Rick Crosses The Rail Yard

On horseback, Rick comes into Atlanta over a rail yard bridge.

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As with many of the scenes shot in this part of downtown Atlanta, very little was required by the production team to make these locations show-ready.  The building seen in these shots is actually owned by Norfolk Southern though it’s no longer in use.  At one time this building had large HOLLYWOOD-style lettering across the top notifying train passengers of where they were, though the letters have since been removed.

This building was constructed in 1912, is 7 stories tall, houses nearly 175,000 square feet, and stretches nearly 2 city blocks.  The bridge we see Rick crossing is closed to all but foot traffic and you can see in the comparison shots how much fencing was removed to get this shot for the show. Rumor is this building is slated for demolition, though I was unable to find a verifiable source for this.

The rail yard under the bridge is still in use today and was the setting for later shots.  Screen captures and comparison shots of the rail yard here.

More information about this building can be found here and here.  The Norfolk Southern building is located on Spring St. near downtown Atlanta.

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9 Responses to Rick Crosses The Rail Yard

  1. rrpilot says:

    One thing to note, I worked for Norfolk Southern for many years, if you visit this place stay off RR property the railroad police are not friendly and Norfolk Southern has a policy of prosecuting all trespassers……

  2. terry says:

    This building is the former Southern Railway corporate headquarters. Just to the North was the site of Atlanta Terminal Station, a HUGE railroad passenger station. Demolished in 1972. I dont know if the building is going to be demolished or not, but it’s been vacant for a while, now owned by Norfolk Southern corp. They moved their corporate HQ to Roanoke, VA in the 80’s and to Norfolk, VA in the 1990’s.

    • niswon says:

      To correct and clarify (I am a current Norfolk Southern employee), this is one of our old derelict buildings.

      NS has 3 major office locations – Norfolk, VA (corporate HQ), Roanoke VA, and (still) Atlanta, GA – now located at 1200 Peachtree St NE.

      In Atlanta, NS used to occupy 3 separate buildings (2 owned and 1 leased). About 5 to 6 years ago, we purchased a building large enough to house most of our Atlanta-based office operations staff. The “Spring St” building, as it is known, is now left unused by NS. It is not current scheduled demolition, though NS is actively seeking buyers of the property.

      NS still uses the grounds from time to time for things such as employee appreciation cookouts. I nearly freaked out when I attended a cookout under the bridge and it dawned on me that I was sitting on a former set of the show.

      Also, as rrpilot points out below, NS employs an accredited police department. If they catch you trespassing, they will more than likely arrest you. They don’t play around with unauthorized people on their property. So if you’re a fan, please admire from a distance.

  3. Kerry says:

    My wife and I were leaving lunch one day headed home toward I-20 and were sitting at the red light across from this building ( the mitchell intersection from the picture ) and while sitting there noticed what appeared to be a car on fire, and the road being closed for some type of filming to our left. Without knowing what was going on a door opens on the Norfolk building and what had to have been over 100 zombies come walking across the street and around our car. CRAZIEST thing Ive ever seen. We had no idea what they were doing. I went home and did a little online searching and have been fans of the show ever sence. Great site, BTW.

    • Thanks Kerry! Great story. Not sure how I’d react seeing something like that and not knowing what was going on, though. Must’ve been an interesting experience.

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