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Continuing with the Beth and Daryl theme from the last post, in season four’s thirteenth episode, “Alone”, Beth and Daryl come across what appears to be a funeral home next to a cemetery and decide to use the location as a place for them to rest for a bit.

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(Note: The above image is property of AMC Studios and is posted here for comparison purposes only.)

As I’ve mentioned in the past, one of the reasons I enjoy sharing the filming locations for AMC’s The Walking Dead is because I enjoy learning the history behind as many of the locations as possible. I do a lot of driving for my work and I see a lot of old, sometimes very run down, sites in the countryside and wonder what their story is. Because of that, I love it when a fellow fan of the show has a personal connection with the locations used and is willing to not only share that with me, but allow me to share it with all of you.

A perfect example is the following information and pictures I received from Lisa who lived the house, seen in this episode, as a child. Rather than trying to relay her story through my own interpretation, I’ll just copy her comments, and the comments of her mother, here below the photos.

As with many of the locations used in the show, this is a private residence. While visiting and taking photos from the public roads is usually not a problem, I ask that fellow fans use discretion when visiting locations like this and treat it as you would expect someone to treat your private residence.

Enjoy, and thank you Lisa for sharing your photos and the story of this house with me and other The Walking Dead fans.

 photo LR_Grantville001.jpg  photo LR_Grantville002.jpg

From Lisa’s email:

You may already have this information but I thought I would let you know that part of last night’s episode was filmed at 26 Magnolia Lane in Grantville Ga. The “Funeral Home” was a house that I lived in as a child. I have photos from the time we lived there.

The cemetery was digitally added. That side yard is a wide open space with several Magnolia trees next to the road. The house is huge and sits on a three acre lot. Unfortunately, they didn’t use much of the house to film. The “embalming room” looks like it was the basement in the house. When we lived there, it was unfinished and had red clay floors. The kitchen scenes were indeed filmed in the kitchen. It is away from the main house only connected by a breezeway. It’s funny because it appears that the flooring and cabinetry is the same as it was when I lived there in the late 70’s. The scene where Beth is playing the piano and Darryl is lying in the coffin looks to be the dining room to the left of the foyer. It is normally a nice large bright place with huge windows but since everything was “boarded up”, it felt much smaller.

I have attached another picture that shows the house in the episode. The picture in the frame is one taken by my Dad around 1976.

I also thought you would enjoy a little information provided by my Mom:

House had a great history. When we first moved in .. people would come by . some walk right in through front door and ask for a tour. If they looked okay I would accommodate them. One lady in her 80s said when the train ran from Atlanta through Grantville she and her mother would come visit the people who lived in the house at that time.. I think it was the original owners who built it .. the Zoellers. For a few years it was an art school before the mill owner David Banks bought it and lived in for 50 years. Remember the stuff we found when renovating .. the old coke bottles.. silver spoons .. a bust of some Art Nouveaux period piece .. the unopened gas masks from WWII in the attic . .and other things. .including the old millstone that we unearthed and used in the garden. The flowers .. every single kind of native Georgia plant was on that 3 acres. Pear trees.. pecan etc. Someone asked my mom how much help I had taking care of it . and she said.. help . she does it herself .. it was easy to care for .. lots of storage space .. LOTS of storage space so no clutter. Lovely house .. truly.

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5 Responses to Photo Sharing (60)

  1. Lisa Rich says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I am grinning from ear to ear right now. This was a very special place to me during the years I lived there. I remember the Sesquicentennial celebration in Grantville around 1976. We had so many people from the area visit during this time. To see the house in the WD episode was an absolute thrill to me. Darryl and Beth, I watched John Belushi on Saturday Night Live in that very same kitchen. And the cabinets haven’t changed in 40 years. :)

  2. Laaanderus says:

    that’s pretty badass, to see a house you grew up in featured in something you enjoy watching. Nice.

  3. Matt says:

    When I went on location last year, they made sure plenty of security was around and roads were blocked off – just enough to keep you really far away from anything you could see. Good luck and report back if you see anything.

  4. Josh says:

    Ok so I am debating on driving to Atlanta Friday to see Terminus again now that their filming… Does anyone know how close you are allowed to get while their filming?

    • JoanaL says:

      We were there this past weekend and they were getting ready to film, they started yesterday. My understanding is they don’t film on weekends unless they need to reshoot a scene. You can’t get very close because I saw the signs they put up and they close off pretty much all the roads. It’s worth taking a look if you don’t have to drive to far.

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