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I’m back again this morning with some more great fan photos sent in of the Terminus location as well as some photos from Senoia, GA. These photos of the Terminus location, as with the others I’ve posted this week, were sent in prior to filming beginning for season five and that’s why the location appears be unused at the time of the photos.

Today’s photos were sent in by Bridgette P and Jonathan Sanchez. Jonathan and his family, along with sending in some photos of Terminus, also sent in some photos from a day spent in Senoia, GA (which served as Woodbury on The Walking Dead) including photos from The Woodbury Shoppe where many of the older props used on the show are now on display. If you’re planning a trip to the area, I highly recommend stopping in Senoia and visiting the store.

Thank you Bridgette and Jonathan for sending in your photos and allowing me to share them with fellow fans.

(Click images to enlarge)

    Bridgette’s Photos:

 photo BP_Terminus001.jpg  photo BP_Terminus002.jpg  photo BP_Terminus003.jpg

    Jonathan’s Photos:

 photo JS_image.jpeg  photo JS_image_1.jpeg  photo JS_image_2.jpeg

 photo JS_image_3.jpeg  photo JS_image_4.jpeg  photo JS_image_5.jpeg

 photo JS_image_6.jpeg  photo JS_image_7.jpeg  photo JS_image_8.jpeg

 photo JS_image_9.jpeg

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7 Responses to Photo Sharing (63)

  1. Amy says:

    Why cant I find Terminus? I’m in Newnan, Georgia right now. please help?

  2. JAZ says:

    Thanks! I will be visiting Atlanta and visiting walking dead locations just wondering if i should pay to go on a tour or take time and go on my own.

  3. JAZ says:

    can anyone visit the prison? or are these guided tours?

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