The Tank on the Corner

When Rick comes into Atlanta, among all of the cars, buses, and other vehicles he pauses for a moment at a tank sitting on the corner.

Moments later, this tank served a valuable purpose in saving Rick’s life when he and his horse were attacked by the zombie horde.

The tank for the show is sitting on the corner of Forsyth St NW & Walton St NW in downtown Atlanta.

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  1. Faith says:

    What Is The Name Of The Street’s Where Rick Was On The Horse And In Tank?

  2. goatboy says:

    I had thought they used Chieftain MBT in the show, but I had to wonder where the hell they came from? The US Army never used them, so who owned and hired them out? Questions,questions.

  3. Travis says:

    Got a cool pic of this site today. Instead of “breakfast” the window sign now says “salads-gyros”, as of 9/12/13. Tank scene is one the best of first season. Thanks Walkingdeadlocations!!

  4. Eno says:

    Defo a Chieftain. Worked in, on, and under one for 8 long years. There’s no hatch under the main belly apart from the drip plate clearly seen as he goes under and the gearbox sits right above it.

    I would have also loved the room he got once inside. There’s no tank in the world with that much room in the fighting compartment leading me to believe he’s back inside a studio.

    The thermal sleeve is also missing on the main gun making it look smoothbore like the M1. The most accurate I’ve seen one portrayed in a movie is in ” Reign of Fire”

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  6. Michael Allen says:

    No im sorry James, its definately a Chieftan, ive worked on them in the past during my career in the Armed forces, although the shots taken inside are definately not inside a Chieftan lol. p.s its also the same tank used in Zombieland :-)

  7. Deborah says:

    It’s really fun to see these locations here. Thanks for posting. I was born in Atlanta and lived here until I moved when I got married 20 years ago. It’s fun to see these locations that were used in the film.

  8. James Bradley says:

    It was an M 48, M60 series patton, that had bolt on’s to make it resemble an M1.

  9. Jonathan says:

    I always just piss in an empty water bottle an through it out the Commanders Hatch, or stretch a plastic bag aver an empty .50 call can for number 2!! oh and by the by that is a chieftain tank in downtown Atlanta one of the tell tale giveaways id the bulbous hump on the front of the turret just above the main gun.

  10. Mike says:

    M1A1 does not have a belly hatch to better improve surviveability from mines. Crews hated this as there is no way to relieve yourself.

  11. jim paterson says:

    but the tank is a British Chieftain and not an American M1 A1

    • TWD Locations says:

      Interesting. Certainly seems to look like it, yeah? Thanks for the response!

      • john says:

        There are no m 1Abrams in private collections to use in tv shows most people would not know the difference anyway it’s just set dressing you are not to look to close at the background

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