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Now that we’ve had some photos from current filming, I’m going to finish up some photo sharing updates I’ve had queued up for a couple of days. Today’s photo sharing update comes to us courtesy of Steve. Steve made a trip to Grantville, and later Senoia, on a recent location site self tour and was able to get some great shots. While in Grantville, Steve took the tour of the filming sites offered courtesy of Grantville Mayor Jim Sells. While touring the apartment which served as Morgan’s residence in “Clear”, Steve found out that they’re currently in the process of restoring* the apartment to the condition it was in for filming and was able to get photographs of this early in the process.

(*Update note: The restoration of the apartment is not being done by the show’s production staff, but rather by the property’s owner. ¬†As far as I know, it is not being done in anticipation of any filming, but just to have it as it was when the episode, “Clear”, was filmed there.)

On the trip to Senoia, Steve stopped in The Woodbury Shoppe and took some photos of the walls that the cast and crew from The Walking Dead have signed. Another great reason to stop in the store if you visit Senoia, along with all of the great souvenirs they offer.

Steve took quite a few photos, over 100, and it was difficult picking a few to post. However, since these were the first I’ve seen of the apartment renovation during the process, I included as many as possible. Thank you Steve for sharing these photos and allowing me to share them with fellow fans.

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 photo SS001.jpg  photo SS002.jpg  photo SS003.jpg

 photo SS004.jpg  photo SS006.jpg  photo SS007.jpg

 photo SS008.jpg  photo SS009.jpg  photo SS010.jpg

 photo SS011.jpg  photo SS012.jpg  photo SS013.jpg

 photo SS014.jpg  photo SS015.jpg  photo SS016.jpg

 photo SS017.jpg  photo SS018.jpg  photo SS019.jpg

 photo SS020.jpg  photo SS021.jpg  photo SS022.jpg

 photo SS023.jpg  photo SS024.jpg  photo SS025.jpg

 photo SS026.jpg  photo SS027.jpg  photo SS028.jpg

 photo SS029.jpg  photo SS030.jpg  photo SS031.jpg

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22 Responses to Photo Sharing (40)

  1. If anyone decides to stop in Senoia i recommend eating at the redneck gourmet and getting a coffee or pastry at the senoia coffee and cafe. Great both places!

  2. Robb says:

    Senoia is a great little town. It is well worth the trip. They also have a “Woodbury” store there now. We live just a few minutes away from Senoia, so it’s an easy trip for us. Great little restaurants there also.

  3. So would it be worth it to take a trip to Senoia? I live about an hour away and I’d like to see where some of it was shot.

  4. John says:

    Anybody know if you can visit the prison or the farm? I’m in Gainesville, FL and my friends and I would love to make a trip to see Woodbury, the farm, and the prison.

  5. A TWD Fan says:

    When were these photos taken? When will filming start in Grantville? I am trying to plan a trip, but can’t get down there before this weekend (5/17).

    • They were taken within the last couple of weeks, but the restoration of the apartment is not being done by the production company. It’s being done by the owners of the apartment as an attraction for visitors, not filming.

      • Hey, this is Mayor Jim. I own Morgan’s Apartment. We are having fun and are recreating the apartment FOR the fans! Not related to filming or sanctioned by WD. Just adding something for the great fans that are coming to Grantville in large numbers! No filming is scheduled here at this time! But you can get a free walking tour by me Thursday through Sunday at 6PM until further notice! We meet in front of Station 22 Grill next to Morgan’s apartment. Woodbury has the Governor, the Prison has Rick, Grantville has the Mayor. Yall come see us!

  6. Brian H. says:

    Riley Shoal – you know what you know?!
    Is he a character in the comics?!

  7. Casey Florig says:

    Wow the apartment restoration is coming along great!

  8. Richard says:

    So these pics proves its 100% certainty that Morgan will most definetly be in Season 4!!!!!!!!

    • Casey Florig says:

      If I’m not mistaken, the restoration is by fans of the show, and NOT the work done by the actual Walking Dead crew.

      • Hazel HD says:

        Yes..The Mayor is very Nice Person, He was speaking to me & my family when we visited that morning & sharing their plans for the place, They are so happy to receive visitors & show the place. By the way.. the place is looking so GREAT!!

    • Yes, Casey is correct. The restoration of the apartment is being done by the owners of the property and not the production company. I have not heard of any filming in Grantville this season, at least that’s not the reasoning behind the apartment’s restoration.

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