'The Walking Dead' Extra Casting Call

This was posted this evening on the Facebook page of Extras Casting Atlanta:

For tomorrow seeking a white male slim, around 5’9 to 6′ with a grey beard, not too long, also seeking a white female or male 5’6 to 5’9 with short salt and pepper hair — Please email recent photo and all contact info to: twdextras@gmail.com ASAP

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  1. Elizabeth Tarter says:

    Do you know anything about where and how or when I can audition?

  2. Skottie Mcpherson says:

    Any ways to be a cast for a walker or extra?
    age – 25
    height – 6’1 ft
    weight – 190
    eyes – blue
    Hair color – dirty blonde and short
    skills – Worked at a few Haunts lin Northern California as a zombie and other scare roles

  3. Taylor says:

    To get back to my email is taytay4253@yahoo.com
    Phone: 3139191267

  4. Olwyne schorpp says:

    I am OBSESSED with Twd,and am interested in being an extra.i am only 11.is this too young?please get back to me.thanks!

  5. Madison Shea Otey says:

    Madison Otey
    I’ve been hooked on the walking dead and while running through episodes time after time, I have realized a big goal in my life. Brighton Sharbino is the same age as I am, so it is possible to become an extra or other on the walking dead. Even if I would be dead or alive. I have been addicted to this show, and would love to be shot by Daryl( or anyone else would make me ecstatic as well) because that is basically my life goal. I would be so happy for the opportunity. Please email me with any news, questions or opportunities at maddiehatter02@gmail.com. Thank you!!

    • Dani says:

      We are not affiliated with the show in any way. Extras are cast through a casting agency such as Extras Casting Atlanta. Good luck to you!

  6. anna says:

    Hi my name is Anna Miller. I live, not far from Georgia. Im 5’1 (ya im a pipsqueak:D) I weigh 100 lbs, brown hair, broawn eyes, and i am asian. Ever since i watched TWD ive been addicted to it. Id love to be a extra; zombie or a background person. Im interested in playing Anna from Alexandria safe-zone. But if not maybe another role. Plus this could be my first chance to meetinf afew of the casts, i tried at comicon this year but i couldnt. Better luck next time right:]

  7. Gaige hale says:

    Hi my name is gaige I live I Dayton Ohio I can drive to you its worth it in 14 I seen your show from day one and I will do anything to be on the show and me and the actor carol would get along great and I watch the talking dead. It’s my dream to be on your show and get back to me my name is Gaige Hale I’m 14 I’m about 5,3 in night thanks P.S. I’m your number one fan my room is all of you

  8. carlo says:

    name: carlo
    Age: 19
    Weight 88
    Are the number one fan of the walking dead from guando and came out the first time I’d like to be part join the cast of zombies because I know that the cast true I can not but I would be happy to follow favorite characters.

  9. Billay Cox says:

    Name: Billay Cox
    Age: 13
    Height: 5′ 6″
    Weight: 110lbs
    A little about me: I’ve made a zombie movie with my friends. I’m enthusiastic, will follow all directions given to me. I kid you not you don’t have to pay me & I’d be AWESOME if I met some cast members. I’ve been told I made a very believable zombie. I love the show so much I’ve watched it since it came on AMC back in 2010 & I’ve read the books & the comics.
    I’d love to be an extra in The Walking Dead.

  10. Joel Romero says:

    im Joel Romero
    Age 21
    I like to be a member of the season of the walking dead .


  11. Ryan says:

    Hi, i am looking to get my friend on the show as an extra, i haven’t told her i am putting her up to this but i know she’ll be ecstatic to hear the news. We live in Florida, but the drive will be so worth it. She is very cute standing about 5’6 and 18 years of age. Dead or alive she’s your girl for the part. Megan has been following your show since day one and has even read the comics. please reply to Raschettino@yahoo.com with any good news.

  12. Erica Lecceardone says:

    I want to be more than a zombie on twd like maybe a love interest to Carl

  13. bonny teffeteller says:

    what part of Georgia do I have to go to too be a walker in the walking dead this is what my 15 year old granddaughter wants to do for her birthday she is a big big fan please reply back and let me know my email is bonnyperigo@gmail.com this is very important to her.

  14. Maria says:

    I a very big fan, i would love to be part of the show, it will for fill my bucket list. How can i get on the show?.

  15. Austin B.Llovain says:

    I am a really big twd fan! And ever since the first episode aired I’ve been trying to get on the show. Its my dream to be a extra on the show..I’ve been to many different websites and this is by far one of the best!..my names Austin Lovain, I’m 5″8..and would love for anyone to give me info on what I’m looking for. Thanks!

  16. Brandon Kliebert says:

    Email me at: brandonkliebert@yahoo.com

    When is the show going to moved “Down South” around the Hammond/New Orleans area?
    They have some really good locations that could potentially be part of the show. I would also love to be an extra too, every Halloween I work a haunted trail called “The Trail of Lost Souls” right in Hammond Louisiana. I do most of my own make-up and it would be an honor to be a zombie getting the face smashed or something. hit me up. Brandon Kliebert

  17. Elizabeth Friday says:

    Where are they filming now in Ga?

  18. Amanda says:

    They are in Griffin, Ga right now filming.

  19. Wayne Lloyd says:

    How can I be an extras on the walking dead

  20. Rhonda says:

    have they already had zombie school 2013?

    • If they did, they didn’t announce it beforehand. I would assume that yes, they have. They don’t promote it as much as they did in early seasons now that they have a pool of extras for the show.

  21. Madeline says:

    I would like to know any information you have about any casting calls for walkers! is there a certain place you have to go to because i live te next town over from where they film.

  22. sandra says:

    Have they started zombie school yet? . I have been watching but haven’t seen it posted. Did i miss it?.. I am a HUGE fan of TWD and would love to go to zombie school.

  23. Deva says:

    Hi my name is Deva Weber. I am a female and I am 14 years old and will be 15 in august , I am a huge fan of the walking dead! I mean I collect anything walking dead ,I even read the comics . It has been my dream for almost 3 years now to be a walker on the show.Also I take modeling and acting classes so I have some experience. Please give me a email back thank you have a great day:)

  24. Brittany says:

    I am a female, 14 years of age and I was recently interested in integrating myself into the acting community. I have gone beyond my previous comfort zone and joined in extra-curricular activities. I now want to extend beyond this point and get into acting as I said above. Any role that is avaliable in the Walking Dead would interest me. Unfortunately, I have no experience in the
    arts but I believe, given the oppurtunity, I would be able to satisfy the director’s casting call.

  25. kevin montane says:

    hello i would like being in ricks grup in the show the walking dead i im a good acter

  26. La Shan says:

    Hello I’m not quite what your looking for but for future extra roles pleas consider referring to me. Thank you for your benevolence and this auspicious opportunity. Oh and the email address seems to be invalid. ♥

  27. Brianna says:

    I live in Georgia, you know, if you guys need someone…. :)

  28. Molly Hudson says:

    I love the walking dead!! I’ve watched every episode of every season. I would be available for any part at any time. I live in South Carolina and i am 13. Being an actress is a dream of mine and i think that the walking dead would be a great start.
    -Thank you

  29. valerie bernard says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! The Walking Dead! I am a HUGE #1 Fan I’d love to Zombie in one of episode actually one of my dreams & I’d be honored to be chosen. I’d be a perfect zombie. Have been practicing for 3 years now!

  30. Andy Kingsley says:

    I was wondering if you needed anymore zombie extras? I’m a wounded warrior retired now injured in Afghanistan in 2010 lost my right leg in combat and I wouldn’t have a problem playing as a zombie with one leg. I’m a huge fan of the show and I would love to be a part of it in any way possible! please get in contact with me. I hope to hear from you guys soon!

  31. jake says:

    I am a 15 year old male with medium brown hair and between 5’9 and 6 feet tall and ever since I have began watching the series I have wanted to be a part of it in any way possible. I would do any part you would give me (zombie, survivor, or bandit). I would enjoy an email back because if I could get casted that would be a huge deal for me. Thank you so much for the opportunity I dearly hope you will give me. If any one else has any other ways that would help me be casted please reply to this post.

  32. Christina V. says:

    I am a 20 year old female looking to be an extra or zombie on the show. When is the next round of ‘zombie school’?

  33. rafael wolford says:

    Wont let you down

  34. Jacqueline Gray says:

    I would love to play a role (even if it’s a small one) on the walking dead. I really like the show. I am a southern bell from Texas, 40 years old but looks 26 years old according to everyone who meets me. Maybe there is a part for a pretty southern lady in the walking dead. I can send photos if need be. :)

  35. james veselovsky says:

    looking for work in the newyork area love the show give me a call. in acting classes now

  36. Bethany says:

    Kitty’s response cracked me up! Lol

  37. Kitty says:

    I have one bit of beef with the extras. Your in the south where obesity is a serious problem yet all the zombies are skinny as shit Where are the fatty zombies? lol

  38. George Taber says:

    Hi, I’m George Taber, being an extra in a Television show, and where better than being a zombie in The Walking Dead. I am a twelve year old boy 91.2 lbs 4’11”. PLEASE reply!!!!!

  39. Deborah says:

    ..if you ever need any old lady zombies…

  40. pasquale borrelli says:

    I am looking for my shot to be a part of your show i will go anywhere and do anything , and will work free . Give me my chance . Hope to here from you soon…

  41. nazim houston says:

    I could play the part of being one of the gang members brother very fit in shape check me out on face book Nazim Houston single father of three kids we love the show my kids thinks its great dat kids are on da show as my son would say that’s awesooooommmeeee!!!

  42. Terrie Hamrick says:

    I live in Senoia and want to be in The Walking Dead. I am available at anytime. I am 4’11”, 113 lb female. I can play a kid zombie! Please, I have been a fan since the show was first aired!

  43. Jordan S says:

    When are the next casting calls? sometime in Spring/Summer?
    Do you know if they would be looking for any younger characters?
    Im 14 male, and was just wondering, it’d be great to be on the show even if I was just a zombie, Although im scottish and live in scotland, no surprise there. So I dont think I could travel.

  44. I am currently an officer at a jail. I have some film experience and was recently casted as a zombie in Another Apocalyptic Zombie Movie. I am on a three week vacation now and would love to attend zombie school. I also have a flexible work schedule.
    I have a pro resume with pics upon request. This show brings more than just zombies, I love it ! I am 38, long blonde hair, blue eyes, thin build, and in shape

  45. Zach Lee says:

    Where and when is zombie school? Today is April 14th, 2012

  46. Im am a very BIG fan of the hit t.v show
    of the walking dead. Sometimes i look outside
    My windows or doors because the movie
    Is that good it leave a chill on my body
    I would love to play a part on the hit t.v show
    keep up the good work
    my name is Lee Lamar Waller
    Peace 1 love

  47. I would like to know if i could be enrolled in zombie school and when it starts today is March 20, 2012 the 1st day of spring and to let you know i’m 11 years old and up for any kind of part whether if its a child that has been found being came across or if its just a zombie child i’m up for it i’m up for the challenge as well which I know lots about zombie features!

  48. Laura Gutierrez says:

    Will there be any casting calls for younger girls?

  49. stephon price says:

    Um hi I’m 16 year old high school student and I wanted to know how long the zombie school would take and would the school take place over the summer

  50. kevin schaefer says:

    Could you let me know when Zombie school starts up in the spring.

  51. i have some movie experience and I love scary movies the most…this is by far the best zombie stuff I have ever seen. I am interested in being on the show as what ever you need. Im currently a female officer and have experience with horses. I sent an email with my web site/page. it has my info, experience, and photos ect…in about two weeks I go on vacation for about a month and I am open to travel. any info on when they need anybody yet? thanks :)

  52. gilbert munoz says:

    love the show i thinks its the best on t.v and can feel myself as part of the group. Maybe with a lil help would like to meet the cast and be a part of the show.

  53. Joe & Michelle Jones says:

    My wife and I love this show more than any other, We live in Senoia and have for many years and would love to be an extra. I would like to know how to get enrolled in zombie school. Any suggestions?

  54. Ashleigh says:

    Hi there, do you have any information about the zombie school? Has it started yet?

  55. Janie Blair says:

    I am 13 years old. Walking Dead is my favorite tv show. I have performed an the River Park Center in plays such as Pinocchio. I would love a chance to be chosen as an extra on the Walking Dead series.

  56. Todd Ingham jr says:

    How does one go about adutioning as a character other than a zombie or does everyone start off as a zombie?

    • The company who casts extras on the show, Extras Casting Atlanta, puts out casting calls for many different types of characters as the filming season goes on. We try to relay as many as we can, as soon as we hear about them. Some are for zombies and others are for background extras. Most of the people who want to be a zombie extra have to attend zombie school prior to the season starting and we relay that information when we get it as well.

  57. Jackie and Larry Wilkes says:

    My husband and I would love to be an extra if there will be more filming around Georgia. How far in advance will the castings be announced so we can adjust our work schedules. We love the show and would totally be into “walking dead” for a day!

    • It varies as to how far out they make announcements about extras. The one that gets the most attention is zombie school they run prior to the season beginning to film. Others can be anywhere from a week to a day ahead of actual shooting time. We try to get the information out as quickly as we find out about it (we’re just a fan site with no connection to the production crew).

  58. Stephanie McLean says:

    I am interested in getting a walk on role as a Zombie. I am 50, slim and petite. I am willing to travel.

  59. I’m six ft six I’m in an acting class and interested in the casting call on the walking dead. My wife and daughter got me interested in the show. I now watch it religiously its a good show and I would love to be an extra.

  60. JAMES A. says:

    When is the next casting call for Zombies, today’s date is January 13, 2012?

  61. Christian says:

    What are the requirements for the roles

  62. Christian says:

    Is there an age limit (Youngest age)

  63. Michael Tinsley says:

    wjen are the next cast call for zombies….. I would like to audition…….. today is Dec 1, 2011

  64. William Hammac says:

    I am an absolute fan of the show walking dead! I have done modeling and low budget extra work before, I have been told I look like keanu reeves, even though being in makeup as a walker, that wouldn’t matter much.I understand season 2 is filmed, but for any need for season 3 extras, I would ” die”, at the chance.I reside in Augusta,Ga, which is a short trip from Atlanta.Hope to hear from you soon, thank you.

  65. I`m perfect for the part. 6 foot 235 lbs. Muscle very little fat,short grey and brownishred beard,short brown hair and blue eyes

  66. Lisa King says:


    My name is Lisa King and I would love love love to be a Zombie extra for The Walking Dead.. I am a huge fan of the show and make sure I post on my Facebook every Sunday when each episode is about to air. I so hope to hear back from you! Thank you so much for making a Zombie fan ( ME ) very happy with this AMAZING show!!!!

    Thanks for your time….

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