Set Photos: Sharpsburg, GA

As we’ve mentioned before, The Walking Dead will be shooting in Sharpsburg, GA on Monday, August 1.  In preparation for that filming, the crew converted an old, empty storefront into a fictional drugstore.  This past weekend we had a chance to drive by the makeshift drugstore for some location photos.  There is a tenant moving into this property once filming is completed so the drugstore front will be removed in the near future.

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Upon closer inspection you can tell how much effort the crew puts into the small details not only on outward appearance, but also inside the store itself, right down to the fictional credit card stickers on the door. We weren’t able to enter the structure, and didn’t even attempt it considering there was security on-site, so pictures through the front windows were the best we were able to get. Notice the fictional magazines, comics, and other products on the shelves and racks inside.

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10 Responses to Set Photos: Sharpsburg, GA

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  2. lukeballard says:

    Shopface is still the same without the big sign on top – writing on the window reads “Walking Dead Steve’s Pharmacy” – “Walkers Welcome.”

    Have new photos. 96 Main Street, Sharpsburg GA.

    ~ Luke (3/24/14)

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  4. Ron says:

    Why not a white car i wonder?

  5. Kranky says:

    That magazine rack has some interesting titles, including ( I’m sure ) the inside joke of “Living Times”!
    HA !

    Great site with lots of info.

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  8. Damn, I missed this casting call. Thanks for the heads-up, Ryan.

    Sounds like you could be right about that (the flashback thing). Interesting.

  9. Ryan says:

    They will be filming in “The Hutchinson Cove” neighborhood in Senoia on August 24th.

    They also did night shoots on Cochran Mill Road last friday (August 12th)

    Heres a casting call for that date:
    “We are looking for men and women – wide variety of ages 18 – 60’s all ethnicities for work tomorrow evening through most of the night — shooting about 20 minutes south of the airport and your MUST have a car that is not white — if available email recent photo, make, model and color of car and all contact info to: ASAP”

    So im guessing they possibly filmed the Shane and Lori flashback.

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