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This photo sharing update comes to us courtesy of Laci Brewer.  Laci is a photography student who made a trip to Georgia recently to get some photos of as many filming locations as she could fit into a day’s drive.  She was able to get to quite a few locations and as you’ll see in the photos, had some beautiful Georgia spring weather to accompany her.  She was able to visit locations around Newnan, including Newnan High School,  the daycare Maggie and Daryl visit, and the “arena” location.  She also travelled down to Grantville, the location of season two’s “Clear”, as well as Senoia.

Laci has graciously allowed me to share this rather large photo set with fellow fans, as well as a story from the owner of one of the buildings in Grantville that has an interesting history, as told by the owner, Bill Brooks, and one that fans of the movie Lawless will also enjoy:

Him and his wife bought the building 30 something years ago and moved into it when they were first starting out.  He told us he’d been wanting to sell it for a numerous amount of years and that he just couldn’t let go of it. He got a call a couple of years ago from a guy that wanted to rent it out for the production of a movie. Come to find out, the movie was “Lawless.”  He said next thing he new he was standing face to face with some big wig actors. And someone mention how he should try out for casting call just to see what happened so he did. He showed up expecting nothing and left he got a call back and just like that he was on the set working just like that. They thought it would be cool for him to be in the movie since he owned the building. He wasn’t credited but still. He said his hands were one of them that blew up the distillery around the end of the movie. Later on he got another call and then found himself face to face with the producer Robert Kirkman and the entire “Walking Dead” cast then he was a extra on that too, along with them using his building in the episode when they found Morgan.

One of the things I enjoyed about Laci’s photographs is the use of black and white, my favorite form of photography. Fans of The Walking Dead comic can also appreciate why pictures of some of these sites in black and white is enjoyable.Thank you, Laci, for sharing these photos and allowing me to also share them with fellow fans.  For anyone looking for more information about Laci’s photography, please check out her Facebook page here at Lady Brew Photography.

(Click images to enlarge)

 photo LBPDSC_1325.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1332.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1334.jpg

 photo LBPDSC_1340.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1344.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1350.jpg

 photo LBPDSC_1351.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1352.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1353.jpg

 photo LBPDSC_1354.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1357.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1361.jpg

 photo LBPDSC_1362.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1367.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1370.jpg

 photo LBPDSC_1370-2.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1377-2.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1377.jpg

 photo LBPDSC_1383.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1384.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1385.jpg

 photo LBPDSC_1389.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1390.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1391.jpg

 photo LBPDSC_1391-2.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1393.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1396.jpg

 photo LBPDSC_1398.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1399.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1405.jpg

 photo LBPDSC_1406.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1429.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1448.jpg

 photo LBPDSC_1449.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1451.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1455.jpg

 photo LBPDSC_1455-2.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1464.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1464-2.jpg

 photo LBPDSC_1473.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1481.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1483.jpg

 photo LBPDSC_1483-2.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1484.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1484-2.jpg

 photo LBPDSC_1485.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1493.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1499.jpg

 photo LBPDSC_1506.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1511.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1516.jpg

 photo LBPDSC_1517.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1522.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1523.jpg

 photo LBPDSC_1528.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1532.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1536.jpg

 photo LBPDSC_1540.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1545.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1547.jpg

 photo LBPDSC_1552.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1555.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1556.jpg

 photo LBPDSC_1559.jpg  photo LBPDSC_1564.jpg

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11 Responses to Photo Sharing – Lady Brew Photography

  1. Each picture I see, I feel as if I were inside the The Walking Dead….Looking these pictures and see that the real characters have been there it’s amazing…Congratulations Mrs.Brewer…and keep going taking these amazing pictures.. 😀

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  3. Peggy says:

    You pictures are fantastic

  4. aunt dee says:

    Great job laci… make us proud!!!!!

  5. Casey Florig says:

    Great pictures! I love the different angles and closeups. I try to capture different shots like that myself. Great job on the color too, the skies really pop.

    • laci brewer says:

      thank you! i love love love my career!! i was so happy that the weather was as nice as it was. we def. go lucky!

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