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I’ve posted links to both of these stories via Twitter in the past week or two, but figured I’d consolidate the information here not only for anyone looking for it, but also for those who don’t follow me on Twitter.

AMC’s The Walking Dead will be filming in the Newnan and Grantville areas in the coming weeks.  First up is Newnan, GA.  According to this article from Times-Herald, the crew will be filming on the Norfolk-Southern railroad tracks near 1st Ave and the dead end of Long Place near 1st Ave.  This filming will be taking place on October 24th between 7AM and 8PM.

This isn’t the first time the show has filmed near, or on, Norfolk-Southern tracks.  A railroad yard owned by Norfolk-Southern was seen several times during season one.  Also, Merle was handcuffed to a pipe on the roof of the Norfolk-Southern building.

The production has also received permission from the Grantville City Council to film in the Grantville City Cemetery.  There has not been a date, nor times, released for this filming but it’s supposed to be some time in late October or early November.

Update: I was waiting for permission before passing this along and now that I’ve received it, here it is.  According to this notification letter, the show will also be filming on Friday, October 25th on E. Newnan Road between Turkey Creek Road and E. Freeman St. between 6AM and 11PM.

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26 Responses to Upcoming Filming

  1. jessica says:

    Any word of cast filming in Washington DC area ?

  2. susan coffman says:

    I am going down to Senoia weekend of Thanksgiving. Is that a good time to see anything or do a tour? I am hoping being Thanksgiving it will be a bit slower???? Or maybe not!

    • Last year they finished prior to Thanksgiving. I haven’t heard about any filming this season beyond November 21, at least not yet. The locations in the area will be there to visit but as far as cast/crew, I would tentatively say not.

      As far as I know all tours will still be running but I would recommend checking with the individual tour information sites just to be sure.

  3. Chad miller says:

    Anybody know if/where they might be filming around 11/13-11/16?? Coming in from illinois and was wondering.

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  5. I am driving up this upcoming weekend nov 8 -11 any chance I get to see the show?

    • I assume you mean as far as filming? I haven’t heard anything about where they might be this coming weekend and into next week. Many of the tips I’ve been getting lately have come the day before, or the day of, the shoot.

  6. jonellcolon says:

    Went to Grantville today and was able to see filming of the show but had to leave before getting autographs or pics. It was a great experience thou. I heard Darryl was filming with Hershel and they were filming until 2am.

  7. Jimbo Taylor says:

    My daughter and I attempted to watch the filming on October 25 in Newnan Georgia… We about 10 other fans had a nice spot set up under the shade tree… But of course, they came along and ran us off soon afterwards. At least we got to see the crew set up the area.

    I will say we talk to a very, very nice lady in the Newnan Georgia visitors Center, which is in the main courthouse in the center of town. She gave me a map and talked to me for about 30 minutes concerning all of the area filming locations. What a wonderful lady!

  8. MGarrett says:

    Did go by 5 Perry St. and saw the location of the Daryl and Merle fight in the zombie arena. Very cool! Any suggestions on what can be seen around Senoia and Woodbury area. I have seen the map, but wanted to know if anyone has tips on what locations are easiest and most enjoyable to see. I also am curious about the jail….I read it was a set at Raleigh Atlanta studio in Newman, anyway to see it and is the set the whole jail field as well? Thanks in advance for the tips.

    • Dani says:

      Senoia is ‘Woodbury’, just the downtown is amazing to see since it looks as it did on the show. The tire walls and all of that were only there for filming of course. You will recognize a lot just walking around town take a look at the photos posted while they were filming here. Grantville has a tour that is a must! Downtown Sharpsburg was in season 2, the ‘arena’ is in downtown Newnan. Lots of great locations to enjoy!
      The prison is on the Raleigh studio set in Senoia, it is private property and not accessible to the public.

      • jonellcolon says:

        Hey Dani,

        So you think going to Senoia for Woodbury and Grantville in one day is worth it? I was also thinking on Newnan but not sure. I will also be using the guide from here since ill be there on Tuesday, Wednesday of next week and not the weekend. Any advice you can give so I can enjoy that one day, which is my birthday, would be great

        • Dani says:

          I would say it is worth it! The Woodbury Shoppe in Senoia is worth the drive alone for any TWD fan. The ‘arena’ is pretty cool but you could skip it if I had to choose. The tours in Grantville are on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @TWD_Locations for possible filming locations and I am @Dani_TWDfan if you have more questions.

        • Fred Scheit says:

          I would consider visiting Haralson an absolute must – there’s a few filming locations to be seen there, and only a short distance between them.

  9. MGarrett says:

    Road by today on the filming location in Newman and was able to drive right by the crew parking and entry to the location where they were filming. The location was a 28 acre (for sale) old plant or factory that looked really rundown. The road closed signs were up but off to the side, kinda like they weren’t worried about local traffic at the time. Didn’t see anything but trailers, staff, etc.

  10. I’d like to get into the area next week to watch and perhaps take pics. But I know how that goes. With a show like this they have to guard heavily for spoilers. I mean, do you think anyone other than the crew watched Merle become a zombie when season three was filmed? Probably not.

  11. I wanted to go watch the filming (or try to) yesterday in Newnan but wasn’t able to.

    I read an interview in which Reedus and Lincoln are worried that filming may someday move to Washington DC (which is where the books go). But we all know the tv show only follows the books loosely.

    Here’s a spoiler that May or may not happen on TV: in the books rick loses a hand to the governor. Ouch.

  12. Kalyse Greener says:

    I wish I would have had this info last month! I was in the Senoia area and found trying to find the locations difficult. We found several including the pharmacy where Glenn and Maggie stopped. The little lady that ownes it was super friendly and we enjoyed talking to her :)

  13. jonellcolon says:

    I guess I will be going to Grantville next week from Orlando, Florida. Any other locations from past episodes in Grantville as well?

    • Oh yes. All of “Clear” was shot there. You should recognize many landmarks as soon as you get into Grantville. There’s also an old mill in Grantville, near the RR tracks, where Andrea hid from the Governor in the “Prey” episode, but last I heard the gates were locked and it wasn’t accessible. If you’re going to be there during the weekend, make sure to stop in and take the tour from Mayor Sells. He shows the apartment where Morgan was living. There’s more info about that over on the Tours Information page.

  14. Sweet. Cool news. Too bad I have to work or I’d mill around. I can’t get over there until 4:00pm, and by then they’ll probably be finished filming for the day.

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