Season Five A Go

For those The Walking Dead fans out there who haven’t heard the news yet, AMC has renewed the show for a fifth season.  Considering the ratings they’ve been having this year, I believe a new season was a forgone conclusion, but it’s always great to get the official word from the network.

From AMC President Charlie Collier:

“We are very happy to make what has to be one of the most anti-climactic renewal announcements ever: The Walking Dead is renewed for a fifth season.  This is a show that has erased traditional distinctions between cable and broadcast. Its expanding base of passionate fans has grown every season, most recently — and most notably — with the season four premiere earlier this month, which broke viewership records for the series and became the biggest non-sports telecast in cable history. On behalf of the incredible team on both sides of the camera, thank you to the fans and here’s to more Dead.”

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  1. Lizz says:

    Awesome! We had so much fun on our TWD trip in May, that we’re going to make it a tradition and go every year! This means we’ll definitely be visiting again in 2014!

  2. Jerry says:

    I have a question maybe one of you guys can answer. question is , with them still shooting season 4 i am guessing that all of season 4 is already wrote, correct? Well what would happen if season 5 was never approved ? Would TWD get a real ending?

    • That’s a good question. I know last year they were doing small re-shoots into January, possibly February. With that in mind, if the show didn’t get picked up for another season, they’d have enough time to possibly reshoot some final scenes to give it some type of closure. However, with that short of notice, I doubt it would be acceptable to fans.

  3. That is great news! Stoked! Now, if I can only somehow get more access to the locations. Next year I’m going to push it, push it. Might even go for my SAG card and find a way on the show. Kill me right away. That’s okay. But it sure would be fun to be a part of television history.

    • By the way, they filmed in Grantville today. A source on the scene confirmed it. But I couldn’t get there. I’m jinxed. I tell you, it was the same with surfing. When I lived in California and perfect waves showed up, something got in the way. Jinxed, I tell you.

      Tomorrow I’ll probably head out to Grantville to try to get a peak and perhaps meet a few of the cast. Not an easy thing these days unless you are willing to fork over a truckload of bucks for the cons.

      • Good luck! I heard from a few people on Twitter who were in Grantville today. No pics though, which isn’t surprising. The only pic I saw was of the police cars blocking the roads in the area, but you could see some of the crew vehicles. I think a couple people saw Emily Kinney, but I don’t know who else was in the area.

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