Rick Sees A Reflection And Meets Some Zombies

In “Days Gone Bye”, as Rick is riding through Atlanta on horseback he hears something and sees a reflection in a nearby building.  Chasing the reflection he encounters some zombies and things go downhill from there.

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The building that Rick sees the reflection in is headquarters of Atlanta Spirit, LLC.  Atlanta Spirit owns the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise, the Atlanta Thrashers NHL franchise, and Philips Arena where both franchises play.

The intersection where Rick meets the zombies is the alleyway at the intersection of Walton St NW and Fairlie St NW in downtown Atlanta, one block from where the tank was located.

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8 Responses to Rick Sees A Reflection And Meets Some Zombies

  1. Mobile says:

    I had an office in one of those windows! Now I know why that Huey was flying around & all that commotion down near Southern Railway was happn’nin in 2010.

  2. RonJones says:


  3. Babs says:

    I thought the same thing @Dave

  4. Dave says:

    If it’s anything like it was in the graphic novels it may have been those people who crash it and are picked up by the Governor.

  5. DeeCee says:

    it’s cool that this was the event which lead up to the walkers onslaught of Herschel’s farm. Maybe one day we’ll get to see who was in that chopper? Ted Turner or maybe Tyler Perry?

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  7. TWD Locations says:

    Now that you mention it. :)

  8. HarleyBigDaddy says:

    Hey is that a zombie still on walking on that walton and fairlie pic!? LOL

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