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In this final photo sharing update for the week, I have some photos of Terminus which were sent in by Chad Floyd and Josh Cummings. Again, the letters for Terminus were still covered in these photos but have since been uncovered and there are tents set up on the property as well as props put back in place.

Thank you Chad and Josh for sending in these photos and allowing me to share them.

(Click images to enlarge)

    Chad’s Photos:

 photo CF_Terminus001.jpg  photo CF_Terminus002.jpg  photo CF_Terminus003.jpg

 photo CF_Terminus004.jpg  photo CF_Terminus005.jpg  photo CF_Terminus006.jpg

 photo CF_Terminus007.jpg  photo CF_Terminus008.jpg  photo CF_Terminus009.jpg

 photo CF_Terminus010.jpg  photo CF_Terminus011.jpg

    Josh’s Photos:

 photo JCTerminus001.jpg  photo JCTerminus002.jpg  photo JCTerminus003.jpg

 photo JCTerminus004.jpg  photo JCTerminus005.jpg

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56 Responses to Photo Sharing (64)

  1. Kelli says:

    Does anyone know the location of the “Bob-B-Que”??

  2. andym3 says:

    hey guys. I will be flying into Atlanta later this month and was trying to find out where the church that was used in season 5 is. Can anyone help?

  3. Roxanne says:

    Where is terminus located? Senoia?

  4. Kris says:

    They are shooting off of Gilmer 8/4 tomorrow-saw trucks & crew at capital today. There is a parking garage they will shoot at tomorrow. Barriers are all set out for road blocking tomorrow.

  5. Sharon says:

    Do you know where they may be at around August 8-10-2014?Would love to see them filming.Thanks Sharon

    • Alex says:

      If you join the facebook group walking dead fans/stalkers they post the filming locations that are given to the area’s.

      • Nates Mom says:

        We are in town to visit my son in the military and have limited time in town to see TWD sites. Which are the best ?

  6. Jeremy says:

    Are they tapping tomorro??

  7. Amy says:

    My daughter and I will be in the Atlanta area from July 25-30 from the Chicago area. Anyone know if/where they will be shooting that time (or if there is a reliable website with scheduling/shooting info)? If we can’t hunt down a live shoot, which sites do you advise visiting?

  8. TolerancE says:

    It’s at the end of Doane St.

    • Mary Landers says:

      Where is Doane St. I live in Kennesaw and my son would love to see the place where they are shooting. It is 7/12/14. Do you know where that is?

  9. Angelica Marchionne says:

    Does anyone know where filming will be over the next few weeks 7-10-26

  10. Amanda says:

    Are these in senoia?

    • Dani says:

      Not in Senoia. It is very close to downtown Atlanta – Mechanicsville
      If you go to our Google map the exact address is: @33.731549,-84.398196 or just look for a green arrow in south Atlanta.

  11. sherry says:

    I am driving past Atlanta right now and would like to know the best place to stop, on the way south planning on driving 85south!!

  12. Neka says:

    Any9one have any idea where they will be filming next week? If at all….

  13. b says:

    There in Griffin Ga starting tomorrow June 20th for the day

  14. Hi Everyone! We will be in Atlanta around June 30 and July 1st where can I find out their location? Where do you guys find this information! I would love to share somen pictures back home in California with my high school students! love this show!

    • Matt says:

      There is a sign that says they will be filming on Rock House road between Crawford Road and Old GA 85 on 6/27 and 6/30. I saw a tweet on an earlier thread on this conversation that said they would be at this location on 6/23 and 6/24, but when I went there today (6/24), nobody was there! I asked the attendant there who was monitoring the equipment tent on a side road, and he said they were supposed to be there, but no one came…and they hadn’t heard otherwise. Good luck to ya!

  15. sylvia alvarez says:

    Please can someone let me know where the filming will be at what location: inside of Georgia as me and my family prepare to take a vacation and go up there

    • Dani says:

      They are in Newnan today 6/16. I have heard they will be in Griffin on 6/20/14

      • liz says:

        Where? We are in Newnan right now!!! I hear they will be blocking off Selt Rd at Old Hospital Road from 7am-5pm tomorrow 6/17…anyone have any insight?

        • Dani says:

          That is it!

          • liz says:

            cool…we will see what we can

          • liz says:

            We went to the hospital location in Newnan today, fairly early–around 12 noon. The roads are not blocked off, so gaining access right across the street was a snap. We tried to drive into the fenced in area but were turned away by a not-too-friendly guard. Did not see any action outside, though. The windows are all blocked out in the old hospital, and there is a huge tent erected next to the building. I think there may be crew members staying at our motel–lots of unmarked white vans and SUV’s that roll in at night and leave in the morning.

      • georgia says:

        Where on the 20th? Were in griffin this would be really cool to see

  16. I stopped at Terminus last week and it was AMAZING. They are done filming, and you can get really close to everything. Especially the back side with the train car. You can walk right up to the fence and practically touch the car. It was awesome. Seeing that was more impressive to me than the front of Terminus. I would highly recommend checking it out. It’s well worth it. Just be courteous of the neighborhood.

  17. Bob Caffrey says:

    Anyone know the filming locations coming up? My wife and I would love to see the sets.

  18. Hillary says:

    Are they finished filming completely? If not do u know where they will be filming in about a week?

    • Dani says:

      They won’t be finished filming season 5 until at least November (if they follow the same schedule as previous seasons).

      • Hillary says:

        Season 5 premiers in October so how is that possible?

        • Fred Scheit says:

          The filming of S05 began in May, so there will already be early episodes “in the can” that will be aired commencing in October.

        • michael says:

          It is true. We live in the area. They even brought them back in December to do another scene or add a scene. It was the part where Rick was having flash backs to Herschel teaching about farming.

          So basically, things filmed in October and November will be towards the end of season 5.

  19. vickie says:

    where are they filming on 6-7-2014?

  20. savannah says:

    where is this located?

  21. KEN says:


    • Unfortunately, they have finished filming at Terminus. I was there this past weekend, and the letters have all been painted over. I checked with the guard out front, and he said that they have finished filming, and they are in the process of cleaning up. I would love to have gotten some pictures with the Terminus letters in the background, but alas, that will never happen :(

      • Dani says:

        Wow, that seems fast. At least they didn’t drag it out for an entire season though! Thanks for the info!

  22. The closeup picture of the train was taken with a “high” zoom. I was zoomed out to 300mm on a Nikon D200 camera. With the 1.5x crop of the DX frames, that makes it about a 450mm zoom. I was actually standing pretty much underneath the Atlanta Motor Shop sign seen above, and was trying to shoot through the chain link fencing. I actually met someone there that day that let me borrow his 55-300mm zoom lens, so I was able to get this close as my furthest zoom only goes to 210mm.

    Me and the family are going to be going back down this way next weekend and will try to go by to see if we can get some more pictures. That is if they are still filming at that point.

    Thanks for posting these. Happy to share!

  23. Wascar Santos says:

    HMMMMM before taping this season awesome

  24. Cooll, how did u get a real close up of the box car? Plus what street ist it on or near, can you walk up to parts of the place? Or is your camera have a high zoom?

    • Peggy Bolton says:

      I dont remember the street name but there is a fence around the whole place. But the rail car with the letter A is right next to the fence. When we were there we saw people go under the fence and walked around. I guess it just depends if you want to risk the trespassing charge.

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