Senoia Filming And Set Photo Update

Seems there was quite a bit going on in Senoia, GA during filming for season three of AMC’s The Walking Dead at the end of last week.  We’ve received more pictures from this filming than from any other to date.  I’d like to thank everyone who sent in pictures.  I also enjoyed the stories from those who were lucky enough to meet cast and/or crew members, received autographs, and had their pictures taken.  I was unsure how the production team would pull off converting Main Street Senoia into the scene of the zombie apocalypse while still doing everything in their power to not disrupt normal town operations more than they absolutely had to.  From the pictures below I believe they did a masterful job, as usual, and filming as well as normal business in town seemed to mesh as well as could be expected.

Warning – I’ve looked through these pictures and aside from the state of the town I don’t believe there are any major spoilers here with the exception of one picture update.  I’m going to put that photo set last with another warning so those who wish to avoid it can do so.

Here’s a slideshow of the images but click the jump below for individual photos. Thank you again to everyone who sent in set and filming photos!

The photos here show the state of the town, the vehicles within it, as well as myriad other things. Some are set shots, some were taken before and during filming, and some show the back sides of the businesses, most of which stayed open during filming. There is also a mix of photos from day and night filming.

Thank you to Justin (@s1ngxthexs0rr0w), @crossbowkt), Jessica (@jessicarscott81), Sarah (@Sarahsbrides), Matt (@mforshee), Greg (@gheinisch) Brad (@BradleyNixon) and Kim (@kimberlyann7903) for all of their set photo and filming updates via Twitter.

(Click any image to enlarge)

From Richard and Haley R.

From Greg H.

From Arlyn M.

From Robbie R.

From Christal T.

From Tim R.

From Kenon F.

From Katie T.

From Devon M.

Night photo of the gate sent anonymously

And here is the photo set which contains a spoiler. If you do not want to know anything about possible cast for season three, then this is your chance to stop. Enlarge the images below at your own risk.

From Maddie M.

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104 Responses to Senoia Filming And Set Photo Update

  1. Fred Scheit says:

    Thanks again for that info, Robert.

    From that I would assume that there has been/will be filming in Senoia for Season 4 – otherwise the props would have been removed a long time ago.

    • Brad says:

      My fiance and I were in Senoia yesterday (12/1), and a woman who works in one of the shops said that Andrea was in the store two weeks ago due to filming.

      • Dani says:

        From what I have heard, she was in town because she was filming “Dumb and Dumber To”. I guess we won’t know until the season is over!

      • maxsilowain says:

        “Andrea” Laurie Holden hasn’t been in TWD Since Season 3 She is Filming part of D&D2 in Atlanta, she’s cool enough to have come visit Senoia it’s only a short drive.

  2. Robert matthews says:

    As of July 23 2013 I can confirm that the Woodbury town hall has been demolished.. I arrived in senoia last night from greenville nc and immediately drove behind Main Street so I could get a glimpse at the fake facade town hall and my heart sunk when I was able to see straight through to Main Street. Upon turning the corner the Woodbury sign is gone and the building is laying flat on the ground with a bulldozer behind it…just a heads up if like me you were hoping to see it…..will upload pics later when I go back to senoia.

    • Dani says:

      I know! It is so sad to see it go. I was secretly hoping they would keep it up since it draws so many fans to Senoia.

      • robert matthews says:

        Atleast they left the woodbury bank sign there,I spent a lot of time on the bridge that daryl and merle saved the Spanish family from walkers. Fun to imagine everything

    • Fred Scheit says:

      I had asked on Twitter if the storage compound (across the road from the Post Office) has also been removed?

      I guess everyone there is too busy to answer – anyone here know?

  3. Michelle says:

    Does anyone have a driving directions map of the sites around Senoia? Google maps has a lot around Atlanta but I don’t want to stop at those. I will be coming through atlanta heading south on I85 so any suggestions as to where to stop and what to see would be great.

  4. i built a 49 dodge with intent to drive it 1200 miles and let the cast crew use it , whether it gets on film dont matter. its basically a bug out vehicle , id love for it to be used in the show id be willing to sign a waver if it gets damaged id be cheering them on lol. thanks

  5. Amanda says:

    Anyone know anything about shooting locations this week???

  6. Ashley says:

    Not 100% sure it’s them or not but I saw the signs pointing down Fairview Road right off of HWY 16 a ways past Senioa. They filmed in Senioa last night but we got there about the time everything was being packed up. Such fun trying to see them filming!

  7. Scott says:

    Extras Casting Atlanta is looking for a 3-4 year old African American male extra for filming in senoia tomorrow… Did not specify if the casting call was for TWD, but my guess is yes…

  8. Kristi says:

    Anyone know the filming location for Wednesday 8/22? Thank you!

  9. Keith Boldt says:

    Does anyone know of any film locations this week for The Walking Dead. I’ve been to a couple sets last week and have only been able to meet Laurie Holden. Really want a chance to see more of the cast.

  10. Marj says:

    I am meeting an old friend from sweden for labor day weekend in Atlanta. She is a huge walking dead fan and I’d love to take her to see some filming and/or meet some actors, if possible. Anyone know where filming will be Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday?

    • Mike says:

      I too have been watching the latest for filming in that area. I live in Fla and also want to come to the area and try to catch a peak. If any info comes for the Labor Day filming were loading up and headed North. If anybody has some info for Labor Day it would be much appreciated !

  11. Andrew says:

    Are they filming in senoia today??? Times??? Need a reply asap thanks

  12. hilary says:

    Any ideas on when filming will wrap up??? im going to georgia soon

    • Gary says:

      Some time in November.

      • Mikey G says:

        Gary, Will the remainder of season 3 be filmed on location in Georgia? I live in Ct and am going to take a trip down south to get a glimpse of my fav characters and am dying to get a look at the set I went to Monster Mania XXII in New Jersey Yesterday and met Dale,Glenn,Sophia and Daryl. I was very disapointed the way Daryl acted dark glasses and baseball cap and a attitude on where he wouldnt take them off for his fans for pics. Im also guessing the only way to meet Rick would be on set if i am lucky ???

        • Daniel says:

          Yes, it all filmed here in Georgia and they will ne filming until sometime in November. They film at the prison set a good bit but they also film in downtown Senoia and the surrounding area a lot too.

  13. kandi says:


  14. kim says:

    These are my photos ive gotten thus far! Hope to have many more!

  15. Robbie T. says:

    Are the filming in Senoia, GA too or just Newnan? I was going to drive out to Senioa tomorrow and catch a glimpse.

    • taylor says:

      micheal rooker and a few other cast members are in and around
      senoia tonight. i heard that they are filming on Dead Oak rd on Tuesday but i dnt kno about wednesday.

  16. Dani says:

    Hoping I get to sneak downtown Newnan tonight or tomorrow. Here is my photostream:

  17. Ashley says:

    Does anyone know how long they r filming for? I originally wanted 2 stop on 23rd of Aug but the 28th is lookin better for me? I’m drivin from WI so if n e 1 knows plz tell me & if a location is known that’d b nice too :)

    • Keith Boldt says:

      I know they will be filming until sometime in November. Then they will take 4 months off and then come back to start shooting season 4. I am trying to find out where they might be this week but have been unable to find anything. I actually live in the county where they are filming a lot.

  18. Gary says:

    Are they shooting today and tonight in Senoia?

  19. Anna says:

    As of today does anyone know if they will be filming around Newnan any time soon?? I live in Lagrange and I’d really like to see some of the filming!!!

  20. Sandy says:

    thanks for these amazing updates! i just found out today they are filming around 5 am the morning of july 26th. is this accurate info? anyone know the best place to go and watch the filming?

    • I’ve heard that from several sources, all reliable so I would say that it’s accurate. As for where to go watch, it seems to vary in Senoia depending on where in town they’re filming. Sometimes it’ll be out in the open where you can watch and sometimes it’s in a building, behind closed doors. I haven’t heard any specifics about this particular shoot but I would say that if you’re close, it’d be worth the drive to check it out. I’m sure there will be other fans there trying to watch as well so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find where the good viewing spots are. Good luck!

      • Steven says:

        Looks like today may be outside as are putting up all the Woodbury signs are being put up and they are setting up the “solar panels” and box gardens down the middle of main. I asked a local policeman if the were going to put the walls, he was unsure. I think they likely will as he said they would be filming at the end of main outside the coffe shop. From the previous pics this appears to be out side the woodbury walls.

  21. lisa says:

    They starte filming @ 5am in the morning!!

    • Steven says:

      The signs around Senoia say main st will be blocked off starting at 5am. My guess is some of that time will be set up. They have already begun setting up on main a little bit, but they have to move the walls and buses into place.

  22. Steven says:

    They are filming at the Stone building with the role up door in Senoia tonight, they are setting up right now. The locals are saying they have been waurned that either tonight or tomorrow night their will be gun fire and explosions.

  23. Samantha says:
    Andrew and Norman, from Senoia 7/24/12

    • Nice pics, Samantha! Thanks for sharing.

      • Samantha says:

        Your welcome 😉 we’ll upload the original pictures either tonight or tomorrow. Just took a picture of them with the camera for quicker upload…

    • Gary says:

      Very cool

    • Mikey G says:

      Hey Samantha Great Pics :-) I went to Monster-Mania Con XXII in New Jersey yesterday excited to meet Norman aka Daryl and to my disapointment he showed up late to the event, and was wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap.He refused to take them off for fans who were eager to get photos w him and was charging top dollar to top it off. I am a HUGE TWD fan and i thank god that Dale and Glen were there and extremely friendly as well. You are lucky to get to meet Rick and Daryl and for them to be as personable as they were. I am from Ct and i want to take a trip to Georgia to see any locations that they are filming….Please Help me out i would greatly appreciate that.

  24. Byron says:

    they be in downtown senoia tomorrow the 26

  25. Samantha says:

    This morning we went to Senoia and drove to the location where they were filming at Rising Star Rd and Dead Oak Rd. Met Norman and Andrew. They posed for a couple pictures. It was definitely worth the drive.

  26. lisa says:

    The signs are up on Rising Star road and DeadOak Rd in Senoia. Also around Spencer lake. Parts of Harlson are blocked off.

  27. Dave says:

    That coffee house is it being used in the series or is it just for a place that is being used during break times in between the shoots?

  28. Dave says:

    Thank you for the updates and pics that accompany them! Thank you for this site as well! Say are they still using that Hyundai for the series?

  29. Teresa F says:

    I am a die hard TWD fan and have been trying to find out if there is going to be anymore filming in the area. I didn’t get to make it to Senoia last month and was hoping they would still be somewhere near by. Any info would be great. Thanks so much.

    • Gary says:

      Teresa, the post below was under the (Season Three Filming ) blog .Thought
      you might be interested.

      Kenny Betsill says:
      July 23, 2012 at 12:19 AM
      I received another letter Friday.There will be filming be Rising Star Rd. and Dead Oak Rd. July 24 3am to 9pm. Last time they blocked it off but we were able to see and meet some of the actors. Rising Star Rd is off Ga hwy 85 about 6 miles south of Senoia.

  30. willow says:

    They will be filming monday june 9 at a location north Gay, Ga between 6:30 a.m -4 p.m. During the filming there will be intermittent traffic control on highway 85.

    • Todd says:

      Today, we drove to Gay, Georgia on 85 to watch them film on the side of the highway. The crew and the cast members were filming a scene for Season 3. It was great! Unfortunately, we were unable to stop, but we were able to slow down and view on what they were doing. We saw Lauren Cohen, Michael Rooker, and Danai Gurai on the set. By the time, we drove the tenth time to watch the scene from our vehicle, the police and the crew waved to us as we were driving by on the highway.

  31. Samantha says:

    Does anyone know if they will be filming tomorrow or wednesday? we would like to drive down and see what its like.

  32. NM says:

    Filming on Main Street in Senoia today and tomorrow. We went today. Had a great time, though the set is not really accessible. Saw a few cast members, one director and supporting cast and crew.
    FYI — If actors are in costume, photos aren’t OK — at least that’s the impression I got. We saw Michael Rooker (Merle) in the coffee house. When a fan asked for a photo, he declined, as he was in costume. So, I guess it’s always best to ask before taking photos.
    The actors were very gracious about fans, and all fans seemed pretty respectful.
    We talked to locals, and they were also great.
    All around great day trip from metro Atlanta!

  33. blossomkay says:

    I was just in Senoia about 2 hours ago, and they have Main St. closed today and tomorrow for filming, which will last from noon until midnight. They have put dark sheets up in the shop windows so that you cannot see any of the filming from inside the shops (where I was). But you CAN see the actors and extras going to and from their trailers if you happen to be standing around at the right time.

  34. Travis says:

    They filmed this morning on the Flint River at the Meriwether/Pike County Line on Hwy 362…and Main Street in Senoia is closed starting at 10pm tonight (June 25th-4pm June 26).

  35. Andrew says:

    Any other info, about where they are going to be filming???? I have a day off again tomorrow and was wanting to try to go up there, since i didnt get to last week???? Let me know

    • Daniel says:

      According to some people I follow on Twitter, they will be filming tomorrow on Crook Rd and Main Street in downtown Senoia starting at 5am and shoot all day and late into the evening.

      • NM says:

        Thanks for the possible location. I’m driving down from Marietta with the kids tomorrow, hoping to see some of the filming.
        But even if we don’t, Senoia seems like a wonderful little town, so we can grab some lunch and a cup of Zombie Dark at the local coffee house. I think it will be a fun day, zombies or no…

      • Andrew says:

        ok thanks for the info

  36. Gary says:

    DeeCee, Merle is certainly one bad apple! On the other hand Michael Rooker who portrays Merle is one very freindly gentlemen. He was hand shaking , signing autographs and posing for pictures inside and outside Senoia Coffee & Cafe (Woodbury Coffee House) during a break in filming on June 7.

  37. DeeCee says:

    Anyone following the show closely could surmise that Daryl’s bro would be re-surfacing sometime in the future. He obviously survived when he cut off his hand, then cauterized the stump on the griddle. Yeeoowww!!! Any character that does that is going to be hard to get rid of.

  38. Gary says:

    One of my friends here at work (also a TWD fan)told me he heard on the radio that TWD was filming today and tomorrow at Hampton near the race track.

  39. Gary says:

    Thanks ,TWD

  40. Gary says:

    TWD , Do you know where in Newnan they are filming?

  41. Andrew says:

    Can you still go up there and see the set???? Wat about the Air condition filcility they are in???? And is there a chance they could be in Senoia tomorrow signing autographs or something????

    • Last I heard they’d broken the sets down. The cars, busses, etc are still in Senoia, but they’re in a locked lot and the town looks like it normally does when they’re not actually filming. I don’t believe they’re filming there again until next week (6/27). The town hall building, the one they built for the show, is still there as they’re not going to tear it down every week, but it’s likely under guard. As for autographs, I would doubt it. They’re probably in the studio or somewhere else on location (though I don’t know where). I haven’t heard of them doing autographs anywhere other than maybe on a location after filming or during a break. The cast/crew is usually pretty busy and when they’re not working, they’re out at various venues, cons, etc.

      I’m assuming by “air-conditioned facility” you’re referring to the studio? If they’re not on location then that’s likely where they are but it’s closed to the public.

  42. Andrew says:

    I am wondering if they are shooting tomorrow??? I am thinking about going up there to Senoia, but wanted to make sure they are filming. And can you actually see the sets and maybe some of the cast??? Quick Responses of any info would be very appreicative. Thanks Let me know asap

    • I don’t believe they’re in Senoia tomorrow, at least not that I’ve heard. The next location that I know of is in Newnan either this coming Friday (6/22) or toward the end of next week (6/28-6/29).

  43. Senoia Neighbor says:

    Where can one go to get cast as an extra ? I watched it being filmed in my hometown as well as on my street.

    • AC says:

      Follow Extras Casting Atlanta on Facebook. They are always looking for extras for TWD and other things filming in the area.

  44. Rick says:

    ****SPOILER ALERT ****

    I was looking at the Wikipedia page for the Governor and the picture shows the same truck that Merle is in….confirming an upcoming plot point I had suspected about the whereabouts of Daryl’s brother.

  45. Karen Ragsdale says:

    I think they ought to have a Zombie fest in Senoia, where people can dress up like Zombies ( not that I would) and fans be able to meet the cast and have pictures taken and autographs signed. That would be pretty awesome!

  46. Rogue says:

    These photos are great! I’m thrilled with the “spoiler photo”…can’t wait for October. Thank you again!

  47. Fred Scheit says:

    Is there any way to view the photos as a slide show, instead of having to click/open each image individually?

  48. Chuck says:

    Hey Twd locations, does the cast and crew hate this site?

  49. Brian says:

    You keep track of current filming locations but what about updates regaring future filming locations? Just curious.

    • I usually put that information out, when I get it, via Twitter as well as here on the site when I can confirm it. I’m not part of the crew so I don’t always know when and/or where they’ll be filming. I rely on other fans who are in the filming area who receive filming notices in the mail, newspapers, etc and who relay that info to me. Sometimes I have a lot of time (like I did here with Senoia) and sometimes it’s the day of filming. As of now the only future filming I know of at this moment is going to be in Newnan in 2 or 3 weeks.

      • Kenon says:

        Filming notices for Monday, June 18 from 5a to 12p. The notices were in the parking lot west of Main on Seavy. It’s a grass parking lot behind redneck gourmet (yum!)

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