Pretty much everyone loves to kick back on the couch at the end of the day and binge-watch their favorite shows on Netflix, but did you know that people around the world stream a total of 165 million hours per day?

If that wasn’t a high enough statistic for you, think about it this way: about 15% of the entire world’s bandwidth capacity is being used by Netflix at any given time.

With so many shows and so little time, you’ve likely been wondering what to stream. What programs are worth the time you’ll invest in a binge? What are you going to enjoy enough to look forward to watching at the end of every day?

Today, we’re going to take a look at the best good series to binge watch on Netflix right now. Read on for some help finding your newest obsession!

Amazing Shows

Netflix is currently streaming some of the best shows out there so that you can access them from the comfort of your own home. Read on to learn some shows that, while created by other networks, Netflix has licensed for your enjoyment.

1. The Office

We’ve decided to start this list with a bang and talk about the best show ever created: The Office.

This mockumentary-style sitcom chronicles the daily life of the employees of Dunder Mifflin, a mid-range paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. They work under regional manager Michael Scott, who, despite his good intentions, is wildly (and hilariously) inappropriate.

Throw in an amazing cast of characters including Michael’s sidekick beet-farmer Dwight, the budding, prank-loving lovebirds Jim and Pam, and the morally-gray temp Ryan, and you have an amazing comedy about life, love, and the beauties of ordinary life.

2. The Good Place

Like The Office, The Good Place was created by comedy genius Michael Schur. This is a philosophically-minded show that examines the intricacies of justice in relation to the afterlife.

In it, self-proclaimed ‘Arizona Dirtbag’ Eleanor Shellstrop finds herself in heaven due to a mix-up. She knows that she isn’t supposed to be there, but finds a home among an anxious ethics professor, a narcissistic philanthropist, and a failed DJ from Florida.

Binging this show will have you smiling, but it will also have you questioning: what makes a person good?

3. Galavant

While we’re sad to say that Galavant is the last sitcom on this list, we’re happy to say that it’s a thoroughly amazing one.

Set in a ridiculous alternate version of 12th century England, Galavant is a musical comedy about a knight called Galavant. He and his trusty sidekick must go on a quest to save his love interest from ‘certain doom’ at the hands of the (rather stupid) King Richard.

The best part? It’s a musical! Between singing, dancing, and colorful characters, this show is a delight.

Netflix Originals

While Netflix has licensed many amazing shows from different networks, they also are known for creating amazing original series. Read on to learn some of the most binge-worthy shows that Netflix has created!

4. Insatiable

People often cite Insatiable as being problematic and having fat-shaming messages, but we’re here to tell you that those people haven’t watched more than two episodes. This show has risen above the controversy surrounding it to be one of the best on Netflix.

Patty Bladell used to be obese and was teased by her peers, but after a summer on a liquid diet is now skinny, gorgeous, and ready for revenge. Insatiable follows her adventures in beauty pageants with her mentor, Bob, and is filled with Pretty-Little-Liars-esque undertones of revenge and creepiness. We love it, and you will too.

5. The End of the Fxxxing World

With 20 minute episodes and only two 8-episode seasons, this completed series is an easy one-day watch. However, the characters and situations are sure to stick with you for a long, long time.

The program follows James, a British high-school sociopath who wants to know what it feels like to murder someone. He selects Alyssa, a sarcastic girl filled with spunk, as his target. After a series of events, they end up on an epic road trip together, fleeing the police. Along the way, James begins to feel his first emotion: love for the girl he intended to kill.

6. A Series of Unfortunate Events

Based on the books by Lemony Snicket, A Series of Unfortunate Events is possibly the best book-to-screen adaptation ever created.

After the death of their parents in a tragic fire, the Baudelaire siblings are sent to live with their distant relative, Count Olaf. Their new guardian turns out to be a cartoonish (yet actually evil) supervillain out to steal their massive inheritance at any cost.

Touching and irreverent, this program showcases the triumphs of these children over very present forces of evil. It has murders, kidnappings, and dark comedic undertones that would be inappropriate in any other show but work with this one perfectly.

7. The Witcher

Everyone knows about Stranger Things and its popularity, but there’s a new sheriff in town: The Witcher.

This story, set in a medieval-inspired landmass known only as ‘The Continent,’ is about a mutated monster hunter called Geralt (played by Henry Cavill). He struggles to find his place in the world among both humans and monsters, all while fighting for survival.

If this sounds appealing to you, try and download Netflix movies and shows to your device. You can then watch them anywhere, anytime!

Find Good Series to Binge Watch

While there are a ridiculous amount of good shows out there for you to see, you can’t go wrong with the ones we’ve talked about today.

Now that you know the all-time best good series to binge watch on Netflix (and have, we assume, added all of them to your list), it’s time to order some DVDs of The Walking Dead, too. Binge-watch amazing Netflix shows while you wait for these discs to come in the mail and set up a trip to see some of the best Walking Dead filming locations with us!

Go pop some corn and get watching!