Rick, Glenn, And The Zombie Walk

During the second episode, “Guts”, we see Rick and Glenn don some zombie innards in order to blend in with the zombie horde so they can reach the work zone and the box truck.

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As some may be able to tell already, this is the exact same road where Rick and Glenn perform their loading dock rescue moments later. There’s even a work zone at the far end of that street where Rick and Glenn found the box truck.

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  1. Lori says:

    The building used for the inside shots of the department store well the back of the store on Nelson Street is the alley where Rick and Glenn start walking with the Walkers covered in guts and you can see the cat walk where they arrive on top of the department store and enter from door in the roof

  2. Esther says:

    Very cool… Were they filming this super early in the morning? They must have shut down a big portion of the city for this.

    • I remember reading the filming notices in local papers when this was happening and they did indeed shut down many blocks of downtown for the filming. I still can’t believe they were able to get such a low noise level anywhere near downtown, closing parts of it down or not.

  3. JMYATT says:

    The Mitchell Street/Forsythe Street intersection was also used in the beginning scene of the horror movie Sleepaway Camp 3.

  4. elwood blues says:

    the Friedman’s shoe store was our zombie/walker ‘holding’ area…

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