Riverdale Studios and the shoes satellite studio where you will see sites such as Alexandra, the home of Rick Grimes along with Sanctuary, The Heaps, Oceanside, and Hilltop. You will be accompanied by a tour guide that knows just about all there is to know about the show and will have you well informed. You learn some things you probably never knew about the show along the way. 

Please keep in mind that tours stopped running on July 1st but will resume when Season 10 is finished shooting. 

Things to Know About The Walking Dead Studio Tour

As mentioned above The Walking Dead Tour 2019 is closed at the moment until this season wraps its shooting schedule. However, when the tour does resume you and your mates can jump on a bus for a unique two-hour tour of The Walking Dead filming locations 2019 and previous years. You’ll take a journey guided by a professional Walking Dead advisor. You’ll learn things you never knew existed while being thrilled to see all of the interesting places your favorite characters have traveled to and from. You’ll take the journey around Riverdale Studios which has been the home of the show for about 10 years. 

Some important details you will want to know before you go to see where is The Walking Dead filmed are: First, you will park your car and make a jaunt to the ticket booth to collect your tickets. Then, you will check in with your booking number and name. Please remember to have your confirmation printed out or ready up on your phone before you get to the booth. This will get you and your friends on to this incredible journey that much faster. 

One very important point to know about check-in is that your whole group needs to be together at the time of check-in (If you want to sit together.). This goes for anybody in the group who may have purchased their tickets separately. After you’ve all checked in they’ll give you a special Walking Dead Tour 2019 security badge, which is yours to keep. One last thing to note is that departure times can be anywhere from 1-20 minutes after your scheduled time. Say if your tour is scheduled to leave at 10:30 it could leave anytime up until 10:50.

More Details About The Walking Dead Studio Tour

You’ll hop on board a bus that holds 14 people to see where is The Walking Dead filmed and be swept into the world of The Walking Dead with an experienced tour guide. There are certain points during the tour when you will be able to get off the bus and walk the streets of this eerie place. Please keep in mind that tour schedules and places you are able to disembark the bus are always subject to change because of various factors.

The tour will run for about two hours and no food and drinks are allowed. You will need shoes that are close-toed. There are also not any scheduled bathroom breaks, however, in case of emergency, you can request a stop if need be. You can have bottled water and sodas. There is no audio or video recording allowed and photos are only permitted in assigned areas. If your tour guide doesn’t state that it’s ok to take pictures, don’t do it. They have a strict policy for this and you will be ejected and possibly even prosecuted, believe it or not.

The Walking Dead Filming Schedule 2019

The Walking Dead filming schedule 2019 is currently in full swing. As far as The Walking Dead filming locations 2019, they are sticking to their guns with Senoia. They are said to be using several of the locations from past seasons in their 10th year. The Senoia, Georgia Walking Dead filming schedule commenced on May 6th of this year. 

The tours to see where is The Walking Dead filmed will be closed during filming but will resume shortly after they are done with making season 10. But, look at it this way fans, they are on their way to bringing you another amazing season that will more than likely make you salivate for the next episode. On a side note, Michael Cuditz was so busy with The Walking Dead Filming schedule 2019 he had to cancel a public appearance at Nickel City Con, a comic convention in Buffalo.

The Walking Dead Santucary Filing Location

Where is The Walking Dead filmed (Sanctuary)? The Sanctuary is an industrial complex which was the home of Negan and the Saviors who are his followers after the Apocolypse happened. The outside was a bunch of coal chutes and shops that the group made into a protected fortress of Zombies. You can still see the battle scars on this gigantic building when you visit. It’s quite cool. There are railcars which were imported specifically for the set of the Sanctuary and also you will visit the two courtyards inside. 

The Walking Dead Alexandria Filming Location 

The saying after the Walker invasion at Alexandria was “Mercy for the lost. Vengeance for the plunderers.”

You may want to know about where is The Walking Dead filmed other than the Sanctuary? One of the places called Alexandria or sometimes referred to as Alexandria Safe-zone. Other people might refer to this place as Georgia’s Gin Property. If you’re around the set during the time The Walking Dead filming is going on you will definitely experience sounds of gunfire, smells of smoke, and sirens or air horns blaring through your ears. 

Alexandria was a part of the joint communities consisting of four militia groups. Then after that is was in the colation alongside Kingdom, Oceanside, and Hilltop. That stood until the Saviors destroyed it all, which residents came to rebuild following the Wrath incident. Years later Alexandria came to thrive under Michonne. They had a battle with some outsiders named The Jocelyn Group, however, they subsequently welcomed some former Saviors into the mix. 

Before the Apocolypse, the Safe-Zone in Alexandria was meant to be a fully sustainable community. It was planned to have its own solar grid with upscale homes. The plan called for eco-based filtration and cisterns as well. Homes average just over $1 Million in The Safe-Zone Alexandria.

After the Apocolypse, when the outbreak hit, this area became the military’s established safe-zone with dozens of supplies for plenty of people. One key player was Deanna Monroe. Ms. Monroe was a Congresswoman from the state of Ohio. She and her family were told by the military to wait in the Alexandria Safe-Zone for further instructions and to wait for more help. Although that help never came.

The Safe-Zone provided those staying with supplies at the nearby shopping mall like construction material which they then used to build a wall for protection. Some new survivors eventually came there while Deanna Monroe was designated survivor so to speak and became the leader of the newly built community, which the rest of her family helped rebuild as well using their respective talents and skills. 

For instance, Richard, Deanna’s husband used his architectural knowledge to oversee the building of the walls. He was a professor of architecture. Spencer was a sniper and perched himself at the church tower for protection. While Aiden who was in the ROTC ran supplies as much as possible. Son Aaron and his lover Eric Raleigh, who worked for an NGO in Africa used those skills to recruit more survivors to fit into the fold also. 

The two former NGOs were able to recruit enough survivors to strengthen the base of the community and help it flourish. However, they did make the mistake of recruiting a small group who had a leader named Davidson. Davidson and his followers did not agree with Deanna Monroe’s policies and ideals so she had them exiled by her sons and another character named Nicholas.

What You Should Know About Senoia

Senoia is located in Georgia with a population of just under 4,000 people in a county called Coweta. The average home value here is about $200,000 and the average income is around $80,000. The average age of residents is 33 and the property there is rented out by 75% of its population.

Senoia GA Shopping

After you see where is The Walking Dead filmed, it’s time to see the Senoia, GA. shopping scene. There are some places you won’t want to miss out on. Places like Atlantic Station and The Southlake Mall. You should also check out the Woodbury Shoppe, Tanger Outlets Locust Grove, and Final RAck for some great deals. Don’t forget the Ponce City Market, UnhingedLifestyle Boutique, and Blume Organics Boutique and Cafe.

The Walking Dead Movie 2019

Apart from knowing where is The Walking Dead filmed, you are probably also interested in The Walking Dead Movie 2019. In The Walking Dead Movie 2019, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) will be shown in the place where he was taken during his last episode in the T.V. show. The story was developed by Scott Gimple for AMC Studios Original Films. Gimple has what is called The Walking Dead Universe. It’s his multi-year plan to keep The Walking Dead story alive after the original show. According to Andrew Lincoln, the film will take on a wider scope and tell a bigger story. Gimple says the films will be major evolutions of what was done on the original show. There will be yet unseen worlds for fans to explore Gimple also stated. 

So, if you are the biggest Walking Dead fan to walk to earth or not, getting out to Senoia, GA to see where is The Walking Dead filmed is a great idea. You will not only delve into the worlds of your favorite character, but you’ll also learn something new about them or their habitats while you’re at it.

You can choose a Walking Dead self-guided tour or The Walking Dead bus tour Senoia if you’d like. No matter which route you end up taking the journey will be well worth it in the end. Just like the journey you’ve taken with the show and your favorite characters.