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This photo sharing update comes to us courtesy of Brittany C (@nyybritt) who came to visit some of the filming locations from Birmingham, AL. Brittany was able to stop in Grantville, GA to get a tour of the town and its locations from the show, from Mayor Sells himself who gladly showed them around. (Mayor Sells does the free tours Thursday – Sunday starting at 6PM from Station 22 Grill.) She was even able to get the Mayor to pose for a picture.

Brittany also made it over to Senoia, GA to grab some pics of many familiar locations from season three of The Walking Dead. Also, she was able to get some photos at The Woodbury Shoppe (@WoodburyShoppe) in Senoia, a store in town which is now open and sells merchandise from the show. If you’re ever in Senoia to visit or see the sites, stop in and see what they have to offer.

It looks like a fairly large fence has been erected at the studio to prevent anyone from attempting to walk down the railroad tracks near the studio as well. Also, Brittany took some photos of the brick building where Milton’s lab was located during season three. We didn’t see much of that building from the outside, but the Governor pulled up there when returning with Andrea at the end of “Prey”.

Thank you Brittany for sending these photos in and allowing me to share them with fellow fans.

 photo BCinB001.jpg  photo BCinB002.jpg  photo BCinB003.jpg

 photo BCinB004.jpg  photo BCinB005.jpg  photo BCinB006.jpg

 photo BCinB007.jpg  photo BCinB008.jpg  photo BCinB009.jpg

 photo BCinB010.jpg  photo BCinB011.jpg  photo BCinB012.jpg

 photo BCinB013.jpg  photo BCinB014.jpg  photo BCinB015.jpg

 photo BCinB016.jpeg  photo BCinB017.jpeg  photo BCinB018.jpeg

 photo BCinB019.jpeg  photo BCinB020.jpeg  photo BCinB021.jpeg

 photo BCinB022.jpeg  photo BCinB023.jpeg

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5 Responses to Photo Sharing (36)

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  2. Jackie says:

    Just noticed the zombie delivery truck used in “Home” is parked in the lot at the studio. These are great pics. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Walker Fan says:

    Love the picture with the mayor!!!!

  4. Casey Florig says:

    Mayor Sells is great and gave a great tour! And wow are they serious about not walking on the railroad tracks.

    • doug says:

      yes….and they have covered the tracks from every possible direction. You might make it, but if you are caught…………..

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