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Today’s photo sharing update has pictures courtesy of Lizz Chester. She, and friends, had a Walking Dead vacation back in May and were able to visit quite a few of the filming locations in the few short days they were here. They even made a trip to the real CDC in Atlanta and included a beautiful photo of that location.  She also sent in some photos from The Veranda Inn in Senoia, GA where she stayed during her trip.  If you’re planning a trip to the Senoia area and are looking for a place to stay, I highly recommend it as I have heard nothing but wonderful things about The Veranda from everyone who’s stayed there.

Thank you Lizz for sending in the photos and allowing me to share them with fellow fans!

I’ve only chosen a handful of the photos Lizz sent in. She’s allowing me to share the link to her Facebook Album where you can see many, many, many more photos that she took on her trip to the various locations. I highly recommend checking it out.

(Click images to enlarge)

 photo LC_255508_10200779925875589_314750223_n.jpg  photo LC_942285_10200779920115445_219726359_n.jpg  photo LC_264585_10200779896434853_1700755933_n.jpg

 photo LC_486822_10200781045423577_1970758082_n.jpg  photo LC_428504_10200779896034843_761740630_n.jpg  photo LC_181482_10200779903195022_1877712500_n.jpg

 photo LC_943155_10200779963956541_1475185209_n.jpg  photo LC_943386_10200781045583581_1155417924_n.jpg  photo LC_947283_10200779896474854_304650475_n.jpg

 photo LC_947312_10200779967676634_1792773987_n.jpg  photo LC_969548_10200779916755361_1804396905_n.jpg  photo LC_969610_10200779924595557_1179392949_n.jpg

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10 Responses to Photo Sharing (55)

  1. Heidi Quinn says:

    I think it was awesome of Lizz to share her TWD album. Super pics and just a cool thing to share with other fans.

    • sondra says:

      Thats AWESOME! She tooks some pics that I wish I would have taken when I was there back in August 2013. Thats so cool she got the Governors house. It was already gone by the time we got there. We visited the week after it got burned down, Cant wait to go back this summer!

  2. Alicia Russell says:

    Thank you so much for the information. We are coming down the end of April first of May and are very excited about it.

  3. Alicia Russell says:

    How were you able to go in the room where Morgan was staying? We are planning a trip down and find the pretty cool. Any information would be great on what we need to do or expect when we come down.

    • The owner of that building, Grantville Mayor Jim Sells, is restoring that room to the way it looked on the show. He also gives tours around Grantville for fans, including that room. There’s more information on the Tour Information Page, but from what I’ve heard, they’ve put the tours on hold until after the first of the year. If you contact them, however, I believe they still do individual tours for a fee.

    • sondra says:

      The Grantville tour is how you get to see that. Thats where they filmed the “Clear” episode, Im pretty sure.

  4. sondra says:

    Was the pic of the CDC the CDC in Atlanta?

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