Season Four Production Begins May 6th.

It looks like the question I’ve been getting most lately has been answered by AMC.  Production for season four of AMC’s The Walking Dead is set to begin on May 6th, 2013.  This is in line with production start dates for previous seasons (season three production also began in May of last year).

The following was announced by AMC today:

AMC announced today that the cast and crew of The Walking Dead return to Atlanta, Georgia on Mon., May 6 to begin production on Season 4. AMC also confirms Scott M. Gimple as Showrunner and Executive Producer for the series’ fourth season to premiere in October with 16 episodes.

There’s more at the link with quotes from Robert Kirkman, Scott Gimple, and AMC but the production start date is what concerns most folks who try and see any filming taking place.  Since this information timing is about the same as the information for season three production, perhaps we’ll start hearing about locations as early as March, but more likely not until April.

As always, I’ll do my best to keep folks updated on any filming location information I find or that’s sent to me.

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  1. Rhoda Wilson says:

    I’ve never tried it Janell, but I think I’m gonna go check it out Monday evening. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  2. Rhoda Wilson says:

    Went down Dryer road today and saw several people working by the side of the road wearing “movie productions” tags. There were also a couple big trucks with movie equipment which pulled into one of the power plants parking lots. I think they are planning on filming there Monday evening from 5 – 9. They signs all say that the road will be closed at that time.

    • Janell says:

      Do they allow people to watch when they are filming?

      I found that Stalwart requested the roads to be closed between June 3 – June 5. Thinking about going down there on June 5.

  3. Rhoda Wilson says:


  4. Rhoda Wilson says:

    Haven’t seen anything lately on where they might be filming soon. Anyone heard? I am dying to go but don’t know where to go to.

    • They’re being extremely quiet about where they’re filming for this coming season. I know they’ve been out and about, but I have no specifics. I have an idea of where they’ll be in early June, but from the sound of that article, even they don’t know exactly which days they’ll be there. Making it incredibly difficult to relay any filming information.

  5. Any Ideas when the will be filming in Senioa (Woodbury) I live like an hour away and want to go watch but want to know when and where they will be.


  6. No way gotta stay at the B&B at least one night! This summer will be our 3rd year coming to georgia for vacation in hopes of catching some TWD filming. we have yet to have any luck-mostly bad planning i think on my part,i guess i’m just not very smart about these kinds of things-put it this way…last year we left town on june 3rd…they started filming on the june 4th :'( (I should have been a better “groupie” in my teen years and maybe i’d be better at this…haha)anyway… last year i “splurged” and booked the B&B in senoia-I would recommend them anytime-yes a little pricey but with 3 kids the savings of a meal included adds up!! and my very picky kids ate better that morning than they did the whole vacation!! the owners were sooo super friendly,accomadating and tried to be helpful with twd info(laurie holden had stayed at the B&B the weekend prior)…hold on another sad face on that one :(–Plus its one of our ways to help the businesses in the area-we were sure to get something small from every town we went to take pics…ect..,My fear is that we may yet again be unable to see any filming, due to the changes with filming locations and the increasing amounts of fans coming that its going to get to hard to control and they filming “behind closed doors” more and more. My kids and I discuss it every year and always agree that “just seeing the areas where show was filmed is still exciting and we have to be happy for that opportunity…even if no filming is seen-but i know the disappointment is still there(with all of us)But we are going again…and will stay again at the B&B this year for a couple nights because i think its worth it :)

  7. eddie says:

    are there any casting calls out right now?

  8. Pat-e-cake Dowdall says:

    Here is a heads up for anyone planing to visit locations for the Walking Dead…………
    Lodgeing in small towns can be hard to come by……..Grandville…has nothing…but we did find a lovely southern charmer for around $50.00 in Hogansville…the rooms were dated but it was neat, clean and friendly……
    Peachtree City has lots of motels and resturants and shopping……we stayed at the Best Western
    at Crossroads….lovely and new and 30 minutes to Senoia, less than $75.00 per night….

    Make sure you do your homework for the points of intreast in the towns for the walking dead……
    you can locate a icon map on google for the Walking Dead…’s a must….don’t leave home without it…..

    We found that many of the small towns were closed Monday and stores were not open before 11.a.m and closeing between 4 and 5 p.m………visitors centers were also closed and posted hours from Wed to Sun only……

    From start to finish you can and will spend time…..we have been here 3 days and have not seen it all……some of the towns have lots of stores……a must to see and spend some time in……lots of Walking Dead items for Sale……..everyone is friendly and helpful…….

    The stories are filming has started for season # 4 and crews are out on location….yesterday….they were not in Grantville or Senoia……but….did hear they were up in Macon Ga ??? also hear they are shooting at night ???…..

    Hope this info helps anyone making the trip to Georgia…………

  9. Pam says:

    Hi there, my family and I are coming from Ireland and visiting Senoia, June 25/26 since there are only 2 bed and breakfasts in senoia where would the nearest cheap hotel be closest to the ‘action’ ? One bed and breakfast is unavailable that night and the other one is very out of our pricerange. thanks!!

    • Fred Scheit says:

      My experience of B&B’s in America is that they are very expensive compared to similar offerings on our side of the pond (I’m UK based).

      I would suggest that Newnan would provide the cheaper hotels within easy reach of Senoia.

      Nearer to Senoia, there are also hotels in Peachtree City and Fayetteville – they’re slightly dearer than Newnan, according to my research of hotels in this area – and just a short drive to Senoia.

      • Pam says:

        Thanks for your reply! I agree the bed and breakfasts in America are wayyyy dearer than over here, I am booking hotels in lots of cities as we are doing a trip around the southern states and its crazy how much the difference is! We actually booked the bnb in Senoia for the night, for 4 it works out about £115, it looks LOVELY and is really well rated on the net, so its a wee treat for us, sure we will probably never get to do this again!! I only hope now we get to catch some filming!!!

  10. Rhoda Wilson says:

    Do they ever film on weekends? I would love to come check it out but it would work out better if it were a weekend.

    • It’s not completely unheard of, but normally the don’t film on weekends or holidays. As of now I haven’t heard of any situations that would lead me to think they’ll be filming on the weekends this early.

  11. steve harlow says:

    I came from Tacoma Wa. to Atlanta and am living about 10 min. away. Are they going to film in town on Mon. I leave to go back mon. night? Since I am a fan I would check it out.

  12. Walkerbait says:

    I was visiting ‘Woodbury’ and attempted to visit the prison 2 weeks ago. Ran into someone who used to work on the set for the past 3 seasons and he mentioned they will be filming in Macon for some parts of the next season. He said even for him it was hard to get info ahead of time. Scripts come out just a few days before they start so there’s little time to leak info. Anyone live in Macon that can confirm or deny if they see any film crews arriving? I will be back down to Atlanta in a few weeks and will keep my eyes peeled to this site for more info. Thanks all!

  13. Hello everyone,

    I will be taking my son to try to visit the set of The Walking Dead for one week in mid-May. Although we would like to see some of the filming, he is more interested in getting to see the cast or maybe getting an autograph.
    Does anyone know where to stand for autographs? Does it change according to filming sets, or is there a central location? Are there any certain times to wait for autographs? I’m just trying to get as much information as possible. We will be traveling 1,000 miles and he decided against a trip to Disneyland for this adventure. Thanks for any help.


  14. peggie118 says:

    Thanks Dell !!! I am still working on my husband to spend our vacation up there. He is a bigger fan than me so you would think he would be gung-ho on going! I may just head up there with my doggie and let hubby be a couch potato all by himself!! LOL!

  15. Dell Christensen says:

    Hello TWD fans, I live in Atlanta, downtown near Capitol Bldg.Alot of filming crews park their trucks and vans in open lots in front of my apts…this area is at Memorial Dr and Frazier St. The locations from Season 1/1 are only a few blocks from there. Like Mitchell and Forsyth where the tank, horse and Glen were. The rock quarry is only a mile or too away also. I will look out this week for the movie set trucks to show up…will let y’all know…STAY CALM and CARRY A CROSSBOW..:-)

    • Janell says:

      That would be awesome! Please do let us know. I was planning to head to Senoia on the 6th, but if by chance they are elsewhere I may head there, too. LOL!

  16. Kari says:

    I would like to know what areas are around Senoia to stay over night besides Atlanta?

  17. Pat-e-cake Dowdall says:

    Any information to where they will be filming the walking dead season # 4 on May 6th…….
    We are planning to be in Grantville on May5th……..would like to be there to see filming if possible…

  18. Linda says:

    We got an email tonight for info on the casting call. I sent a change inquiry email last year, almost to the day and they wrote back tonight!! Wanting pic and info about our sizes and ages. (fingers crossed)

  19. Geo says:

    I was thinking, anyone that gets to Senoia, try to get us someone on the inside to get on this site and post filming locations for us!

  20. Do you know any thing about the casting call . When & where ?

  21. Pat-e-cake- Dowdall says:

    We are in Florida and big fan of The Walking Dead, we would like to visit some of the small towns
    from past filming before going home to Ontario………my question is where would be the best place to start a tour then move on to take pics of some of the most famouse places……such as Hershels
    farm house, the prision, meeting place for Rick and the govenor, Woodbury, and Senoia, and Grantville
    can you give me some pointers on other locations that were in the program……….also…….do you know of a good motel in the area we can stay in………..thanks for any information

    • The best place to start would be Senoia. From there it’s only a few minutes drive down to Haralson (where Rick met with the Governor) and then only a short drive over to Grantville. From there you can head north toward Atlanta and any locations there you’d like to see (such as the CDC). You won’t be able to get to the farmhouse as it’s on private property and the owners don’t allow visitors and the prison is on the studio lot which is also off-limits to anyone who doesn’t work there.

  22. Melanie says:

    This site rocks!!! I was there last Oct and you posted filming in Haralson, GA. We found filming and got photos with Daryl, Merle, Governor, TLove. I will depend on you again this June as I am coming back for more zombie fun!!!

  23. Maggie says:

    I live about 3 hours N of this location and plan on driving down with my son to check it out …. we just love The Walking Dead!!!! Would be so cool to see some filming.

  24. hi, we are vising giorgia from may 6th to may 16th..we comin all the way from germany…hopefully we can catch some shooting…guys, I love your site…hopefully we are lucky..I will check on your site every day for news!!!

  25. Chad Hawkins says:

    I am coming to visit May 24-27.I have already mapped my trip out to visit as many locations as possible. Seeing the prison is probably not going to happen so I want to know can you see it from a distance? I was lucky to meet Norman Reedus lat week in Nashville, TN. I hope I get the chance to meet more. Looking forward to my visit.

    • Pam says:

      Hi Chad! Thats amazing you got to meet Norman Reedus, my family and I are coming to Nashville from Ireland for 3 weeks over the summer, we are planing a visit to Senoia for a few days as we absolutely LOVE twd , where did you get lucky enough to meet Norman? Does he hang out in Nashville much? lol thanks!

      • Chad Hawkins says:

        I went to a horror convention in Nashville and he was there. I know there is one in Louisville, KY July 27-29, 2013. Norman will be there along with Micheal (Merle). Maggie will be in Nashville in September. I really love this show to and hope they continue being successful.

        • Pam says:

          I feel the same, its the best show on TV right now, we re planning on staying in senoia for the night so i really hope that we get to see some action.! Thanks for the info, unfortunatley we will be back home by july 27th. This will be a game of luck for us!

        • Genita says:

          Jon Bernthal, Norman Reedus and Chandler Riggs will be in Nashville in October for a Comic Con. Just a little FYI.

  26. Michelle says:

    Was in Senoia today and there is now a sign up that says the WD merch store will open May 1!

  27. peggie118 says:

    Thanks for the speedy response!

  28. sandy says:

    Know anything for 5/31 yet??

  29. peggie118 says:

    My hubby, myself and our furry son Pepe will be spending our vacation in Georgia just to see all the sights TWD have filmed at. We would love to see live filming if at all possible. I was hoping you might recommend a few ,spots to stay while we are there. Thanks for all the info you give us! And thank you for the photos on locations! We are big fans!!!

  30. Zach Sheram says:

    Will you know locations before they shoot there?

    • Sometimes I know locations well ahead of time and sometimes not until a day before. It really all depends on how long they’ll be planning to shoot in a particular location, how much prep the area needs, etc. I’ll post as much info as possible as soon as I know it.

  31. Mary Bennett says:

    Hi I think I may drive down to Georgia as well to check out the filming of what I can c I live in Baltimore and that is something I would love to do catch a couple of the cast filming. my grand daughters also want to come with me they r 5 n 8.

  32. We plan to be there the week of June 3 I hope they are filming in the area and if not we’ll def. check out all the previous locations. Just need to find a decent hotel near there and not necessarily in Atlanta. I want to make it a point to visit the “woodbury Coffee Shop”

    • Christy T. Smith says:

      My family and I visited Senoia, The Woodbury Coffee Shop during their last filming right before Thanksgiving 2012. It was really awesome. We spent the whole day parked across from the coffee shop. In fact, I went in there a few times to get pie and coffee. We hope to go back to Atlanta area in late April. You will love it:)))

    • Geo says:

      Carol, get one of their cranberry cookies. Wonderful!

  33. Sandy says:

    I need to know where they’ll be May 31!! :)

  34. Lizz says:

    Hi there! I scheduled a week off from work just so I can drive up there to check out some filming sites and hopefully get lucky by witnessing some live action! I will be driving from Jacksonville with a couple of friends. I will keep an eye on this Web page! If any locals are willing to help personally, feel free to email me! No set plans for that week. It’ll be the week of Memorial Day. We are willing to drive around and stay in hotels wherever we land for the night! Looking forward to seeing parts of Georgia I’ve never seen before! Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer! My email is

    • Kaylin says:

      Hey Lizz I used to live in the area and will be back home visiting in May. I should be there around that time and definitely planning on checking out some of the filming again this year (I watched them filming for Clear in Grantville, and a Woodbury episode last fall). The rural sites are pretty easily drive-able from Atlanta if you want to just book a hotel there (and explore some of the ATL too), but you might find cheaper hotels a little further out, like in Newnan. The good news there is that “Woodbury” aka Senoia and some other rural sites are actually closer to Newnan than to Atlanta. But of course you won’t know exactly what sites they are filming at until the week or two before. Maybe I’ll see ya there! 😀

    • Hello TWDF I had expected the filming trucks to be here in town down Atlanta, they park in an open lot where about 40 trailers park….
      As I’ve been reading today no one seems to know where the crews are at. As I mentioned before I live very close to where a lot of 1 season was shoot downtown . I drive these streets every day. I anyone would like me to take them around just let me know.

      • They’re not filming in Atlanta. They’re filming at the studio right now, which is in Senoia. They haven’t filmed anything in Atlanta itself since some early season two footage (which never aired as I recall). I know a lot of the web articles out there are saying that “filming has begun in Atlanta” but that’s not necessarily correct.

        That said, as of right now I don’t have any information on where they’re going to be filming once they’re finished at the studio, but hoping to hear something soon.

  35. Approximately how long does filming take? Is it a few days, few weeks, few months? My friend and I would like to plan a road trip from Florida (with our 10-year-old sons) but are hoping to come up after school gets out (mid-June).

    Thanks for any scoop you can provide! =)

    • They start filming this year in May. If they follow the same rough shooting schedule they did last year (when they also started in May), then they’ll be filming until around Thanksgiving. I think they finished season three filming the week before, or week of, Thanksgiving. The tricky part is coming to town while they’re filming in a public location. If they’re in the studio, or on a closed set, then there’s no way to watch them film. Unfortunately I won’t have any information about the time frame you’re mentioning until much later in the year, closer to that time.

      • That’s enormously helpful! Thank you for taking the time to respond, and I’ll keep my eye peeled on your site for more updates as you get them. =)

        • Jessica says:

          Will they film in senoia this time around

          • I don’t have any definite confirmation of that, but I’ve heard that some of the props and buildings seen in this season are still in place in Senoia, or in storage nearby. I’m assuming that means we may indeed see more of Woodbury (Senoia) again next season but won’t know for sure until May (or after) when filming begins again.

    • Geo says:

      Filming a season of a show like this is a month(s) long process. But knowing where the set for that day will be is very hard unless you see a casting call or get lucky and catch them around Senoia. There is some inside information to be had around Senoia, but who to ask is anyone’s guess. Good luck, they are always within about 10 miles of Senoia anyway. Also if you go through Senoia, go by the studio, it is fenced but the security guards are very nice and a source of information.

  36. Jessica says:

    They will start filming in may 6th huh… So will they be doing some filming for season 4 in senoia? I live about 30mins away from there and thought if they were filming there my husband and I could go check it out…maybe get some pics. If i could get some kinda heads up as to when they will be in senoia..that would be awesome.

    • From what I’ve heard, the staging area around Senoia still has the set vehicles in it, the “City Hall” set is still standing, and the prison set is still up. Based on that I would assume there’s going to be some filming in Senoia, though I don’t know how much. We won’t have any actual details until closer to May (probably mid to late April).

      • Micky says:

        Can confirm that Senoia still has the City Hall set in place. Was there this past weekend. Town seems to really be looking forward to having the cast and crew back. It’s actually very cool just to see the town “pre-apocalypse” as a normal small town, then watch it on the show.

      • J says:

        Can’t wait! I want to go watch filming soooo bad! LOL!

  37. CC says:

    Will they let you watch shooting? and
    Can you get near the prison before shooting starts.

    • Yes, they’ll let you watch shooting as long as they are filming in public. If they’re on private property, or in the studio, then spectators aren’t allowed. That kind of answers your second question. No, there’s no way to get near the prison, which is actually the studio lot, before shooting starts. Security at the entrance stops anyone who tries to enter (and many have tried) even during the off-season.

      • Geo says:

        yes. when you get to the gate you can back up and pull into the church parking lot about 1/4 mile back up the road. Then walk down through the woods toward the back of the fenced in lot. There is a lake behind the facility, (which we saw in the episode with Rick talking to Lori’s ghost). You can see the back of the lot there which is the prison set.

        But don’t get caught!

  38. Sherry says:

    This is so exciting! Another summer of Dead updates!! And when the Season 4 teaser trailer is shown at the San Diego Comic Con…we’ll already know what everything looks like!

  39. Julie Maier says:

    Very Good! Yes, a big THANK YOU for keeping us updated!

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