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This latest photo sharing update comes to use courtesy of Kyle Morris.  Kyle had the opportunity to stop in Senoia, Grantville, and Haralson for some photos.  Kyle also has, I believe, the first photos I’ve seen from a fan from inside the building where Rick met with the Governor in season three.  Yes, it is possible to get a tour inside that building, but you must contact the owner to arrange it (information for arranging this is posted in Haralson, or see this image courtesy @nyybritt).

Thank you Kyle for sending in these photos and allowing me to share them with other fans!

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 photo KM_photo001.jpg  photo KM_photo002.jpg  photo KM_photo003.jpg

 photo KM_photo004.jpg  photo KM_photo005.jpg  photo KM_photo006.jpg

 photo KM_photo007.jpg  photo KM_photo008.jpg  photo KM_photo009.jpg

 photo KM_photo010.jpg  photo KM_photo011.jpg  photo KM_photo012.jpg

 photo KM_photo013.jpg  photo KM_photo014.jpg  photo KM_photo015.jpg

 photo KM_photo016.jpg  photo KM_photo017.jpg  photo KM_photo018.jpg

 photo KM_photo019.jpg  photo KM_photo020.jpg  photo KM_photo021.jpg

 photo KM_photo022.jpg  photo KM_photo023.jpg  photo KM_photo024.jpg

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13 Responses to Photo Sharing (37)

  1. Mark says:

    What was filmed in the 5th photo of these photos?

    • The loading dock building? That’s the building where the Governor was keeping Andrea handcuffed to the chair. It was also the location of Milton’s lab. I believe it’s also where the Governor kept Maggie and Glenn. We didn’t see the exterior of the building much during the episodes, but it was shown when the Governor brought Andrea back to Woodbury at the end of “Prey” (when he was talking to, I believe, Martinez).

  2. Karla says:

    What’s the big zoombie tour?

  3. jamie thompson says:

    Hey guys looking forward to our haralson tours starting this weekend our tours are always weather permitting and yes u get several photo opts in areas no other walkin dead fans do. I think Kyle and his parnets and casey and his family really enjoyed there selfs. For more info on our tours take a look at my facebook page Walkin DEAD Haralson Ga or email me at thanks jamie

    • Casey Florig says:

      We had an absolute blast on the tour Jaime! We were very lucky to be one of the first to get pictures inside where Rick met the Governor. I’ll be back up on the 26th for the Big Zombie Tour Part 2!

    • Kyle Morris says:

      I did have fun, Jamie! An experience I will never forget. Thanks for letting us look around. It was GREAT!!

  4. Lisa says:

    Hi! We want to take a road trip to GA. to see some locations, and maybe catch some filming in progress…What do you all suggest???!!! Thanks!
    Lisa : )

    • Casey Florig says:

      Hey Lisa, it really depends on how much time and money you are willing to spend. The cheapest thing to do is study the Google Maps page on the site, as a lot of the locations are mapped out. Or you could always take a tour. If you want to stay in the Senoia are, I would suggest the locations in Senoia, Haralson, Sharpsburg, Newnan, and Grantville – which has a free tour.

  5. Casey Florig says:

    For those wondering, the Haralson, GA tour is legit. Jaime is nice and she will let you in the warehouse. She told me she was planning on getting a table in there to be better recreate the scene where Rick meets the Governor. There are two ways to do this tour. Either with her at $10/person or part of the Big Zombie Tour Part 2 by Atlanta Movie Tours at $65/person.

  6. Renata says:

    Nice pictures!! Thank you so much for sharing!
    It makes me even more excited for my visit next month!!

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