Military Ambush Location

There isn’t really much to identify this location other than a small building on the property which can’t be seen too well in the scenes from the show.  However, this empty field is located on Rising Star Road just northeast of Haralson, GA.  It is roughly 6-7 miles from Senoia, which is doubling as Woodbury this season.

Thank you to Tony for the photos of the ambush site.

(Click images to enlarge)

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8 Responses to Military Ambush Location

  1. Corey Ingles says:

    I see there is a fence, but at the entrance is it gated off?

  2. Greg says:

    This is also the location where in Season 4 the Governor pitches his little tent while he is out on the road surviving.

  3. Dewk says:

    fyi the spot on the road where Andrea and Michonne see the smoke (likely CGI smoke) rising from the tree line. the address on the mailbox is 515

  4. beanice says:

    Well, that’s one spot from that episode that’s been located so far for the show. Plus that explains that building as well. I thought that might have been a portable shelter that was being carried around and used by those National Guardsmen.

  5. Fred Scheit says:

    What does the green sign next to the building say – woodyard safety rules?

    What was this location used for – storing/cutting lumber, Is this location now derelict?

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