Shane Delivers Bad News To Lori

In the second episode of season two, Shane comes to a school where Lori is waiting for Carl to tell her that Rick had been shot in the line of duty.

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This scene was filmed at Peachtree Elementary School in Peachtree City, Georgia. I’ve tried to include a few pictures which show the size of the school as the production team used a very small portion of it near the parking lot. I would like to thank one of our followers, Melanie (@TVMOM), for sending us this information. We were having a difficult time nailing down this location and she helped immensely.

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5 Responses to Shane Delivers Bad News To Lori

  1. ptcskater says:

    This was one of my old skateboarding spots from back in the day. look at the pic where lori is one her knee talking to carl, see the ledge on the school covered in that dark stuff? thats wax we used for sliding on the curb. yep, thats from my teenage years!

  2. floridapeach says:

    I went to elementary school here K – 5th from 1991 to 1997. I only recognized this as my school the second time I watched the episode, but I definitely recognized it! Very cool!

  3. Alex says:

    I used to play for the PTC Packers across the street / parking lot haha

  4. Vince says:

    I went to school here from 1988-1994. I even worked there in 2001/2002. I can’t believe my school was used for this scene. So random.

  5. ATL850 says:

    DANNNGGG, I went to elementary school here!!!!… well 3rd-5th grade…this is pretty cool…I guess this is the only place in Peachtree City they filmed any of the TWD…this show amazes me tho because its all pretty much filmed in the area I grew up in!!!

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