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In the fifteenth episode of season four, “Us”, Glenn, Maggie and the rest of the group they are traveling with finally reach the location of Terminus, which they have been searching for while following the railroad tracks for some time.

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S04E15_Terminus002 S04E15_Terminus001

(Note: The above image is property of AMC Studios and is posted here for comparison purposes only.)

Before I begin the pictures, I have to warn potential sightseers that this location is, as far as I know, still owned by Norfolk-Southern Railroad which makes it private property.  I’ve also been told that new fencing and gates have recently been added at the property, most likely to keep people out.  The location is viewable from the public roads nearby but I would warn against trying to enter the property.

That said, for any fans who haven’t seen it yet, I’ve marked the location of these scenes on the Walking Dead Locations Google Map.  It is the Atlanta Motor Shop in Mechanicsville, GA, which is basically downtown Atlanta.  A commenter on a previous post also mentioned that this location is, or was, called the Southern Railroad Pegram Shops.

Luckily I’ve had several fans send in some photos of this location.  First off are some photos from Dustin Grau, who has sent in photos of locations in the past.

Terminus - Ext Comp Terminus - Int Comp






Dustin has more photos of this and other southern railroad facilities in albums here and here.  If you enjoy photographs of these types of places as much as I do, make sure to check them out.

Dustin also sent in some history about the location which I, personally, enjoy a lot.  The history of many of these locations is partially the motivation behind the creation of this site.

The grassy, overgrown area in the front is the remains of an old train roundhouse where they would turn the cars before rolling them into the shop. The front building (with the TERMINUS letters) is the main shop where cars would be loaded over large pits for workers to access underneath. Several cranes and other scaffolding was last seen in there, but no real equipment otherwise. The route that the actors took was the main path between the buildings, which opens up into a small courtyard (Mary and the BBQ grill). To the left of that area is the entrance to the machine shop and old painting stations, which runs the length of the property along the tracks. Behind Mary’s position was one of many connected warehouses that were mostly empty, though some contained remnants of machinery or goods from the neighboring business.

Dustin was also able to send along this information after searching for the aforementioned Southern Railroad Pegram Shops:

This is the roundhouse and turntable at the Southern Railway Pegram Shops. It was originally a steam shop (called South Shops) and was used as a diesel shop into the 1990’s. Only a few stalls remain of the roundhouse, these were used as shower/locker areas and a small training center until the facility was closed. The turntable was intact until a couple of years ago. I had heard that they were moving it to Chattanooga, but don’t know for sure. The entire complex is still owned by NS, and is currently leased to a coiled steel company. The steel company only uses the backshop area, as far as I can tell, so many of the other buildings are beginning to fall into disrepair.


Norfolk Southern Corp. has donated signs, shop tools and furnishings from Pegram Shops in Atlanta for use in future museum exhibits. Pegram was closed in 1999 as Norfolk Southern consolidated maintenance operations throughout the system. Two of the buildings in the historic steam and diesel locomotive facility date back to the early 1880s when the shops were operated by the East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railroad. A roundhouse and turntable accompanied these buildings. During that time, smoke from Pegram and other industries centered around Windsor and Love streets in south Atlanta causing the area to be called “Pittsburgh.” Southern Railway initially called the facility South Shops, later renaming it Pegram in honor of retired vice president Robert B. Pegram. During 1925, a new 120,000 square foot locomotive repair shop was built by Southern Railway, and the original buildings eventually became the motor shop, and were still in use as such when the facility was closed.


Next up are a couple of photos sent in by Kasey Morr.  For those who may not know, whenever the crew is finished with a location they do their best to return the property to the same condition it was in prior to filming, or better.  In Kasey’s photos the letters for “Terminus” are simply covered rather than removed leading me to believe they are going to use this location again, at least somewhat, for season five filming.

image (1) image






Finally, here are some pictures from Billy Kennedy who happened to be in the area and grabbed some photos.  Again in Billy’s photos you can see that “Terminus” is simply covered rather than removed.

Terminus2 Terminus3 Terminus4 Terminus5 Terminus6









I’d like to thank everyone who has sent in pictures of, and historical information about, this location.  From all appearances, it is definitely a place to keep an eye on come April and the beginning of filming for season five.

If you have any photos of this location or further historical information, please feel free to email them.

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47 Responses to Photo Sharing (58) – Terminus

  1. jason says:

    I’m in Atlanta now. So is terminus in macon or atlanta

    • Fred Scheit says:

      It’s in Atlanta. Check out The Walking Dead Television Show Filming Locations Google Map, link on this page in right-hand column.

    • Mike says:

      Type “pittman park, Atlanta” in your gps. You can’t miss it once you get there.

    • Pops says:

      Terminus (1839) was the first name of Atlanta. It was called “Terminus” after the Western & Atlantic Railroad had set a zero-milepost for a new railroad to the central and western states. This settlement was formally incorporated as “Marthasville” in 1843 and again in 1845 as “Atlanta.” The area from “Zero-Milepost to the WD location of Terminus was the area focused on in “Gone with the Wind” for the burning of Atlanta and the medical triage/amputation battlefield hospital (1864). – Pops

  2. Alicia says:

    We were there just this past Saturday and enjoyed every second of it. Plan on going back the second weekend in August. Everything that we were able to see that day was pretty easy to find. We were actually on streets where house were they used and didn’t realize it till the next day. Terminus was empty but train car a was still there so that was cool. The letter were no longer on the windows unless they just had them covered up. The other side of The building you could easily get into if you wanted to take that chance because there was just 2 fence panels up with nothing keeping you out. Yes it is in downtown and yes it is in the hood but not once did we feel uncomfortable or not welcome. If any of you have not been yet to see any locations of filming I advise you to because it is a cool experience. I can’t wait to go back. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I do have pics but not sure how to get them on here.

  3. Mike says:

    We went to terminus today. .. tried to find a way in to catch a glimpse of something, anything. Security is now guarding the grounds and told us that filming is going on and we were not allowed anywhere near the building. We drove up the hill to Pittman park, that is the best place to get a picture of the writing “terminus” painted on the building. We parked and attempted to get a close up but, they have put huge box cars along the fence blocking the view along with razor wire in some areas. We made our way to ira street, which is the closest to the set, it is a dead end small street, it also has the razor wire by the tracks. We weren’t able to get a good picture due to the box cars. The grounds are also still active with workers and box cars going up and down the tracks. We were happy just to get a glimpse of terminus but you always want more…… you can see where people have been sneaking in with all the trails and holes cut in the fence..we wasn’t brave enough to try and sneak in, to many workers and active trains moving around. All in all it was cool to see. Note:the people of that neighborhood are not to thrilled to see us fans!

  4. Starla says:

    I know they have already started filming on Monday and have seen pics with fans already. We wanted to drive down again this coming Monday but it takes several hours to get there. Does anybody have a clue where they are or will be? I don’t want to miss them again!! Any help would be appreciated :)

    • Mike says:

      There’s a lot of security and activity going on at the “terminus” location. Watched them bring in props and stuff today as we tried to get pics.. We went to Senoia as well, the word on the street by the locals is that they will be filming more scenes from there soon too.

  5. Nichole says:

    Can someone please tell me the location of where Daryl collapsed next to the tracks after Beth was taken?

  6. Jalita says:

    This Summer, early June, we are going on a road trip to FL and I really really want to make a stop to check out a filming spot…. I would hate to drive out of our way to see Terminus and not be able to see anything… do you think we can? I don’t even really care if they are filming at the time, I would just like to see the location…although the possibility of catching a cast member is cool. Also, is that area a busy/crowded area? Im wondering if we should just opt for Senioa…. seems like a safer bet.

  7. Rick J says:

    We are stopping on our way to florida this weekend. Any suggestions on where to stay, we need a pet friendly place traveling with a small dog.

  8. Dawn Peel says:

    Does anyone know if they are filming between Jackson and Monticello, GA? I went through there going to and from a meeting. They were filming something but I couldn’t tell if it was TWD or something else.

    • Not sure if anything is going on over there, but I do know that something is being filmed in Grantville, GA. I was there this past weekend and saw some film related lights. Turns out it’s for a movie called Term Life staring Vince Vaughn. How knows, they may be related.

  9. OK, here it goes. My son and I have been planning a trip Georgia to visit TWD locations for more than a year now. We would like to go when filming is underway. The problem is, we often read posts such as… “rude security guard turned us away,” or “signs everywhere that read: Keep Out!” I completely understand the need to keep overzealous fans at bay, but I get a feeling that TWD officials couldn’t care less about TWD fans. I just wish while filming, they would set up a place where fans could gather near filming locations (where we’re not in the way) so we could wait and possibly see cast members and maybe even get an autograph or photo. Most sporting events have places like this. Aren’t we the ones making the show such a success? I can’t tell you how much TWD stuff I have purchased for my son. We have all seasons (1-3) of the show on Blu-Ray. I don’t want TWD to break their backs for us, just maybe throw us some crumbs once in a while. I am waiting to come spend my hard-earned money in the area and on more TWD stuff. I wish they would help me do this! Does anyone know when filming starts? Thank you, I feel better now. LOL

    • Dani says:

      I understand your frustration. The sets are closed, some people get lucky and meet a cast member and some wait all day to see security guards. With the popularity of the show increasing they are very hush hush about locations to protect the show. They will be filming from now until probably November if they follow previous season’s schedule. If you want to meet one of them, the only guarantee would be to attend a con. There are plenty of locations to see and it will be a fun trip. You will love Senoia, Grantville etc and if you can, I would do the Atlanta Movie Tours Big Zombie tour.

    • Reck Grah-eems says:

      Check out Walker Stalker con for celeb appearances. I’m going to the one in Boston in June. The only other ones coming around are in Atlanta, San Francisco and Chicago.

  10. csmartin says:

    Went to Terminus and Rick’s house today. Terminus is still covered up(the letters). As I went around to where the rail car is, 2 security guards were standing near stating that no pics could be taken. A gentleman and I walked down to the entrance which looks just like where the BBQ was happening and took pics there. If you go around, there are open areas but did not try to enter. Homeowners around questioned what we were doing. Just told them the truth and gentleman said, “That’s fine.” Can’t really blame them. Rick’s house has someone living there and didn’t try to go to the door. Walked up a step to take a look at what Rick saw. Today it would have been a bunch of people going to Grant’s Park and the zoo. It was pretty cool though.

    • Sonyia says:

      Was the security guards nice and did they tell you to leave?? I’m planning a trip down there on Thursday to visit some locations with my kids.

    • Cruzinfree says:

      Hi csmartin, I might have been the other guy vising terminus the same day you were there. It’s too bad they don’t allow tours. I’m sure they could make some serious money charging admissions. The area is not the best of places. The one neighbor who asked us what we were doing when we were on the backside of the buildings probably thought we were law enforcement. All in all, the production team is selecting some real cool sites that fit in nicely with the storyline.

      • Fred Scheit says:

        I’m sure something could be done to utilize some of TWD location sites, and make a few bucks in the process.

        For example:

        Terminus (if safe enough) for TWD-themed paintballing?

        Oaks Inn, Newnan – cheap overnight accommodation for visitors?

        Entrepreneurs, where are you?

  11. Mark says:

    Can someone point out on the map where Rick, Michonne, Carl, & Daryl climbed the fence? Also, does someone know where they filmed the scenes prior to climbing the fence? Those scenes seem to have a more wooded look to them than what can be seen from satellite around the location.

  12. charles bishop says:

    we going AG soon we want see where they film the dead

  13. Cory says:

    If anyone wants to have a fun filled day just go to a Braves game and then go just a few blocks away and see terminus. That’s what I did tonight. It’s really easy to find.

  14. Lynne says:

    I went to Terminus yesterday, and it was awesome! They do have “No trespassing” signs up, which we respected. You can see most of the areas they filmed in just from walking along the fence line. There is a lot of broken glass, so be careful where you step! You can even see the A train car which is right next to the fence. Very cool filming location. We also ran into quite a few other TWD fans there, which made it more fun. Thanks for posting.

  15. James says:

    Does anyone know if “Terminus” is suppose to be a part of the Atlanta area within the Walking Dead world? Or is it suppose to be an independent entity unto itself? I couldn’t imagine the survivors going back to Atlanta willingly.

  16. Heather says:

    Does anyone know when and where they are shooting season 5? And do they let people come and watch? I really need to know this information because I’m planning to come down and watch. If someone could please reply with all of this info it would be a big help! Thanks!

  17. Harry says:

    Diane will we be able to see your photos?

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  19. Diane says:


  20. Diane says:

    My husband and I took a tour this past Sunday. NO gates were locked and NO signs were up asking us to keep out. We have about 60 photos, including some of the train car. As we were leaving, a neighbor came out and told us two episodes have been filmed there already with a gun fight, a car explosion and 2 tanks (?) blowing up. He also said the neighbors had been told one or two other episodes would begin in April and the location MIGHT be used for later tapings. He showed us where Michonne, Carl and Rick climbed the fence.

    • chris&anita says:

      How would we be able to get there we are huge fans of the show and just moved to mcdonough ga where is this located

      • Diane says:

        Chris&Anita, this is downtown Atlanta within walking distance of the State Capitol and you can see Turner Field when if you look to your left when you first enter the street this is located on. One side of the street is all homes.

    • Diane says:

      I wanted to remark that if you go to the end of the street, there is a driveway down that led to an OPEN and VERY OLD gate next to a boarded up guard shack. There was a 2nd gate, also very old and wide open then the orange/ rusted gate, wide open, with the chain dangling just as ‘Maggie’ left it when they entered Terminus. We entered through that area which was the same way the cast entered. NO signs. NO new gates. NOTHING said Keep Out, Private Property or No Trespassing or we would have respected that and taken all photos from the street. When we returned two days later to get a photo of the RR car where the cast is being held, the OLD gate at the very top of the ramp was chained. We took photos from the public street. This appears to all be a portion of a business that starts further up Windsor St., SW. Googles Maps and Windor St. South West ENDS at Terminus on the right.

      • Alex F says:

        Went there today. That entrance at the end of Windsor is closed now. The chain-link gate is pulled closed and there is a cloth spray-painted with DO NOT ENTER or words to that effects. Further down the street there was a wide open fence/gate, but there is another spray painted sign saying do not enter. A guy I ran into there went up to the office for the machine shop asking if we could look around or get a short impromptu tour and was told no, and that DHS was carting people away for trespassing all week (sounds like a B.S. story designed to say ‘NO’ w/o follow up begging to me). Still, I wasn’t going to take any chances and I had already gotten most of the photos I wanted while the guy went to the office to ask. :)

    • Rachel says:

      Diane, I’m flying to Atlanta as we speak. I didn’t realize they were filming so early. I heard rumblings of early May. Did u see anyone? Meet anyone? I’m jealous! I’ll keep u posted on if /who we meet if u want lol

  21. Phil & nicole says:

    We definitely have to see this when we come down in June!!

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