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This photo sharing update has some photos of a location I’ve been searching for dating all the way back to the first season of the show.  As many fans who have visited Georgia, and the various filming locations, know, sometimes it is a bit difficult to completely verify a scene’s filming location because much of the terrain, land features, and roads look similar. This process is made easier when a fan knows the location and offers to not only help identify it, but to take photos as well.  Such is the case here and these photos are courtesy of DeMark Weckle and his daughter Maddy.

Back in the fifth episode of season one, “Wildfire”, the quarry survivors decide to leave the quarry and set out for the CDC in Atlanta.  As they’re leaving the quarry, the CDC group heads one direction while the Morales family heads in the other direction, toward Birmingham, AL where they have family.

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 photo S01E05_caravan001.jpg  photo S01E05_caravan002.jpg

(Note: The above image is property of AMC Studios and is posted here for comparison purposes only.)

This scene was filmed on Bob White Rd, off Riverside Parkway, in Austell, GA. It is around 15-20 miles from the location where the quarry scenes were filmed. I’d like to thank DeMark and his daughter Maddy for identifying this location and sending in the photos below. It is one of the locations I’ve been searching for since the first season.





Also, I’d like to thank Andrew Jenkins who sent in the location from this same episode where Jim is left behind after Dale’s RV breaks down as they’re heading to the CDC. While I don’t have any photos of the location, it is viewable on the TWDL Google Map.

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  1. Bart says:

    I almost wish you didn’t find Jim’s location. It was that sought after “holy grail” that occupied my time in between seasons.

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