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Back in the seventh episode of season four, “Dead Weight” (S04E07), the Governor, Pete, Mitch, and Martinez are walking through the woods looking for an old cabin they hope is still holding some supplies they can use.  Following a trail of beheaded bodies through the woods, the finally come upon the cabin as well as the surprises it holds inside.

These scenes were filmed at a cabin near Senoia, GA, and actually not far from the site of the cabin Rick, Daryl, Oscar, and Michonne found in the third season with an old hermit inside.  As with most locations from the show, this cabin is located on private property and not accessible from public land.  I’ve discussed the location of this cabin with Atlanta Movie Tours but I’m not sure whether they plan to incorporate it into their Senoia tours or not.

However, I have received a few photos of this cabin courtesy of Andy Mitchell.  Andy had a campout in or near the cabin back in 2009 (prior to the show filming anywhere in the area) and he’s allowed me to share those photos here on the site.

Thank you Andy for allowing me to share these photos.

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 photo AM_LCBC_College_Class_Camping_077.jpg  photo AM_LCBC_College_Class_Camping_076.jpg  photo AM_LCBC_College_Class_Camping_061.jpg

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  1. Elaine Mitchell says:

    There is an old cabin on the Adams farm/property on McIntosh Trail. I saw pictures of it awhile back, but I can’t recall exactly what it looks like.

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