Last night released the third episode of the sixth season entitled ‘Thank you’ and left in shock to its millions of fans after one of the protagonists, apparently, was killed by zombies.

‘Glenn’ (Steven Yeun) and ‘Nicholas’ (Michael Traynor) fled from dozens of zombies but ended up trapped by them in a dead end, so they had to climb into a dumpster, taking only a few ammunition for their weapons. What happened then?

‘Nicholas’, stunned and terrified, looks at ‘Glenn’ and says: “Thank you” and then shoot himself in the temple. However, when his body falls on the zombies, drag him to the boyfriend of ‘Maggie’ (Lauren Cohan).

Already on the floor, ‘Glenn’ watches in horror as his guts and intestines are swallowed. However, despite the impact of the images, it is amazing to think that one of the most beloved characters of The Walking Dead will not return anymore. But what would be the truth?

Here we leave you some clues left by the Forbes and Entertainment Weekly magazines that give us some possible answers about this strange event:

1. IS NOT GLEN The scene in which the zombies devour ‘Glenn’ was not entirely clear, which holds the hope that he is still alive. While you can see the body of his character is surrounded by ‘walkers’, the corpse of ‘Nicholas’ seems to have fallen on him, protecting him, without wanting to, the attack.

2. WHAT THE COmICE SAYS Robert Kirkman’s comic book plot, ‘Glenn’ dies but not how it happens in The Walking Dead series, since in the cartoon, ‘Glenn’ is killed after a blow with a covered baseball bat with barbed wire that destroys his head.

3. IT WAS A VERY PREMATURE DEATH The incident that supposedly killed ‘Glenn’ occurred 10 minutes before the end of the chapter, but the great deaths of The Walking Dead usually take place in the outcome. If the character played by Steven Yeun really died, did not that chapter deserve more space and time?

4. WHAT THE WALKING PRODUCERS SAY DEADScott M. Gimple, executive producer of The Walking Dead, sent a statement that read: “Dear The Walking Dead fans, this is a difficult story to tell and we have to say something In this regard: ‘Somehow, we will see’ Glenn ‘, either in flashback or in the current story, either to complete the story’ “, questioning the possible death of the character.

5. GLENN IS ALIVE OR DEAD? While it seems almost impossible that Glenn can escape this situation alive, we must bear in mind that Thank You really followed Nicholas, who led his companions through the town and who He finished a friend who died because of his cowardice. When Nicholas is shot, it seems he wants to sacrifice himself so that Glenn can escape. That is, if Maggie’s boyfriend really should die, he would have to be alone, out of another character’s bow.

What do you think?