Game of Thrones provided you with a lot of blood, carnage, and political deceit during its eight-year reign as one of the top shows on television.  The show with fire-breathing dragons and ice zombies has finally come to an end. In response to how it ended many fans are shaking their heads, as is usually the case when a beloved show has to choose a way to finish and wind up the story.

Take The Sopranos, for instance, the final shot left so many fans with uncertainty as to what happened they couldn’t deal with it and of course raged backlash at the show’s creator, David Chase.  But let’s get back to Game of Thrones.

When Jon Snow the lover and nephew of Daenerys Targaryen stabbed her in the heart while giving her a loving embrace, fans were flabbergasted.  What happened was Tyrion Lannister had convinced Jon to betray his lover and aunt. They were both scared she was going to become a tyrant and Tyrion resigned his post as the Queen’s Hand.  He was subsequently jailed but plotted with Jon to carry out this dirty deed.

Drogon, her dragon came to her rescue but was too late and let out a horrifying scream that surely sent chills through everybody watching.  Drogon burned the Iron Thrown to bits and flew away with Daenerys’ dead body.

Bran Stark or Bran the Broken who is now a quadriplegic was voted to be the new ruler after Tyrion nominated him and the people unanimously agreed.  Jon was given a life sentence to the Night’s Watch. However, the ending wasn’t so bad for him since he was reunited with Ghost, his Direworf.

Game of Thrones thrilled and captivated its fans for eight seasons and whatever you may think about the ending you have to look back at it positively and be happy it was created.