Rick Finds A Few Zombies

As Rick comes into Atlanta itself we see some of the devastation on the streets around him.  Burned out buses and cars, military vehicles and barricades litter the streets.

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The production team didn’t have to do as much as one may think to the building behind Rick as he’s riding into town.  It appears today just as it did in when it was serving as a backdrop for Rick.

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Once you put that building to your back, you have a full view of the buses and cars that Rick saw amongst the buildings downtown.  On the right side of the street in the below locations photos there is a white van parked in the location of the burned out bus in the first episode.  The bus is also the first place we see “Buster”* (the zombie on the bus who gets up and seems to follow Rick through town).

These photos were taken from the intersection of Forsyth St. NW and Marietta St. NW in downtown Atlanta.

(*”Buster” is the name assigned to this zombie by the guys at The Walking Dead TV Podcast.)

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14 Responses to Rick Finds A Few Zombies

  1. Scott says:

    I got a chunk of that bus…….was working……season 1

  2. Julie says:

    I didn’t even notice it was a UGA bus! Rode them all the time in the early 80s. AWWWW!!!

  3. chopstitch says:

    I used to drive UGA buses and 210 was salvaged. It was also used in Zombieland.

    • Kerren says:

      Chopstitch, I used to drive for UGA Campus Transit as well. I am sure I drove 210 at one time or another. I am thinking it was an Orbit in the early ’90s. Do you recall?

  4. Atl. Native says:

    Hense. “Hense” the name. If you look at Atlanta Time Machine website, you’ll see lots of it tagged about Atlanta. I don’t know the name Banksy but I do know Hense.

  5. Tracey says:

    That ugly boarded up red building is the old building for The Atlanta Journal and Constitution. Margaret Mitchell worked there prior to writing Gone With The Wind.

    • Jeff says:

      I think the red brick building was an old utility building. Either Atlanta Gas (back in the day) or Georgia Power. The AJC building is the one that is nearby and fronts Marietta St

  6. P Marshall says:

    Holy crap I live on marietta street. Go to Georgia state, and i’m a film major. Pretty cool to see this.

  7. K Jones says:

    Definitely a UGA bus

  8. Reid Davis says:

    I love that “Hense” got a tag onscreen. Our very own Banksy.

  9. Alex says:

    The old UGA bus looked so out of place. It really bugged me seeing it inside the Perimeter.

    TWD Locations: They didn’t have to pull resources from Athens. UGA already switched their buses to the ugly model used by the Gwinnett County Transit Authority, so that bus was probably sitting in a salvage yard in Atlanta already.

  10. Bill says:

    The burned out bus that Rick rides past with Buster the Zombie seated inside is/was a University of Georgia campus transit bus. I’d know those things anywhere…probably rode on that one at some point.

    • TWD Locations says:

      Thanks for the response! I imagine they pulled resources from all over the area but even I was thinking, when watching, that that bus didn’t exactly look like your average MARTA bus. Makes sense why, now.

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