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Today’s photo sharing update includes some photos from some of the more easily identified locations from the second half of season four of AMC’s The Walking Dead. These photos were sent in by a fellow fan, whom I can only credit as MRB1967, and includes the coal tower seen near the railroad tracks in episode fifteen, “Us”, as well as the Terminus location seen at the end of that episode as well as the season finale.

Also included are locations seen in episode thirteen, “Alone”, including the railroad tracks where Bob and Sasha part ways as well as the building Sasha enters after they split where she discovers Maggie lying in the parking lot below, which were filmed in Newnan, GA.

Thank you for sending in these photos and allowing me to share them with fellow fans, and for the accompanying screen captures for comparison purposes.

(Click images to enlarge)

 photo MRB1967_001.jpeg  photo MRB1967_001SC.png  photo MRB1967_002.jpeg

 photo MRB1967_002SC.png  photo MRB1967_003.jpeg  photo MRB1967_004.jpeg

 photo MRB1967_004SC.png  photo MRB1967_005.jpeg  photo MRB1967_005SC.png

 photo MRB1967_006.jpeg  photo MRB1967_007.jpeg  photo MRB1967_008.jpeg

 photo MRB1967_008SC.png  photo MRB1967_009.jpeg

I thought it would be easier to put all of the Terminus location photos together below:

 photo MRB1967_Terminus001.jpg  photo MRB1967_Terminus002.jpg  photo MRB1967_Terminus003.jpg

 photo MRB1967_Terminus004.jpg  photo MRB1967_Terminus005.jpg  photo MRB1967_Terminus006.jpg

 photo MRB1967_Terminus007.jpg  photo MRB1967_Terminus008.jpg  photo MRB1967_Terminus009.jpg

 photo MRB1967_Terminus010.jpg  photo MRB1967_Terminus011.jpg  photo MRB1967_Terminus012.jpg

 photo MRB1967_Terminus013.jpg  photo MRB1967_Terminus014.jpg  photo MRB1967_Terminus015.jpg

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7 Responses to Photo Sharing (61)

  1. RH says:

    The coal tower is located on Shedden Avenue in Raymond GA

  2. Alicia says:

    I agree as well. We went today and explored around and you could tell things at been going on at Terminus but you could also tell they hadn’t been there. There is one side that is obviously easy to get in from because there is obsolutely nothing stopping you but it’s still nice and fun to go and see sites and would not want that to ruined.

  3. Diane says:

    Two of those must be screen shots from the video since they show the characters.
    We plan on going to Newnan one weekend. It’s not far from us at all.

  4. JoanaL says:

    I enjoy the pics but in all honesty you guys shouldn’t be going on the property. There are signs posted saying it is private. If we as fans, keep on doing this they are going to eventually start blocking off everything and we won’t be able to get any pics or anything. So please respect the signs. We were there this weekend and the gates were wide open and I did not go inside. They were also setting up to start shooting.

    • Hope says:

      I agree with you! One of my cousins was one of the police officers there last season and he said it’s gotten to the point where they will start putting up walls so you can’t see anything where they film and he also said crew members are starting to find out who is leaking out spoilers from the show and a few of them happen to know a crew member or cast member and fans who have gotten on the properties during filming that is how things are being leaked.

  5. karen says:

    Where is the coal tower located?

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