Photo Sharing (62)

Today’s photo sharing update includes some more photos of the Terminus location. For those who may still not know its location, I have it marked here on the TWDL Google Map. The cast and crew are back in town filming here but security is very tight from what I have heard from fans who have tried to visit. That being said, a few lucky fans have been able to meet a couple of the cast members once filming has wrapped for the day.

These photos were sent in by Jennifer, Alex, and Brandon. Thank you all for sharing your photos with me and allowing me to share them on the site.

(Click images to enlarge)

    Jennifer’s Photos:

 photo JF_terminus1.jpg  photo JF_terminus2.jpg  photo JF_terminus3.jpg

    Alex’s Photos:

 photo AF_Terminus001.jpg  photo AF_Terminus002.jpg  photo AF_Terminus003.jpg

 photo AF_Terminus004.jpg  photo AF_Terminus005.jpg  photo AF_Terminus006.jpg

    Brandon’s Photos:

 photo BF_Terminus001.jpg  photo BF_Terminus002.jpg  photo BF_Terminus003.jpg

 photo BF_Terminus004.jpg

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3 Responses to Photo Sharing (62)

  1. mariana says:

    cual es la direccion de Terminus diganme porfavor

  2. Casey says:

    When were these photos taken? I have some where the letters of Terminus are visible that were taken on May 4th.

  3. Wascar Santos says:

    Awesome pictures can not get any better than that

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