Rick And Glenn Come To The Rescue

At the end of the second episode, “Guts”, we see Rick and Glenn come to the rescue of the survivors as Glenn leads the zombies away with the Challenger and Rick pulls the box truck up to the loading dock.

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The building where this scene was filmed is at the intersection of Mitchell St SW and Forsyth St SW in downtown Atlanta.  This intersection is about a block from the Norfolk Southern building featured in an earlier post as well as behind Glenn’s Challenger here.

In the skyline of these location shots, as well as the screen captures above if you look closely, you can see a gold-domed building.  This building is the Georgia State Capitol building.  The gold color you see isn’t the sun, the dome is actually plated in gold leaf mined from Dahlonega, GA, the site of the original United States gold rush. (Thanks jamiept for that trivia fact!)

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  1. Mary Alice Bray says:

    I used to work near there at Two Peachtree which is a state office building. A lot of the buildings have lofts above the street level where people actually live. However, I do agree that the area looks post-apocalyptic and they didn’t have to do much to get it ready for the shoot.

  2. R. Barry Green says:

    We dressed the sets in with loads of ready-made stuff. We used multitudes of trash-blankets (Dupont Weedfree with aged trash glued to it). That way, when they announce “That’s a Wrap” we can pick it up and toss it in a truck quickly and go home. We had several trailers of rusted out motorcycles, car doors, street lamp posts, fenders… you name it. Anything we could dress the streets out with.

  3. Tad says:

    I’m thinking all they had to do was blow in some loose paper, and that area was ready to shoot. It already looks post-apocalyptic.

  4. Tracey says:

    The scariest part is that these scenes are filmed in the scummiest parts of downtown Atlanta. You wouldn’t want to go walking thru there alone.

    • Unfortunately you have a good point. I wouldn’t feel all that comfortable in some of those parts of town alone, at least at night.

    • Alicia says:

      We went walking through the this past weekend and yes it’s a little sketchy but we had no problem what so ever. Never once did we feel scared and we walked from the alley where Rick first sees the walkers and the tank escape all the way to the Norfolk Southern where Merle was handcuffed at the top of the building. We even had people asking what we were looking for and how to get there. They could tell we were obviously looking for something cause we had our list of places to to. Everyone was just very nice helpful. Would not hesitate on goin back or telling people they need to go visit. But I not easily scared by things like that either.

  5. JASON says:

    Interesting fact: the 80s horror movie Sleepaway Camp 3, which was mainly shot in Waco Ga, filmed the opening scene in this same location. It was supposed to be New York City.

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