TWO more weeks! Who is ready?

I can’t wait to hear: “Previously, on AMC’s The Walking Dead….”

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4 Responses to TWO more weeks! Who is ready?

  1. Mari Hall says:

    We have the Masters Golf Tournament here in Augusta. I think The Walking Dead is bigger and better:):) Counting the minutes…

  2. Gary says:

    Oh yeah .. very much ready. I’m also ready for filming to start on season 5 .. It’s becoming quite a summer tradition for many folks in the metro Atlanta area.

  3. Mara says:

    At 6:50pm today, I said to my husband, “2 weeks, 2 hours, 10 minutes.” He just looked at me blankly. I had to walk him through what was happening then LOL We are getting really excited, especially since we are living in Senoia now & got to stalk a few times this “filming season”.

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