Rick, Shane, and Randall Run Into Some Zombies

In the tenth episode of season two, “18 Miles Out”, Rick and Shane drive away from the farmhouse intending on dropping off an attacker from a previous episode, Randall, at a public works building. Once there, however, Rick and Shane begin to fight, Shane becomes trapped in a school bus, and Rick must come to his rescue.

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The location used in these scenes is located at the intersection of Rabun Street and Pimento Avenue in Griffin, GA. The location appears to be a commercial or industrial complex of some kind, home to American Tanning and Leather (among others it appears from the sign out front). The guardhouse and gate area look basically the same now as they did when they were filmed, though the sign on the street was changed to say “Mert County Department of Public Works”. It appears that the window Shane threw a wrench through, alerting the zombies inside the building, has either been removed completely or simply hasn’t been replaced since filming evidenced by the large piece of plywood still covering the opening.

It appears that almost every vehicle seen in the show was placed here by the production team. Because this is private property, we weren’t able to get inside the fenced in area to take more pictures but these show enough of the area to recognize from filming. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of this location in future episodes because the production team used a very small portion of the property for scenes in this episode.

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15 Responses to Rick, Shane, and Randall Run Into Some Zombies

  1. Fred Scheit says:

    Do you know if the school bus in this episode has been used in other episodes?

  2. Ross says:

    So cool you guys organized this site. I’m a native of Griffin now in San Francisco. I actually knew a guy who was one of the managers at this Pomona plant growing up. Really enjoying the show. Reminds me of my childhood, except maybe the zombie apocalypse part. Nice to be able to connect to the old hometown. Look forward to seeing more posts.

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  4. Sharleen Robinson says:

    The attention to detail in all episodes in tremendous, and whoever is doing the voice coaching needs an Oscar. I am a native Georgian and you guys have done a fantastic job getting all of our little nuances right. So, how did you miss the discrepancy with the lone walker in “18 Miles Out?” he was on Shane’s side of the car, walking in the same direction, when the car was driving out and again when they were driving back in.

  5. D says:

    Yeah…the place where they shot “18 Miles Out” my family business and property. Pretty interesting week to say the least. No, it is not deserted, either. The photos taken must have been on the weekend, when only a few of us are working, otherwise we are all here.

    • Thanks for the info, D. I’ve updated the post above. It was indeed a weekend when these pics were taken. I really meant to say that the property “looked” deserted, not that it actually was. I’ve changed my wording above thanks to the info you provided.

      It looks like quite a complex there. I’m curious if the production team will be returning to it next season.


  6. Eric says:

    The Mert County Department of Public Works scenes were shot at the original site of
    the old Pomona Products Company, a fruit & veg canning plant, which flourished in Griffin, GA for around 50 years. A huge success for Pomona Products early on was when they became the largest packer of pimentos in the entire world! You’ll notice that when Rick, Shane, and Randall tear out of the facility to get back to the farm, they are racing down Pimento Avenue past an old abandoned Mom & Pop grocery store on their left – that no doubt at one time sold many jars of yummy Sunshine brand pickled peaches also canned by Pomona.

  7. Daniel says:

    FYI, I just left there and it is in fact still occupied by American Tanning and Leather. The gate was open and there were about 15 or so cars there.

  8. bjorn joseph says:

    can someone plzzz email me the addresses for these places?? i drove down to senoia, ga today and spent 15 mins driving thru main street senoia.. but no luck…

  9. Daniel says:

    Very nice, you heat me to it! Lol. I plan on making a trip down there next week.

    BTW, this placed used to house a leather and tanning company. I believe they specialized in exotic(gator, etc.) leather goods.

    • I was worried about all the bad weather possibly keeping me from getting pics but it turned out to be a decent break while I was there.

      I saw the sign out front, and thought I had a picture of it actually, about it being a tanning company. Looked like there were a couple other businesses there as well. Big place for sure.

      The beginning of the episode, prior to the credits, shows the gate but it looks to me like they flipped the image for some reason because everything’s backward. It looks normal during the episode though.

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