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With the flurry of filming taking place in the last weeks of November coupled with the holidays being upon us, I’ve received several photos from fans and haven’t had an opportunity to share them until now.  This is just the first of a couple of photo sharing updates I’ll be doing during the hiatus until season three of The Walking Dead resumes on February 10th, 2013. A big Thank You to everyone who sends in photos to share with other fans. I, and fellow fans, appreciate your time and willingness to share your photos.

First up are some pics of Woodbury (Senoia, GA) from Dave Buck.  Dave is a Senoia, GA local and was present during the last week of filming in November and he sent along some photos:

(Click images to enlarge)

Next up are some photos courtesy of Melissa from the Grantville filming back in September. This is a location that was said to be difficult to access while filming was taking place so we don’t have as many from Grantville as we do of some other locations.

Last, but certainly not least, we have some photos courtesy of Paula from Senoia, GA during the final week of filming in November. Some members of the cast stopped into the coffee house in Senoia after the night shoots that week and Paula was able to get some photos of Andrew Lincoln (Rick), Norman Reedus (Daryl), and Laurie Holden (Andrea).

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  1. Josh says:

    I live in Grantville. the scenes were shot in the old downtown part of Grantville. I had to detour around all the set for a while. I usually drive right thru where they were shooting in order to go to work.

  2. Another location is Caldwell Tanks off E Broad St in Newnan. This is the site of the gladiator pit.

  3. Beth says:

    They are filming a night scene tonight 2/8/13 in senoia. Just one star is in town. Couldn’t find out who it was though. I have one picture of where they will filming.

    • I had heard it was maybe Laurie Holden? No idea for sure and her name was the only one I saw mentioned. I can’t even remember for sure where I saw that. Twitter most likely. Anyway, if anyone knows for sure, they can correct me.

      Thanks Beth!

      • Anissa Camp says:

        I know this is a little late, but yes, it was Laurie Holden doing reshoots on Feb 8th-9th because she missed that Saturday of the Dallas Sci-Fi convention in order to do that shoot. She did make it to the con on Sunday the 10th and was really super great to all the fans. I had a great time meeting her, Danai Gurira and Emma Bell! Danai said she was able to finish her reshoots on Friday the 8th so she could make it for both days of the con since it was her first convention appearance ever.

    • tonilost says:

      so are you posting the photo of where it is?

  4. Carrie Burns says:

    Not for nothing, I could be considered a “greedy person” though with the time and energy expended I’d fight ya on it, but the Mill owner really got tired to people sneaking onto the property, all it would take is one slip and trespassing or not people would find a way to sue.

  5. mommybiscut says:

    hmmmm…greedy,greedy people-we went to mill site last year,my daughter called the owner to ask if we could go in and take pictures-he said they were charging $10 for “tours”, so we just stood out side the fence and took pictures-but they wanna make sure they get paid i guess…really?? what were they doing with the land before TWD??

  6. Clint Carrington says:

    Hello Everyone, i live about 25 min from all the main fiIming locations and used the WDL MAP on my iPhone and did I driving tour during the first of end of Nov and went in a second run around 2nd week of December. I have lots of great pictures that I will email WDL. Some of the places have been hidden from view since the filming is over. for example the old mill at the end of season two, we went one week and you can view this location from the road, went back the next week to take another friend and the property owner has planted bamboo to cover the view of the mill.

  7. I’m a local, living in Peachtree City, GA, and have been thinking about taking a driving tour of the locations around the area as they appear in between shooting. Maybe a couple of videos. If I do, I’ll make a YouTube video and link it back to here. Thanks for all the info. That map is freaking awesome.

    • Sounds like a great idea, Al. Good luck getting to everything and if you are able to get video of each location, I’d be happy to add your video to that location’s page. Thanks for the comments!

      • OK, you should have a new crop of pictures in your email inbox. Taken points south from here in Peachtree City (Senioa, Sharpsburg, etc.). I’ll get by a couple of spots in town, and few up in Fairburn and surrounding areas in a week or two, and send them on.

        • Thanks Al! I’ll be updating and adding some fan photos in the next week, leading up to the premiere of the second half of the season, and I’ll make sure to share yours with other fans. Thank you, again!

  8. tonilost says:

    thanks for all the filming info B..

  9. melissa says:

    Morgan was seen on-set filming in Grantville, as well. So, yay!!

  10. Brian says:

    I hear Hershels farm is up for sale.

  11. John says:

    Is the location filming complete for season 3, or will the cast be returning to Senoia?

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  13. Jason says:

    Awesome – I have a Senoia address but don’t live in the city limits – I love that the show has such fervant fans near all of the filming locations.

  14. Kamber says:

    That would be awesome to be on that show !

  15. beanice says:

    Some one got a pic of Morgan’s Land Rover. So that means he will show up when the rest of season three resumes next year.

  16. Fred Scheit says:

    Returns on 10th, not 20th?

  17. Danielle Scaduto says:

    awesome pictures! hope you enjoyed the ones i posted on your facebook :)

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