Photo Sharing (41)

Today’s photo sharing update comes courtesy of Jerry Beharry. Jerry made a visit to Senoia and Grantville recently and was able to send in some great photos. In many instances, Jerry also included comparison shots of the location along with that location from the show itself. Jerry’s photos also show the new fencing that’s been installed at the studio to keep onlookers off the grounds. My best advice regarding the studio is to just steer clear of it since there is much more activity there now that the show is back in production and security will definitely not allow you to loiter very long, if at all.

Thank you Jerry for sending in these photos and allowing me to share them with other fans.

(Click images to enlarge)

 photo JBBankofWoodbury-asfilmed.jpg  photo JBBankofWoodburyShot.jpg  photo JBCobbCenter-UsedastheCDCinSeason1.jpg

 photo JBCoffeeShopSignhangsoutsideshopduringfiliming.jpg  photo JBCoffeeShop.jpg  photo JBFamiliarRoad.jpg

 photo JBGateBlockingaccesstoHerschelsFarm.jpg  photo JBGrantvilleMill-WhereGovernorChasedAndrea.jpg  photo JBJerryatWoodbury.jpg

 photo JBMasonicLodgeinWoodburyMichonneampAndreasLodging.jpg  photo JBMorgansBoobie-TrappedStreetandHome.jpg  photo JBMorgansWalkerDisposalArea-asfilmed.jpg

 photo JBMorgansHome.jpg  photo JBMorgansWalkerDisposalAreafromClearEpisode2.jpg  photo JBMorgansWalkerDisposalAreafromClearEpisode.jpg

 photo JBRaleighStudiosPrisonShootingLocation-BeforeFence.jpg  photo JBRaleighStudiosPrisonShootingLocation.jpg  photo JBSenioaWoodburyShops.jpg

 photo JBShotupMainStWoodbury.jpg  photo JBWoodbury-CenterShot.jpg  photo JBWoodburyWaterTower.jpg

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9 Responses to Photo Sharing (41)

  1. Mark says:

    What location is the 8th picture of?

  2. Casey Florig says:

    I really like the pic of the “CDC”. Looks cool all it up.

  3. Hope says:

    The 7th photo from the top where it shows like 2 closed gates showing a some time of road going into the woods looks familiar where scene was it in or where does it lead too

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