Photos From School Location (Newnan High School)

After Carl is accidentally shot in the season two premiere, Shane and Otis volunteer to head out in search of medical supplies so that Hershel can perform surgery on Carl.  They encounter some zombies at the site and distract them to get into the medical trailer, retrieve the supplies, then have to fight their way out again.  In the end, Shane shoots Otis in order to save himself and returns to Hershel’s farm with the medical supplies.

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As we’ve posted before, these scenes were filmed at Newnan High School in Newnan, Georgia. Some of the scenes were shot during the day but many were filmed during the night with shooting lasting several days.

The campus of Newnan High School is rather large and seemingly gave the production team many choices of shooting locations.  The part of the building Shane and Otis shot their way into is actually the library, though in reality it doesn’t appear to be physically connected to the building Shane was shown jumping, or falling, out of.  The bushes on the ground where Shane lands appear to have been removed as well.  Looking at the photos of how high that window really is, it’s easy to see how Shane injured his ankle in the fall.

Though the large “N” within the circle, seen in the photos below, was changed to a “C” for filming, many nods to the Newnan High School were left in place such as the word “Cougars” seen on several banners in the gym during the indoor scenes.

The final photo below shows where Shane and Otis would have entered the campus upon leaving the trailer and how close it actually is to where we see Shane walking away after shooting Otis.

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6 Responses to Photos From School Location (Newnan High School)

  1. Elex says:

    what is the name of this episode? i need to check it out since i attend newnan

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  3. Bobbie says:

    I’m interested on how you got pictures so close? A large zoom lens? Also Friday in Grantville. They made me up my camera away. Plus they kept telling us to move to another place for a better view, and if we had stayed where we had been we could have seen stuff. No zombies. I did see three of the actors walking around. But the police kept moving us, and telling “fibs” about the best spots. Still enjoyed the day.

    • Of the high school? I just pulled into the parking lot, but this was well after filming was over. I actually didn’t make it up there until it was seen on the show. I knew they were filming up there but I didn’t know exactly where and wanted to find out what they were going to show before taking pictures. It’s a big campus and I didn’t want to take a bunch of pics of stuff they didn’t show on TV.

      I had heard things were pretty hard to see in Grantville. I have a few pictures from locals there, as well as some folks who went to see filming, which I may post in the near future. Not sure if the folks who sent the pics want them shared or not so I have to find out first.

  4. Doug Whitmoyer says:

    Not sure if anyone cares but, the parking lot where the FEMA camp was set up is to the left of the icon. It is the parking lot at the corner of Boone/Waterworks and LaGrange Street. My son attends Newnan HS and I drive past here several times a week. I actually drove by the day they were filming. Did not see any actors but the scene was set up with vehicles, etc. It was actually before I had even started watching the show so, regretfully, I didn’t even stop to check it out.

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