Waterfall And Campsite Seen In The Season Two Finale (Elder's Mill)

In the finale of the second season, we see Rick, Lori, Carl, Daryl, Carol, T-Dog, Glenn, Maggie, Beth, and Hershel rendezvous at the highway pileup location where Sophia went missing earlier in the season.  They then depart this location and after about an hour of travel, Rick’s vehicle runs out of gas and the farm survivors are forced to spend the night on the side of the road near a waterfall and lake.

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This site is located on Elders Mill Road in Senoia, GA.  These scenes were filmed back in November and were some of the final shots, if not the final shots, filmed for the season. The stone structures you saw in the show, and in the images below, are actually the foundation remnants of a mill which was located here in the early 1900s. The mill was one of several grist mills which dot the Georgia countryside.

If anyone out there has more information about Elder’s Mill, especially any historical photos of the structure as it may have once been, please post in the comments below or email us.  We would love to help put out more information about this beautiful location.

I’d really like to thank two of our fellow fans and local residents who were able to get out to this location during daylight hours, get a few photos, and allow us to share them with all of you Walking Dead fans.  Thank you to Leslie Barker and Daniel Lewis for taking time to get these and send them our way.  As always, if anyone has any photos of other shooting locations that you’d like to share, we’d love to see them and would be happy to pass them along.

(For those who have asked, both via email and Twitter, no, there is no prison or structure anywhere near that large on the other side of the lake.  That was added via CGI.)

Leslie’s Photos

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Daniel’s photos

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Update (site history/information):

Any time we receive more historical information about a shooting location, we try to pass it along for anyone else who may be interested.  We received an email about the Elder’s Mill location from Bill Grabbe whose family once owned the mill.  Thanks to Bill we can now give more history behind the site.  Here is the information he passed along:

I have a ton of family in Coweta County, including my great grandfather Sterling Elder, the last family owner of Elder’s Mill.  His family came over to Coweta County from Clarke County (Athens) as a result of the 1827 land lottery.  There was also an Elder’s Mill in Clarke or Oconee County (there is still a historic covered bridge named after the mill).  Howell Elder and his wife Rebecca lived on Skinner’s Creek.  He had two sons, William Howell (my g-g-grandfather) and Sterling, and one daughter, Rebecca Jane.  The property contained two cemeteries:  one for the family (and the Lynch family) and one for the slaves (Latitude: 33.295, Longitude: -84.6303).  When Howell died, the land was split between the two sons, with the cemetery apparently being included in the “Uncle Sterling” portion.  William Howell had “Great Grandfather Sterling” by his first wife Esther Amanda Russell, and three daughters by his second wife, Elizabeth Smith.  A portion of the land was sold to pay cash bequests to the daughter, with the remaining 400 acres going to my g-grandfather Sterling Elder.  Sterling moved to Atlanta and ran the mill as an absentee owner.  In 1918, he was negotiating the purchase of a mill in Dekalb County (there were no interestates at the time), so he may have been considering moving the entire operation to reduce his travel obligations, but the purchase did not take place.  Sterling died in 1957 and by then or shortly after, the mill was sold to be used to support his wife, Madge Couch Elder.

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37 Responses to Waterfall And Campsite Seen In The Season Two Finale (Elder's Mill)

  1. Linda says:

    Was at the Elder’s Mill site yesterday. I am with the Christian Motorcyclist Association (CMA). Our chapter, the Blessed Riders from Newnan were involved in the Bomber Girls Motorcycle Club ride to raise money to help our military men/women and their families. We set up our tent right in the front yard of the old house/saloon used in the filming of the movie “Lawless”. The property owner’s were very gracious and allowed us to walk the grounds and explore the numerous buildings on site. We were honored to provide the bikers with bottled water, bless their bikes and pray for any needs they might have as each group arrived. What a treat to all that participated in this wonderful cause to be able to experience the actual place where the hit show Walking Dead and the hit movie Lawless was filmed. It was a great day, our chapter enjoyed meeting and serving so many bikers. God Bless You.

  2. Carolyn Wright says:

    Went there Saturday 5/24/14 and there is a locked gate. Sign has a phone number to call for a tour. Can’t see much from the gate.

    • Well that’s good to know. Ended up driving right by there due to a detour on 54. Looked over my shoulder and saw the waterfall. Was kicking myself for not stopping, but knowing now that it’s locked up, I don’t feel so bad. Thanks!

    • Kathy says:

      My sisters and I went there on May 13, 2014. We called the number posted on Facebook and made arrangements for the tour. It was a fabulous tour. It is locked because private property. Other movies, including “The War” with Kevin Costner, were filmed thereto. The owners were so sweet and so thorough with this tour. I would recommend this tour to all. It is worth it.

  3. Kelle Watts says:

    I was thinking it was Starrs Mill too, but it wouldn’t be off limits. It’s a public park. I’ve done some pretty interesting paranormal investigations at Starrs Mill. That could be a TV show unto itself!

  4. Meghan says:

    Does anybody know the exact location for this site?

  5. Adam says:

    Went there today whilst in area and got photos in front of the gate which isnt far away from the waterfalls. Very cool to see.

  6. Daniel says:

    Very true. lol

  7. lauren says:

    Yep I’m in GA too.. live out in the country country where you can see coyotes running around.. and leave your doors unlocked and sleep with the windows open… anyone comes on our private property… let’s just say that dad has no problem pulling g out his shotgun and bringing the dogs with him until you identify yourselves lol

  8. chris says:

    Waterfalls are on elders mill rd. It is elders mill pond just north of deep south rd

  9. Matt says:

    I believe the Elder’s Mill location is also used in the new post apocalyptic TV series “Revolution ” pilot, where the character Nate is introduced.

  10. Dons Neighbor says:

    Hi. I’m Dons neighbor. Please remember these properties are privately owned and only used occasionally for filming. Please respect private property signs.

    • I agree and always do my best to remind fans of this fact. With some of the sites being easily accessible, it’s sometimes easy to forget that many are on private property. I hope fans keep this in mind and are respectful of other folks’ property when going to view and/or visit sites.

  11. Logan says:

    I finally got to stop by the old mill today on my way through Senoia. Awesome place.

  12. Richard Cole says:

    I spoke to Donald this past Saturday and can confirm he charges now for those of you wishing to go onto the property. He is setting up tours and it is not just for The Walking Dead. JJ Abrams just recently filmed in the same location for “Revolutions” coming out this fall and there is also a ‘set’ further back on the property for the new film coming out this year called “Lawless” . If you wish to confirm this for yourself please call ahead and verify the costs. He has had literally thousands of people attempt to access the property and who can’t blame him for making a buck? The contact information is below. It is the same information posted on the ‘No Trespassing’ sign.

    Donald Brandenburg
    1739 Elder’s Mill rd.
    Senoia, GA

    • Bob says:

      I meet Donald and his wife Cheryl. They are very nice people. I am from up north Michigan and I think they are a picture perfect form of southern hospitality. Just call him he does charge but he will let you go in. I don’t blame him for making a buck if it was my property I would do the same. Great people to meet!!!

      • a.b.slaton says:

        Wow I am from Michigan and my brother is still in Traverse City! I am considering asking if I can have my wedding on his property. could this be do-able for a super small group of people?

        • I’m sure if you contacted him and asked, he’d be open to discussing it. I’ve seen interviews with the owner and he seems open to something like that. If you need more contact information for the owner, send me an email (TWDLocations@gmail.com) and I can send it to you.

  13. Jesse says:

    My family and I stopped by a few of the filming locations on the way home to Darien, GA from Birmingham today. One of the places we stopped was Elders Millpond. I called “Donald” to ask for his permission to cross for just a brief moment to snap a few photos, but he said it would be $10 per head and just to leave the money “tucked under a rock”. I thought it seemed silly, as I could have easily just jumped the gate, but I had my kids with me and didn’t want to set a bad example. SO, we settled for just snapping pics from the gate. He also said he’ll be starting a “tour” in June for $10/head. Whether or not he actually owns the property or has anything to do with it whatsoever still remains a mystery lol.

    I know there’s several pics better than what I could snap with my phone, but here’s another. As you can see, there is a path alongside the rail to the left where you can easily walk through…

    • I went on the 10$ tour with Donald and his wife Cheryl They were so nice Told us alot of cool things.I got their number from an officer that was blocking the roads for filming,.He called Donald and sent us over.He had some awesome T Shirts of the Waterfall.It was the best 10 dollars I have ever spent,We got to walk anywhere on the property we wanted,.Just the info he gave us alone was worth the money and chatting with him and his wife.My friends walked on top of the waterfall but I didnt.I would say go to EldersMillRdwaterfall on FB.There is his number there,I think they filmed some of the movie Lawless there too and he has stuff from that!

  14. Cyn says:

    Hey have any of you seen any of the actors? I live in Florida and am planning on taking a trip to Senoia once filming starts. I really want to get peek of Norman Reedus.

  15. Shane Collins says:

    Season 3 hasnt started filming yet we are still on the second half of season 2
    and yes they will use it for 1 more episode untill they travel to the prison

    where hershel will show them how to farm crops and other thing for survival

  16. RevnGeek says:

    Doh, My Bad. Watching the finale, I figured the site was Starrs Mill. I thought they had just done some creative angling to get the Mill House out of the shot. Thanks for more great detective work.

  17. DeeCee says:

    It would make sense that the beginning of season 3 would start where it left off, at the old mill site. Guess those peeps in the jeep are responsible for keeping the “sound stage” in working order until the crew returns?

  18. Fred says:

    Do we have any proof that “donald” and his statement are legitimate?

    • Hmm. No, not really. I’m going to err on the side of caution considering there’s a phone number in that response and I have no idea where it goes nor do I plan on calling it to verify. I’ve removed the comment until someone contacts me via email as to its validity.

      • Shane Collins says:

        also have to remember there is alot of goverment stuff in those back lands missle silos underground bunkers militray training grounds and CIA Training camps all over the place so remember dont go where your not suspossed too

      • Richard Cole says:

        I’ve posted the photo of the no trespassing sign which shows his name number and address on my flickr.

  19. Paul says:

    Hey, I just came across this site early this week b/c I live in Georgia & was looking for a site like this that would show how to get to Walking Dead shooting locations. You guys are great. I went out to Senoia yesterday & visited this site. A couple of interesting things I came across. One, I saw what appeared to be metal rods. Like equipment that would be used for filming (possibly for lighting? or for cameras). We also saw some cables next to them. There was a sign on the gate that said Private Property & to not cross it, so we took pics from in front of it & came out good.
    The second thing was that shortly after we began to take photos, a jeep drove through in the area around the mill from within the gate. I’m guessing it could have been security possibly? They moved the jeep out of the way while we photoed, but they stayed there once they came until we left. I just thought it was odd for that equipment to be just out there if they weren’t doing filming at all. With the amount of cables I saw, I wouldn’t want to just leave it out there, even though it is definitely very rural out there. I plan on going out there more to find the locations of season 3 & whenever there is word on Season 3 shooting.

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