'The Walking Dead' Filming in Senoia in May and June

For those of you familiar with the comics, you’ll recognize the town of Woodbury.  No, Senoia isn’t Woodbury, but from the sound of this article from Times-Herald.com, it’ll be playing it on TV.

The crew plans to construct a movable wall which will be portrayed as the town’s barrier during certain scenes.  Major traffic through town will have to be diverted during filming times but the crew is working closely with local businesses to ensure closures are kept to a minimum.

The article mentions that this location will be a safe haven for the survivors  and ruled by “a benevolent dictator.”  I’m sure those familiar with the comics have a pretty good idea who that is.

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  1. Tina Yeary says:

    Im going for 7 days in june hopefully arriving on June 15th im so excited

  2. Steve says:

    My family and I were there this past Sunday(June 24th). They had mobile billboards stating main street would be closed from 5am till 12 am the 26th and 27th. Took some pics, but pretty much all the same thats been aleady posted. Pretty cool to see the facade of Town Hall. I have the week off and wonder if we should go back down and see if we can get a glimpse of action.

  3. Joe Fountaine says:

    They were filming last Friday 6/8 in Senoia. They placed prop railraod cars on the tracks and built a Woodbury TownHall in a vacant lot . I tried to take my kids pictures in front of the sign but they asked me not to. I know they will be in and around town for most of the summer and the film crew (Stalwart) is way cool with folks watching. They put up signs in town thanking the town for not mowing the grass!

  4. Randy Clark says:

    First off, thanks for all the info.

    Does anyone know if filming is still on track to begin Friday and is there any idea as to how long they will be filming in downtown Senoia? Took a little trip down there today and the set building is coming along dramatically as well many other sprucing up items around town (except the grass – haha). Word is the filming will only take place during the week. Also interesting were the parked railroad cars at the bottom of the downtown area. There are some great potential settings for them all very close to downtown. Thanks!

  5. Timothy says:

    John, how did you find out about the location in which they would be at today? Cool to hear that they got started though, I’m really thinking about taking a trip to GA just to catch a glimpse of something, have family that lives about 50 miles from senoia so it could be a good excuse haha

    • Daniel says:

      It was in the local paper…I believe they have to announce it in the paper if any road closures are taking place.

  6. John says:

    I just got back from watching filming which started today. They are at the corner of Reese Rd and Odom Rd. Most of the cast drive by in their caravan of cars with Darryl out front on his motorcycle. The police officer who was directing traffic was very nice and let us stand in the road and watch from a distance.

  7. hailey says:

    i’m just wondering if you know if they will be in senoia in june? Me and a couple friends are going to the states for a few days and if possible i’d love to be able to see them if they are there.

    • As far as I know, yes they’ll be in Senoia in June. This far out, however, I can’t say exactly where in Senoia though I’ll update as soon as I know anything definitive.

  8. Kim Giudici says:

    Was in Woodbury at Main Street Antiques today…Set designers were buying stuff for the upcoming season!!!! Super cool…They were very tight lipped, but said that the new season was the bomb!! Also from the magazine 85 out and about. Film crew was in Founders restaurant in Senoia on a recent Friday!!

  9. Kim says:

    I think ECA did put out a casting call for extras, but they did it very secretly. They didn’t name what they were casting for, but they listed all the requirements, and some of them were must be slim, no allergies to makeup and/or latex, must be able to wear colored contacts, and must be able to work long days in the hot sun. Definitely sounded like TWD to me. They also said not to copy & paste the post anywhere, so that could be why hardly anyone heard about it. If that is TWD, I am incredibly disappointed, because I want to be an extra on there (Whether zombie or in Woodbury), but it seems they only want slim people. I don’t understand how that is realistic. Having lived in Georgia my whole life, I can tell you, everybody being “slim” is definitely not realistic. And now that we know people can become zombies just from dying a regular death, there could be overweight zombies who just recently turned, therefore not having a chance to waste away yet.

    • They did, and asked that it not be reposted anywhere, so I never mentioned it. That casting call has been removed now so I’m assuming they have everyone they need, at least for the time being.

  10. Greer Gysel says:

    Hi! I’m new to the whole acting thing but I’d really like to be cast as an extra! I love the series, and I’ve been recruited to model before for photography shoots. Any news on if they will be needing extras and, if so, how do I apply?

  11. Drew says:

    What I don’t get is how will they still make it look like Fall/Winter etc when they begin filming in May? Like Andrea with Michonne in the woods….if they pick up where they left off…the trees will be green…the ground won’t have fallen leaves on it. Same for the group outside the prison. It will be interesting to see how they do this. I imagine they will just begin the Season with the group already having discovered the Prison and scouting it out…rather than searching through the woods or something.

    • I wondered that exact thing myself seeing how the surroundings looked at the end of last season. Living in Georgia, I know the foliage can change seemingly overnight, but to have it go from fall to spring/summer is going to be noticeable, especially to those of us who live here. Like you, I’ll be interested to see how they cope with that.

      • Drew says:

        And Rick and Shane had the conversation about how snow was coming. So doing snow in the middle of June… lol.

      • Drew says:

        And one more thing… When they’re doing action scenes, I’m sure the actors will be sweaty. But… It’s supposed to be winter.

        • okiimatsu says:

          A non linear film schedule will have the production create episodes/scenes backwards from the time they actually start work. At least ones depicting nature to maintain the continuity. So episodes we see first next season will actually have many of its elements filmed nearer to the time they air, being after summer/early fall. With a logical time progression season three ending episodes/scenes may be filmed first to match the outdoor scenery etc.

          • Drew says:

            Well, Laurie Holden tweeted she’s been reading episode 1…so I guess they’re going in order. Unless they do parts of each episode as they go.

  12. Melissa says:

    I’ll be in Peachtree City 2 weeks from today… any chance I’ll be able to see anything from the show while I’m in the area?

    Flying up from Miami and would love get a peek at anything Walking Dead related!

    Where should I go? What should I look for?

    • Daniel says:

      Just click in the google maps icon that is on the top right of this page. Everything from Season 1 and 2 is on the map!

  13. Jess says:

    Still no crew calls huh? I wonder if they’re fully staffed already. I would love a shot at getting to work on the show.

    • I’m beginning to wonder myself. I don’t remember them ever going this deep into the year before announcing a casting call. I suppose there’s always the chance they won’t need anyone at the beginning, but we’ll keep watching and waiting.

  14. Ilene M. says:

    Are they going to be filming throught the summer..I have vacation in the summer and would love to watch the making of the walking dead..also after they film can the fans meet them.?

  15. Steve B says:

    My wife and I live in Tennessee and are huge fans of the show. We’ve planned an overnight trip to Senoia (5 hour drive) to visit areas used during filming next weekend and we hope to stay at a bed and breakfast downtown Saturday night. We’d be thrilled to get a glimpse of anything being built for Season 3 while we’re there. Have to tell you, the information on this site as been invaluable to that. Kudos.

  16. Deidra Puryea says:

    Will they be casting any extra’s this year?

    • Well, if they’re going to, it should be any time now. I still have not heard any news about extras yet, and I check multiple times per day. I’m actually a little surprised they haven’t put out a casting call yet. It’s getting awfully close to time for filming to begin.

  17. Bridget B. says:

    Hi! Im a makeup artist….any pro bono work I can do on set?

  18. walkingdrunk says:

    i’ll be there for sure. Well, I’m always even if there’s no filming. I love my town.

  19. Hope Marlor says:

    Have the had an casting calls for extras lately?

  20. Paul says:

    I can’t wait! I hate I usually work 10:30-7 on weekdays & have the weekends off. I am determined to see some cast members this year. I live on the border of Riverdale, a mile from Fayetteville. Senoia is not far at all. It just feels good to have a series, that is so good & popular, film in our state. I hope they continue to film here. I saw in that article that they will possibly continue in 2013 here too. That would be awesome.

  21. AB says:

    Any chance they let fans watch filming if we live close by? :)

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