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Many, if not most, fans who read the site and follow me have no idea how this all started, or why.  The short version is that I was a huge LOST fan when the show was on.  I became very interested in where the show was filmed and how the crew utilized limited locations in such a small place (Hawaii).  Thanks to Ryan and Jen Ozawa of The Transmission podcast I was able to learn more about the show’s filming locations through their site,  When AMC decided to film The Walking Dead in Georgia, and I began watching the show, I recognized many, many locations that I had been to personally.  I decided to start this site as a way to show all fans of the show not only how those locations they see on TV every week look under normal circumstances, but also the beauty of Georgia as a whole.  Having fresh in my memory as a great resource, I decided to do the same thing with The Walking Dead.

Over the years that this site has existed, starting out with a handful of followers and readers, it’s grown as exponentially as the show itself with more and more fans coming on board every day.  It has also grown from a site simply to show pictures of the locations around Georgia where the show has filmed, to a site which has the ability to relay information about upcoming filming locations.  I couldn’t do this alone as I simply cannot be everywhere in Georgia at once and I appreciate, more than they know, the help and tips I receive from fans all over the state, especially the ones who are able to make it to filming locations that I simply cannot.

My intention behind starting this site was never to cause any problems for the cast or crew while they are working.  I would like to believe that all fans, regardless of how far and long they travel to watch filming, are respectful of the people who work very hard in sometimes very adverse conditions to bring us all a show we so look forward to every week.  If you do decide to use the information spread through this site to visit various filming locations, please keep in mind the people working hard while you watch and be respectful of the fact that, while they probably are having fun doing what they’re doing, they are working.  Like anyone else at work, distractions cost them time that they would very likely rather spend with family, friends, loved ones, or simply relaxing until time to go to work again.

I would advise keeping talking to an absolute minimum, especially while cameras are rolling, and keep personal cameras put away until the time and situation present themselves to bring them out.  I think the cast and crew are incredibly gracious in making themselves available, whenever possible, to the fans for autographs and photo opportunities while on location around the state.  I would hate to see AMC, or Raleigh Studios, make the decision to film somewhere else completely inaccessible to the fans because they can’t work effectively in the locations they choose around Georgia.  This would not only harm fellow fans, some of whose only opportunity to meet the cast and crew is at these outdoor locations, but also local merchants who always enjoy the increase in business when fans are in the area.

I hope everyone is respectful, stays safe, and enjoys the very unique opportunity all fans of The Walking Dead have in the ability to be so close to the cast and crew while they’re making the show.

Thank you everyone for your help, your time, and I apologize if this post sounds “soapbox-y”, but I’ve been meaning to write something like this for a while now, just as an FYI.

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  1. Concerned in Portland says:

    This is really interesting to read. I live in the Portland, Oregon area and am seeing some people who are obsessed with Grimm filming to the point they are out all night long in places that are not safe. It wasn’t like that last season. Because the show uses a lot of location shoots it’s not impossible to see them film at some point but these people are taking risks and showing up in places that most people would not be at late at night. I can see someone getting hurt or the crew clamping down on having open filming. Which would ruin it for all those who are not doing this sort of thing.

    I was curious if you know what kind of security production companies have in regard to this sort of thing? I only know about these people because they post on-line a lot. I was wondering if production companies monitor on-line activity in case they do have problem people?

    It’s odd because one of these people likes to tell off other people. She’s told people they don’t know the rules and she does of watching filming. Yet she is one of the people sitting out all night bothering the crews, going to their main filming site and posting photos of the place on-line.

    I just thought I would ask since you seem to have some experience about this. I realize it’s the production company’s problem but I would hate to see it reach the point where they no longer could film on location or that these people start interfering with other people wanting to just watch from time to time.

  2. KANDI says:


  3. Jeff says:

    Thanks for putting this site together. My son and I visited Senoia in Mid-August, and got to watch some of the night filming. The scene should be in the mid season premier, and we can not wait to see it. My son was lucky enough to have his picture taken with Scott Wilson, and he was very nice to take a moment to say hi and have a picture taken.

    Thanks again, and looking forward to new and exciting updates to your site.

  4. alefeve says:

    Now that we have all the advice… when do you update on where they will be filming? We live in Nashville but are moving in May and would love to be able to go down and see them film for a day! It would be a once in a lifetime chance for us. Should I just check for updates here or is there a better place?

    • They’re finished filming for season three of the show so there won’t be any filming updates until things start getting cranked up for season four of the show. If past seasons are any indication that means some time in late April or May. Until then, the only thing to go see are the locations they’ve used to date.

  5. The Nelson family says:

    We recently came to Atlanta to watch the UK vs Duke game and on Wednesday morning drove over to Senoia, we were able to meet Andrea and the governor and they were both very nice. The coffee shop is very good and we also had lunch at a local restaurant that had great food.

  6. Kelsey says:

    Please delete my comments … I found your full site… I see where you need help. Hopefully I can assist. Thanks a lot I remember Hershel’s house before they moved it off the road some 10 years ago its been a argument with my wife it was torn down or moved for years. We even attempted to drive back long before TWD.

  7. Kelsey says:

    Sounds great your right on As a local for the last 12 years in the area … Respect the no trespassing signs especially in the rural areas. Love to help contact me.

  8. rebe says:

    do you know how to get to the warehouse they are filming in?? and if there’s any chance we could see some of the cast?

    • Mike says:

      Rebe, was there 19-20th for filming. The warehouse is to left side of the main drag going into Senoia. When there filming the staff backs everyone, cops block the road and no picture taking! One of the staff members yelled at a group of people, including myself, that were standing on a public road waiting to catch a glimplse of an actor that park at (Base Camp)small parking lot that staff, actors get ready to cross the street in the town.

      You have to be in the right place at the right time to see anyone or especially get autographs. Very tightlipped event,got some pic’s with a couple actors but happened to stumble on there location.


      • todd says:


        I was there when the lady was yelling at everyone to get out of street when they were trying to get Norman’s and Steven’s autograph. It was packed with fans!

  9. Abbey says:

    Are they filming tomorrow (Wednesday) in Senioa? And if so what times?

  10. Southside_GA says:

    That was very well said. I have been to many of the filmings in Coweta County and I always try to respect the actors and the film crew.
    As for some of those who get stacks of photos signed, not all of them are selling them on eBay. I personally know 2 of those that do this regularly and I can assure you they don’t sell their autographs. I can’t speak for the rest of them, as I do not know them. The 2 that I’m referring to are twin brothers, and it’s their hobby. They have always been respectful to the film crew and actors.
    Thank you again for running this dedicated site, it means alot to us all!

  11. Fred Scheit says:

    I was very mindful of my impact on my visit to the filming locations earlier this year.

    Although I visited when there was no filming being done, I was wary of upsetting the owners of the locations – for instance, where to park near the farmhouse in S01E01 (on the verge of their land, or further away and walk in), and how close to get to take my photos.

    I admit to going on to private property to get close-ups of the abandoned red roof house in S02E04, but would not even dream of attempting to go inside, and not just because it was a bit scary!

    I was also wary of upsetting the local law enforcement by parking my car on the hard-shoulder at the location of the highway pileup in S02E01.

    I traveled a very long way (from England) to view the locations – I couldn’t have done this without Brian’s help and the information here in his website.

    Please heed Brian’s advice, and don’t do anything that would jeopardise others from visiting the locations.

  12. I’m so glad I found your web site. I’m hoping to be able to visit my cousin who lives very close to Senoia next summer. He already knows I’m a TWD fan and that trying to watch some filming and better yet meet the actors and have a photo or two taken with them is one of the things I’d want to do. I love reading all the advice on here. Thanks everyone!

  13. Rich says:

    Common sense should be used while filming…. Well, unfortunately not everyone has it. It only takes that one idiot…..

  14. Julie Maier says:

    I absolutely LOVE your advice to Walker Stalkers. I have been onsite to almost all the Coweta County filming and there has definitely been an increase in the crowds. I noticed on Tuesday (Main Street in Senoia) that a few people brought their entire family, including small children. A few times those children were screaming and crying, which toddlers will do. Please, no nasty replies, (I have two children plus various types of rescued animals, so I am NOT heartless) but having a two year old out in the freezing cold to watch filming is just way over the top. It really did cause a distraction to filming and to onlookers. I have been lucky enough to have a “professional” guide with me (NJ!) who knew where to stand and wait patiently for the actors to come to us. I have respect for other fans who have not had a chance to meet and greet the stars. I now step aside for those seeking autographs and pictures and enjoy the time just watching (although it’s been hard to pass up any chance to see Norman Reedus up close!) Thanks for a great site and fantastic advice. And, if you are spending the day watching filming, try to contribute to the local business. You will be surprised of some of the insider information you can get!!!

  15. NatTheBrit says:

    They are prob selling the autographs on Ebay and aren’t even real fans at all

  16. GAB says:

    Great Story! I love LOST too and Being in love currently with TWD also. but Ive seen in Fb posts frecuently from SENOIA GA Main st. Businesses Posting come to Senoia to watch the TWD filming. etc etc.

  17. Evinrude115 says:

    I agree! I have been lucky enough to be able to meet a few of the actors and see some filming. I would hate to see some rude or overbearing fans ruin it for the ones that respect the boudaries. One thing I noticed is that there are a few people that come on way too strong with autographs, hasseling the actors to sign stacks (no kidding!….STACKS) of photos while others want a quick photo and autograph. Most people that were there when I have been there have been great people that are fun to be around….but a few (and I’m only talking about a couple of people) need to chill out with the autograph mill

    • TWDpoiltefan says:

      Evinrude, I so need to talk to you because I know the 3 autograph hounds you are talking about…lol. They were out there tonight and I had an experience to tell. All they are there is to make a buck and would throw there own grandma under the bus to do it. TWD guy, thanks so much for posting this. It needed to be said.

      • kayling05 says:

        I met one of those guys in September while watching the filming and what a jerk! He was just getting like 10 of the exact same picture signed and then was like “oh they are for friends” yeah right! you are selling that crap on ebay or something. He even hassled Chandler (Carl) about it!

        • Mark says:

          How do you go about finding when and where they will film? I would love to go a watch?

          • It’s very likely too late this season, unless something changes in the next day or so. They’re supposed to be finished filming in public as of this evening. The S3 wrap party was last Saturday evening. I believe they’re just finishing up loose ends at this point.

  18. Misty says:

    I really hope this is just advice and isn’t being said because someone caused trouble :-(

    • For the most part it is just that, advice. I know there are more and more people going to watch filming, possibly more than ever have in the past, and I’ve been meaning to write something like this since last season there were concerns about private property issues. I believe the majority, or most, fans are respectful when they’re on location but it never hurts to send out a friendly reminder.

      Ultimately everyone is an adult, and are going to do what they want to do, but I hope the fans as a community will police their own rather than waiting for the crew, security, or the actual police to do so. :)

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