Senoia Filming Update

For those who may have missed it, filming in Senoia has been extended. Thanks to Graham for the email and Daniel for the Twitter update last night.

I just wanted to let everyone know that filming in downtown Senoia has been extended until Nov 20th!! I was driving in to work this morning through Senoia and the solar powered information signs have been updated to reflect that Main Street will remain closed for filming through Nov 20th!! Enjoy!!

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  1. hari says:

    I was thinking about stopping by in sometime june or july of 2013.. do you think they’ll still be filming in senioa GA?? if I were to go at a certain time would that increase my chance of seeing the cast members?? thank you for all the information up above by the way!! really appreciate it~

    • Honestly, there’s no way of knowing this far out (as far as Senoia goes). As far as a certain time, they normally film during the week and during the day. Your best bet would be to stop in on a weekday. Hopefully I’ll have more information the closer we get to the time you’ll be in the area.

      • hari says:

        do you think they’ll even be in GA until june/july? another quick questions, have you seen or met any of the other cast members? just curious.. and thank you. if you don’t mind, I probably will be contacting you again on this site! thank you.

  2. Olivia10 says:

    Hello, I so appreciate this site because I was clueless searching the internet on information about Senoia. I know they are not filming now but Im on my way to Atlanta for a 2 day trip and was thinking about just driving through the filiming area. I know they obviously wont be there as the filiming has ended a while ago, but can you tell me if its worth going to take a look? Will I see the streets of woodbury or the prison? Even though I cant meet the cast now, I would like to be able to see the streets they filmed on, maybe even walk them and take pics. Would be fun.

    • If you’re a fan of the show then yes, I’d say it’s worth it. The prison is actually the studio lot and it since it isn’t open to the public, you won’t be able to see it. However, Senoia is just as open as any other town so you’d be able to see everything you see on the show. Last I heard, the Governor’s “house” is still standing so you’d be able to see that while you’re there as well.

  3. Jill says:

    I made the trip (just around an hour from where I live) today. It wasn’t raining when I was there from around 11:30 to 12:30 or so. I was told they were shooting somewhere else today and would be back tomorrow. I also heard that they will be shooting til the end of the month. I thought today might have been my only chance to get there(I work all day Tues). Mike, it must have been you and your friend that I talked to at the Table Talk store. The owners of that store gave some really interesting info. We were told that you can enter the shops from the back when they are filming and have Main Street blocked. It sounded like there is high security though. Makes sense they do that while shooting but let the fans around on the lunch break.(as stated in the comments above). I hadn’t watched last night’s episode until after being in Senoia today. It was so cool to see the Table Talk shop(which had shooting done on the inside for a future episode) in the background of Andrea and the governor talking! It was really wild to be walking(and taking pictures) in the areas that we are seeing in the show! Mike, I’ll be interested to find out where else you went on Monday and any cast interactions coming up.

  4. Jackie says:

    Signs in Senoia today say they will be on main Street until 9:00 a.m. Nov. 21.

    Went for lunch today, nothing going on. It was raining. So I guess they are hoping to wrap it up Wed. morning.

  5. Mike says:

    Walker stalker’s on the way from South Florida. Web site is the bomb would not be able to learn so much about the happenings without it. Have been trying to get up for a while, think we picked a great time to go. Will post some pics!

  6. Ella says:

    I saw on twitter that their wrap party was tonight. Would they still be filming next week?

  7. Walker Fan says:

    So many of the cast is currently in Senoia. Either myself or friends have seen Rick, the Governor, Andrea, Milton, Michonne, Glenn & Daryl. Can’t wait to visit next week. Lots of gun fire this evening.

  8. Walker Fan says:

    Picture with Daryl (Norman Reedus) taken at Senoia Coffee & Cafe

  9. Tom says:

    Anyone have any idea if they’re filming tomorrow?

    I know they rarely do but I’d love to know if anyone that was there today knows anything.

    • Walker Fan says:

      I was in Senoia this evening & was told by some of the crew that they would not be filming over the weekend, but will be there Mon-Thurs of next week (Thanksgiving week). Hopefully, this info is correct.

  10. Walker Fan says:

    One more piece of advice for the filming currently in Senoia. I have found if you are very quiet & leave the camera put away the film crew lets you see and do a lot more and are very kind. I only got the camera out after I asked Andrea’s permission.

    • That’s definitely great advice. I hope others are respectful of the cast and crew while they’re working. They could just as easily film somewhere completely inaccessible to the fans and I’d hate to see a few ruin things for many.

  11. Walker Fan says:

    There are intersections in Senoia that have film employees at “information” tables. This is where the actors seem to go to greet the fans before they break for lunch. They are also spotted in the one cafe in Senoia that is right outside the barricade with the tires/gate. This a.m. I saw the actor that fought in the arena with Merle. Sorry do not know his name.

  12. Walker Fan says:

    They told us they will not be filming over the weekend, but will be back Mon – Wed of Thanksgiving week.

  13. Walker Fan says:

    Had my picture taken with Andrea/Laurie Holden in Senoia today during her lunch break. Also watched her film a scene with Milton/Scientist. She was so kind to all the fans. Saw the Governor and Milton film a scene yesterday while eating lunch at Founders restaurant in Senoia. It’s best to eat an early lunch before the actors break for lunch. The actors take pictures with fans as they leave for their lunch break. This has been around 1:00 to 1:30 on both days.

  14. Gley says:

    Thank you! Do you know what time they begin and end filming? What exactly is getting “escorted in” ? And I follow you on Twitter. :) gley10 is my username. You’re definitely welcome! I’m glad to be able to connect with other WD fans. :)

    • They usually start pretty early in the day, around 5AM or so. Of course that could be when they start staging and setting up, not necessarily when they start filming. I’ve heard they’ve been wrapping up filming around 7PM. I don’t know what “escorted in” means. Most fans I’ve heard from who have been going to Senoia have just found a parking spot, then looked for the crowds of people in the area. There’ll be others around who have come to watch filming and they’ll likely be in the area so it shouldn’t be difficult to find.

  15. wonderhazel says:

    So if i Go this Sunday NOV 18.. i am not going to have access to Main St? HOW!!

  16. James says:

    We are headed down there on Friday from Nashville. Is it worth the 5 hour drive and will we be able to actually see anything?

    • We won’t know for certain if they’re going to be filming over the weekend until this weekend. Or unless someone confirms it between now and then. I don’t know the shooting schedule and the signs around town only warn of road closings for a period of time (in this instance it’s until Tuesday, Nov 20th). If you get to Senoia early enough on Friday then you should be able to see something that day, but I can’t speak as to whether you’ll be able to see anything Saturday or Sunday, unfortunately.

  17. Gley says:

    Do you know if Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, and Steven Yeun will be in Senoia?

    • The only one of those I’ve heard of being in the area is Norman Reedus. I heard someone saw him and Scott Wilson (Hershel) in Peachtree City yesterday (Tuesday) at a restaurant, I believe.

      • Gley says:

        I heard that eventually, everyone will be where the Governor is… Is that factual? And would it be safe to say that they’ll still be filming in Senoia if I’m unable to go this week?

        • I haven’t heard that so I can’t speak to whether it’s true or not. Though to be honest, and just my own thoughts about it, I would believe that eventually I think the story will definitely have everyone we currently know in the same place at the same time. I can’t see the story progressing without Rick’s group and the Woodbury group meeting. I don’t read spoilers for the show so I’m just stating my own thoughts.

          They’re supposed to film through Tuesday, November 20th. Beyond that I have no information at all. Michael Riley, the location manager, stated back in April that filming would be taking place through November. With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, I don’t know how much filming they’ll be doing after the 20th, but if I hear anything I’ll be sure to pass it along as soon as possible.

          • Gley says:

            I appreciate that! I really want to go but I know this will be a one shot deal for me. My dad will only let me go once. So I want to have a higher chance of meeting more cast when I go. I live in Georgia though, so they’re always going to be near but Senoia is the nearest thus far. I also didn’t know if you read the comic books cause I didn’t but that’s what my friend told me. Please keep us updated! I really appreciate your site! It is wonderful! :)

          • Yes, I’ve read the comics but the show deviates from that so I try not to let that influence any comments on the show. There are also people out there who haven’t read them and I don’t want to spoil any possible future plot points.

            I understand about wanting to make sure you have the opportunity to meet some of the cast when you go, especially if you can only make it to a location once. Senoia really is your best chance since the filming is so open and the town doesn’t completely shut down during filming. You definitely don’t want to have a wasted trip so I’ll pass along anything I hear as soon as I hear it. Following us on Twitter is probably the fastest way to keep up to date since I spread the most filming information there even when I don’t have time to update the site here.

            Thank you for the comments, I really appreciate them! :)

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