The Box Truck In The Rail Yard

As Rick, Glenn, T-Dog, and Daryl go back into Atlanta to retrieve the guns and Daryl’s brother Merle, in “Tell It To The Frogs”, they park the box truck in a rail yard.  The location where they park the box truck is actually just below the bridge that Rick crossed on horseback as he entered the city earlier.  Of course as they go to leave Atlanta after the events of “Vatos” they find the box truck has been stolen.

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Here are several shots of the rail yard and its relation to the Norfolk Southern building posted earlier.  Though the building itself is no longer used today, the rail yard shown is very much still in use.

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  1. Jonathan Godwin says:

    When I first saw this scene I thought it was roughly around 4 Fairlie Street Northwest, Atlanta, GA because I used to walk down there and watch trains (including Marta) between classes at Georgia State. It’s also near the dilapidated building and under the bridge that Rick crosses in the “Zombies in Atlanta” section from S01E01 here:

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  3. Crystal B. says:

    Enjoying this site. Looking forward to some in the burbs soon!

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