What is NetEnt?

NetEnt is a premium supplier for digitally produced and distributed gaming systems. These systems are used by some of the most renowned online gaming operators around the world. The company is from Sweden and was founded in 1996 which produced Narcos game.

What is Narcos?

Narcos is a show produced by Netflix. The show was on for four years and was a major hit. It followed the crazy and dangerous adventures of Pablo Escobar’s cartel. Pablo Escobar was one of the most ruthless men in Colombia back in the 80s and 90s. The show also involved the Cali Cartel, which seemed to be even more clever than Escobar’s group.  

Soon the Cali Cartel was pretty much dismembered and then the show shifted its focus to the Juarez Cartel from Mexico, run by the infamous El Chapo who escaped from prison a couple of years back. The show finished its run at the end of 2018 much to the dismay of its loyal following. However, the story pretty much ran its course and it was probably the perfect time to end.  

The Game

Narcos the game is an online slot game which offers big cash prizes and amazing bonus benefits. The game is done in comic book art, which looks really cool. This style is a departure from NetEnt’s typical style. Planet of the Apes and Vikings use actual stills from those productions while Narcos uses the comic art. Columbia is shown in all its glory in the game too, providing a stunning visual backdrop while you’re gaming. You’ll also find just about every character from the TV show in the online game.

How do you Play?

You can win in 243 different ways while playing Narcos. They have a 20 coin fixed wager protocol, but you are able to adjust it if you’d like. You can set it as low as .01 for each coin. So if you are a penny slot type of player you will find this feature very agreeable to your style. If you are more of a high roller don’t worry; the max wager is 400 coins.  

The Return To Player or RTP on Narcos is 96.23 percent. That’s pretty much the norm for online slot payout percentages. You should find your spins will win consistently here.

Bonus Baby

Narcos provides free spins and bonuses. There are three types of bonuses you’ll find while playing Narcos.  

  • Lockup

This comes when you get at least three lockup symbols on your screen. You get three free spins which are very generous and come with multipliers. 

  • Drive By

The Drive-By feature occurs at random when playing Narcos. When this feature becomes active bullets are shot on the screen turning regular symbols into wild ones.  

  • Free Spins

If you get three free spin symbols you’ll actually get 10 free spins. When this is going on a shootout occurs unlocking wilds and even unlocking walking wilds which let you win even more.