The Sheriff's Station

After Rick recuperated at Morgan’s house from being knocked out by Morgan’s son Duane, they all three head to Rick’s old station house to take a shower and get some guns and vehicles.

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As you may suspect, this isn’t really a Sheriff’s office at all. The building, located on Ellsworth Industrial Blvd NW in Atlanta, is actually occupied by Vesta Holdings who, according to their website, “is a major purchaser, servicer and owner of delinquent county and municipal real estate tax liens.” The building serves its purpose as a Sheriff’s office quite well.

This building was one that gave us a bit of problem in locating because there are no helpful visible markings on the building or surrounding areas in which to identify it. Many thanks to Herbus Maximus for sending us this location via email and Harley Big Daddy for taking the location photos.

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6 Responses to The Sheriff's Station

  1. annette says:

    i am pretty sure this is where i had to get my license after they were suspended back in the 90’s

  2. No says:

    it is not the same John Ramsey

  3. Celeste says:

    I know where this is Kudzu Antiques is right across the street from this building.

  4. Tears for Beers says:

    And… Vesta Holdings is owned by John Ramsey. As in John and Patsy and Jonbonet Ramsey. Go figure.

  5. elwood blues says:

    ”zombie school” was here too………..It was the TWD base camp for a while…….for the company…..

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