Locations Index (by episode)

Since Google has made it more difficult for me to link the locations from here directly to the map, I’m going to embed the map here at the top of this page.  I will still continue to update both this page as well as the map itself, but I’m hoping having them both in one place will make it a little easier for fans to find the locations.

Find The Walking Dead filming locations by episode.  The sites are sorted as they appeared in episodes.  Links for each site go to our information page for that location, including screen captures and normal photos of the sites.  Sites that we’ve been unable to visit, for one reason or another, link instead to their location on our TWD Locations Google Map.

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(Quick links: Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5)


Season One

“Days Gone Bye” (S01E01)

Opening Intersection (Google Map Link)

Rick and Shane Eat Lunch

Car Chase and Wreck


Bicycle Girl

Rick’s House

Morgan’s House

Sheriff’s Station


Rick Enters Atlanta

Rick Crosses the Rail Yard

Zombies in Atlanta

The Tank on the Corner

Helicopter Reflection and Zombie Horde

“Guts” (S01E02)

The Tank on the Corner

The Quarry (Google Map Link)

Tank Escape and Alley

Store Interior

Rooftop Scenes

Rick and Glenn Walk Among the Zombies

Rick and Glenn Rescue the Survivors

Box Truck Escape Route

Challenger Escapes

“Tell It To The Frogs” (S01E03)

Rooftop Scenes

The Quarry (Google Map Link)

Box Truck in the Rail Yard

“Vatos” (S01E04)

The Quarry (Google Map Link)

Rooftop Scenes


Abandoned Building

Retirement Home (Google Map Link)

“Wildfire” (S01E05)

The Quarry

Jim’s Resting Place


“TS-19″ (S01E06)



Season Two

“What Lies Ahead” (S02E01)

Highway Traffic (Google Map Link)

The Church

“Bloodletting” (S02E02)

Highway (Google Map Link)

Hershel’s Farm (Google Map Link)


School (Flashback scene)

“Save The Last One” (S02E03)

Hershel’s Farm (Google Map Link)


“Cherokee Rose” (S02E04)

Hershel’s Farm (Google Map Link)

Red Roof House

Steve’s Pharmacy

“Chupacabra” (S02E05)

Hershel’s Farm (Google Map Link)

Daryl in the Ravine

“Secrets” (S02E06)

Hershel’s Farm (Google Map Link)

Steve’s Pharmacy

Local Neighborhood (Google Map Link)

“Pretty Much Dead Already” (S02E07)

Hershel’s Farm (Google Map Link)

“Nebraska” (S02E08)

Hershel’s Farm (Google Map Link)

The Carriage Bar / Old Sharpsburg Auction

“Triggerfinger” (S02E09)

Hershel’s Farm (Google Map Link)

The Carriage Bar / Old Sharpsburg Auction

“18 Miles Out” (S02E10)

Senoia Intersection (Google Map Link)

Hershel’s Farmhouse

Public Works Building

“Judge, Jury, Executioner” (S02E11)

Hershel’s Farmhouse (Google Map Link)

“Better Angels” (S02E12)

Hershel’s Farmhouse (Google Map Link)

“Beside The Dying Fire” (S02E13)

Hershel’s Farmhouse (Google Map Link)

Rock House Road

Elders Mill Road (Waterfall and Camp Site)


Season Three

“Seed” (S03E01)

Abandoned House (Google Map Link)

The Prison (Google Map Link)

Case General Store

Sportsman’s Deer Cooler

“Sick” (S03E02)

The Prison (Google Map Link)

“Walk With Me” (S03E03)

Helicopter Crash Site (Google Map Link)

Woodbury (Google Map Link)

Governor Ambushes Military Personnel (Google Map Link)

“Killer Within” (S03E04)

The Prison (Google Map Link)

Woodbury (Google Map Link)

“Say The Word” (S03E05)

The Prison (Google Map Link)

Woodbury (Google Map Link)

Zombie Capture Area

Abandoned Day Care

The Arena

“Hounded” (S03E06) 

The Prison (Google Map Link)

Woodbury (Google Map Link)

Roadside Store

“When The Dead Come Knocking” (S03E07)

Woodbury (Google Map Link)

The Prison (Google Map Link)

Cabin in the woods (Google Map Link)

“Made To Suffer” (S03E08)

The Prison (Google Map Link)

Woodbury (Google Map Link)

The Arena

“The Suicide King” (S03E09)

The Arena

The Prison (Google Map Link)

Woodbury (Google Map Link)

“Home” (S03E10)

The Prison (Google Map Link)

Woodbury (Google Map Link)

Yellow Jacket Creek Bridge (Google Map Link)

“I Ain’t A Judas” (S03E11)

The Prison (Google Map Link)

Woodbury (Google Map Link)

“Clear” (S03E12)

Rick, Michonne, and Carl Pass A Hitchhiker (Google Map Link)

Rick, Michonne, and Carl Get Stuck Offroad (Google Map Link)

Police Station Parking Area (Google Map Link)

Morgan’s Residence (Google Map Link)

Carl and Michonne Find the Baby Store (Google Map Link)

Family Photo Location (Google Map Link)

Morgan’s Walker Disposal Area (Google Map Link)

(Note: All non-driving locations in this episode were filmed in Grantville, GA)

“Arrow On The Doorpost” (S03E13)

Rick Meets With The Governor

The Prison (Google Map Link)

Woodbury (Google Map Link)

“Prey” (S03E14)

Woodbury (Google Map Link)

Zombie Capture Area

Grantville Mill

The Prison (Google Map Link)

“This Sorrowful Life” (S03E15)

The Prison (Google Map Link)

Oaks Inn

Southern Country Steakhouse

Merle Delivers Walkers To The Ambush Site

“Welcome To The Tombs” (S03E16)

Woodbury (Google Map Link)

The Prison (Google Map Link)

The Governor Has A Meltdown


Season Four

“30 Days Without an Accident” (S04E01)

Winn Dixie “Big Spot” Griffin, GA

The Prison (Google Map Link)

“Infected” (S04E02)

The Prison (Google Map Link)

“Isolation” (S04E03)

The Prison (Google Map Link)

Daryl’s Car Overrun (Google Map Link)

“Indifference” (S04E04)

The Prison (Google Map Link)

Rick and Carol Go On A Run

Daryl, Tyreese, Michonne, and Bob Find A Ride

Daryl, Tyreese, Michonne, and Bob Find Medicine (Google Map Link)

“Internment” (S04E05)

The Prison (Google Map Link)

“Live Bait” (S04E06)

The Governor Makes Camp / Abandoned (Google Map Link)

Woodbury (Google Map Link)

Message Barn (Google Map Link)

The Governor Avoids a Walker (Google Map Link)

The Governor Collapses (Google Map Link)

Oxygen Bottles (Google Map Link)

Burial Site (Google Map Link)

The Governor, Lilly, Tara, and Megan Make Camp (Google Map Link)

The Governor, Lilly, Tara, and Meghan Into The Woods (Google Map Link)

“Dead Weight” (S04E07)

The Governor Sees a Dock on a Lake (Google Map Link)

The Governor, Martinez, Pete, and Mitch Find A Cabin (Google Map Link)

The Governor Dumps Pete’s Body (Google Map Link)

The Governor Watches Zombie-Pete (Google Map Link)

“Too Far Gone” (S04E08)

The Governor Leaves Lilly and Meghan (Google Map Link)

The Prison (Google Map Link)

Meghan Attacked (Google Map Link)

“After” (S04E09)

The Prison (Google Map Link)

Rick and Carl Find Food

Rick and Carl Take Shelter (Google Map Link)

Michonne’s Flashback (Google Map Link)

Carl Finds Pudding (Google Map Link)

“Inmates” (S04E10)

“Terminus” Sign / RR Bridge (Google Map Link)

Prison Bus (Google Map Link)

The Prison (Google Map Link)

“Claimed” (S04E11)

Abraham and Tara Clear The Road (Google Map Link)

Glenn and Abraham Fight (Google Map Link)

Glenn Goes To Find Maggie / Red Brick Building (Google Map Link)

Rick, Carl, And Michonne “Terminus” Message (Google Map Link)

“Still” (S04E12)

Beth Goes Looking For A Drink (Google Map Link)

“Alone” (S04E13)

Beth And Daryl Enter Cemetery (Google Map Link)

Bob, Sasha, And Maggie Find A “Terminus” Sign (Google Map Link)

Beth And Daryl Find Refuge (Google Map Link)

Maggie Kills A Walker To Leave A Message (Google Map Link)

Bob And Sasha (And Later, Glenn) Find A Second Message (Google Map Link)

Daryl Collapses And Runs Into Survivors (Google Map Link)

Sasha Splits From Bob, Finds Maggie (Google Map Link)

“The Grove” (S04E14)

The Grove (Google Map Link)

“Us” (S04E15)

Glenn Finds A Sign (Google Map Link)

Coal Tower / Falling Walker (Google Map Link)

Daryl And Group Find An Auto Shop (Google Map Link)

Glenn And Tara Enter A Tunnel (Google Map Link)

Abraham, Eugene, And Rosita Find A Minivan (Google Map Link)

Rosita, Eugene, And Abraham Look For Glenn (Google Map Link)

Terminus (Google Map Link)

“A” (S04E16)

Terminus (Google Map Link)


Season Five

“No Sanctuary” (S05E01)

Terminus (Google Map Link)

Shack Used By Tyreese and Carol

“Strangers” (S05E02)

Father Gabriel’s Church (M)

Gabriel, Michonne, Rick, Bob, and Sasha Enter Town

(Google Map Link)

Daryl and Carol Find A Car (Google Map Link)

Gun Store (Google Map Link)

Food Bank & Thrift Store (Google Map Link)

Bob Taken Captive (Google Map Link)

“Four Walls and a Roof” (S05E03)

Bob Held Captive (Google Map Link)

Father Gabriel’s Church (M)

“Slabtown” (S05E04)

Grady Memorial (Google Map Link)

“Self Help” (S05E05)

Bus Crash  (Google Map Link)

Library  (Google Map Link)

Fire station (Google Map Link)

Firetruck Breaks Down  (Google Map Link)

Abraham Finds His Family  (Google Map Link)

Abraham Meets Eugene  (Google Map Link)

“Consumed” (S05E06)

Carol Seeks Refuge (Google Map Link)

Carol and Daryl Follow a Car (Google Map Link)

Daryl and Carol Seek Refuge  (Google Map Link)

Daryl Burns Bodies

Walkers In Street (Google Map Link)

Daryl and Carol Run Along Parking Garage (Google Map Link)

Daryl Creates A Distraction (Google Map Link)

Daryl and Carol Enter Parking Garage (Google Map Link)

SkyBridge (Google Map Link)

Carol Takes In The View (Google Map Link)

Van On Overpass (Google Map Link)

Daryl Tends to Carol (Google Map Link)

Daryl and Carol See Grady Memorial Hospital (Google Map Link)

Carol Struck By Car And Taken (Google Map Link)

Daryl and Noah Steal A Truck (Google Map Link)

“Crossed” (S05E07)

Father Gabriel’s Church (M)

Firetruck Broken Down (Google Map Link)

Industrial Complex (Google Map Link)

Grady Memorial (Google Map Link)

“Coda” (S05E08)

Industrial Complex  (Google Map Link)

Termite’s Hideout (Google Map Link)

Father Gabriel’s Church (M)

Grady Memorial (Google Map Link)

Daryl and Sasha’s Shooting Position (Google Map Link)

Rick Makes a Deal (Google Map Link)

“What Happened And What’s Going On” (S05E09)

Rick and Company Emerge From Woodline (Google Map Link)

Shirewilt Estates (Google Map Link)

Michonne Talks With Rick And Glenn (Google Map Link)

Noah’s House (Google Map Link)

“Them” (S05E10)

The Stand On The Bridge (Google Map Link)

Barn / Tornado Shelter (Google Map Link)

“The Distance” (S05E11)

Barn / Tornado Shelter (Google Map Link)

Alexandria Safe Zone (Google Map Link)

“Remember” (S05E12)

Alexandria Safe Zone (Google Map Link)

“Forget” (S05E13)

Alexandria Safe Zone (Google Map Link)

“Spend” (S05E14)

760 Responses to Locations Index (by episode)

  1. mark orris (@Mo_fromtn) says:

    Someone said they were gonna film in Clarksville, or Cookeville Tn. Is it a myt or true. ? anybody

  2. JJ says:

    I heard AMC is going to be taping in Venice, FL…..anyone else heard that?

  3. Tina says:

    We are passing through Georgia in a few hours….any idea where they might be filming today?

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  5. Jeannine says:

    Looking for address of blender house from season 5 where Rick hides gun in blender ..

  6. brett says:

    The place I’m looking for was from season 4, when Carol met back up with tyrese when he was helping people on next to railroad tracks. One of the people who got bit told them to go to Terminus…I can’t find that railroad tracks scene anywhere. HELP!!

    • Mike B says:

      I think it’s at the same place where Joe’s gang walked up on Daryl.
      It’s in Newnan, Hart Rd off of Poplar rd. go about a mile or so to the tracks and look left.
      This is also where Maggie and crew walked out of the woods.
      When you walk left, it’s on the right about 200 yards down.

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  8. I dont know who else to ask. Any idea how to become a part if the cast? I live in Columbus GA, not sure if theyre still heading for Fort Benning.

  9. Marc lee says:

    Are they shooting season 6 yet?

  10. Walker Bait says:

    I LOVE this site! Thank you for everything you’ve done to create it.
    My friend and I are planning a TWD filming location tour, and we’re going on our own. I know the quarry property belongs to the city, but is there any (legal) way to be able to view it from the top? We probably won’t have time for a Beltline tour and don’t want to trespass or skirt the law to see it. I’ve checked the maps and it seems there are gates blocking all the roads from the top.
    Thanks, and thanks again for the site! :)

  11. Karen says:

    Thank you! Is great from you! Thank you so much!

  12. Karen says:

    Ok Thank you! What is CGI ? Is this a movie set? I do not know the shotcut! Unfortunately Ido not live in your beautiful Amerika!!!

    • Fred Scheit says:

      CGI is a Computer Generated Image.

      If you can imagine standing in the field at the prison – say, just inside the fence line of the prison (near the bus on it’s side) – and look up at the prison blocks.

      Where the prison blocks are, the building site shell has been superimposed (by CGI) over the prison blocks.

  13. Karen says:

    Hi Who has knowledge about where the Warehouse Episode 14 is where Noah died?And where is the Building site with the shell,where Abraham was to bring to people the ironplates?Thanks.

    • Fred Scheit says:

      The building site was actually the same location as the prison – at Raleigh Studios Atlanta.

      The building shell itself was CGI.

  14. John says:

    Anyone in the area after Easter? … I think I’m going to drive around and visit some of the sites for filming …. probably be there towards the late week after Easter

  15. Mel says:

    Can you tour Father Gabriel’s Church? Also, can you tour the Barn/Tornado Shelter?

    • Fred Scheit says:

      Father Gabriel’s Church – not a real building – is on private property at Raleigh Studios Atlanta, and so you cannot visit.

      For the Barn/Tornado shelter, I would assume this is also private property.

      Check out any NO TRESPASSING signs at the locations if visiting, and respect them.

    • Mikey says:

      I hate to break it to you, but they tore it down. I have a friend who works for the show, and when he told me I cried like Daryl.

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  17. Walker says:

    one error in 208
    not Message barn but the barn Rick Meets With The Governor …

  18. Walker says:

    I suspect the Terminus indoor scenes was filmed here..
    33°14’31.42″ N 84°16’17.52″ V

    Other end of the buildings where “Rick, Shane, And Randall Encounter Zombies” season 2..

    Dont see any other reasons why they filming at that location in mai 2014.
    Been cool to know if it was so…

    • Walker says:

      Or is this location owned by the film Company and used for Storage, somthing is going on there thats for sure.

  19. Walker says:

    Suply room in 511…
    33°22’24.62″ N 84°47’49.00″ V

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  21. Walker says:

    “The CDC (Beginning of Season Two)”
    Was nothing from CDC in the beginning of season two, have pointed out some others errors but nothing happens.
    Mailed a handfull of new locations that can be confirmed with images, nothing happens.
    Gues this site is just like a Walker, the lights are on, but nobody home.

  22. hotj88 says:

    Has anyone else realized that the fence braces/supports for ASZ are on the outside of the fence? Ehh, shouldn’t that be reversed?

  23. Karen says:

    Is it the location where Andrea and Shane look for Sophia?

  24. Karen says:

    Hi! When will the new Location out locations?Know already where AlexandriaSafeZone is it?Or where the Group has hidden with Eric?Was it a factory?Thank you for the reply!And wish you all a very nice Day!!!

    • Dani says:

      It will be updated shortly. The ASZ is in Senoia, about a block or so from where they shot downtown Woodbury. Check out Youtube, there are videos of the set if you are curious to see the massive set they have built.

      • J says:

        We have seen it.it is right across the street from. Main Street it is all fenced in.

        • Anon says:

          The great thing was, last summer there were fences up but it wasn’t fenced in/blocked completely, so you could literally drive right through Alexandria on Morgan St.!

  25. Walker says:

    Shack Used By Tyreese and Carol in 501
    Can it be the shack on “The Grove” location ?…….

  26. Graham says:

    That was a fictional neighborhood. The actual neighborhood is Foreston Place off of Redwine Road in Peachtree City, GA.

  27. Walker says:

    Is there any location for Shirewilt Estates? The links for episode 9 aren’t leading anywhere.

  28. pauljsakacsi says:

    Please let anyone know when they are touring the Terminus location to be very aware of your surroundings. It is a street that is very near the interstate and the stadium. To get to it you must go through several four way stops. The last time I went down there, I had my pregnant wife and another couple who are fans with us. We were being watched the entire time we drove down this road. When we tried to leave, at one of the four way stops a car pulled out and stopped right in the middle of the street. I use to be a police officer so I knew what this was right away and punched it around the back side of the vehicle and ran the red at the bottom of the street to get back up near the stadium. It is not exactly in the best location and I just want fans to be aware and be safe. Thanks.

    • Dani says:

      We really appreciate that information. I did a quick drive by with a friend, that was about as long as I wanted to stick around (snapped a few pictures and got the heck out of there). Definitely be aware of your surroundings!

      • Ashley says:

        I agree 100%. We hung around for quite a bit trying to get a good shot of Terminus from the hill (by the scrap metal site I believe it was?) but the area was without a doubt very sketchy as were quite a few locations in Griffin! I’d advise shooting from your car when you can (we snapped pictures from the car with Rick’s house because it was a busy street, but hung around a tad at Morgan’s).

    • Thanks for the advice. That is always good advice regardless, but especially in that area and some others. I’ll relay your comments via Twitter.

      • Melissa says:

        Both the scene where they went in to the vacant store to get supplies, and the apartment where the Governor stopped and found Tara.

    • Nate says:

      Going to Atlanta next month and was planning on going out to the Terminus location but wasn’t aware there are issues with that particular neighborhood. I was planning on getting there around 9-9:30AM. Any idea how this area is at that time of morning?

  29. Walker says:

    Library map location


    Nothing looks like the building in the map location, door to narrow, Windows to high above ground and they dont go around the corner as in the show.
    Its taped somwhere else and made so its looks like its there..

  30. Walker says:

    Rick and Carl Take Shelter

    map link is at the wrong house, its the house next to where the mark is now.

  31. Donté Shadd says:

    I have heard rumors that there was going to be filming in Washington state, is there any truth to that? If so when and where?

    • There are rumors out there that they’ll be filming in just about every state from the east coast to the west. Filming for season five concluded back in November. Filming for season six won’t start until May. While I won’t go so far as to say it’s impossible, it is incredibly unlikely they will film anywhere but here in Georgia, considering the tax breaks they get, the fact that the studio is here in Senoia, and they just received an extension to leave a set (we haven’t seen it on the show yet) in place for quite a while to come.

  32. Ashley says:

    What does (M) mean beside the locations?

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  34. kelli smith says:

    Does anyone know where the “bob-b-que” was filmed?

  35. Ok thanks. I was wondering about the barn too because it doesn’t show up on google maps. I am re watching all of the episodes from the WD marathon. Great info!

  36. Manuel says:

    Se5 Episode 6 I guess. Van drops from a bridge.
    Took me a while to find it: http://goo.gl/wu1p52

  37. Mike B. says:

    Wish more season 5 was updated as well from shows that’s already aired. I’ve Emailed a couple times asking :-(

  38. Karen says:

    Martin Luther KingJr Dr SW! Carol Peletier and Daryl Dixon found the Hospitalcar! Sorry my english is not good.

  39. Mickey says:

    Need more information season 5

  40. Nate says:

    Will there be any more updates made of filming locations from season 5?

    • Michael says:

      according to some here locally, I think they have wrapped for the season.. someone told me they post updates on facebook: walkerstalkers? I visited Senoia this weekend, and the set looks pretty active; raining here today.

  41. Kandi says:

    Does anyone know when they r filming in senoia again

    • Nate says:

      Sounds like they have been filming at the Gin property. I assume filming for season 5 will wrap up soon if it hasn’t already.

  42. Eric says:

    Rode the Silver Comet bike trail last year. I could swear the Church is located on the trail. Anybody know if I’m right?

  43. Brian Lewis says:

    I have a question was the filming of the prison done on the movie studio property or is there an actual prison? I don’t see a prison on the satellite but I have seen a picture of the prison were they say it is a real prison and they were thinking of using a school prior to the prison location. So does a prison exist?

    • Lisa says:

      No it doesn’t exist it was a set on the studio and all of it is taken down now :)

    • The prison was actually the back of the studio. As we see the prison and the prison yard, fences, gates, etc on the TV, in reality you are looking at the back of the studio buildings. To answer your question, no, there is no actual prison where they filmed. There was talk of that, and rumors of an actual prison location, before filming began but they found it more suitable to build the set at the studio rather than use an actual prison.

    • I was just looking at the satellite showing the studio and though it look like most of the prison set has been taken down, it’s funny how the bus laying on its side is still there.

  44. Mark says:

    They are filming right now in senoia right out side of “Woodbury”

  45. Majd kouda says:

    Are you guys ever going to film in Michigan

    • Dani says:

      We are not affiliated with the show in any way, just fans :)

    • inkling says:

      They film in Georgia because of the weather. Michigan has crappy weather.

      • Christian says:

        They don’t film in GA for the weather. They film in Georgia because the story takes place in Georgia.

        • Shane Corbin says:

          they dont film in Ga because the story takes place there, they film in GA because the state is really cheap on taxes for film makers. LOTS of movies and TV shows are filmed there.

          • michael says:

            raliegh studios is also locatd just near the town of Senoia Ga.
            Are they ever going to update this site again?

          • cirestan says:

            …and it takes place in Georgia.

          • Fred Scheit says:

            It’s both – the story does take place in Georgia (so far) AND the film makers get the tax break.

          • Tashawn says:

            It take place in Georgia because that’s where CDC(Center for Disease Control) was located that was mentioned in season 1 episode 1 when the black men Morgan helped in to his home. YOU’RE welcome

        • Jeff Chapman says:

          100% taxes. Location has nothing to do with it; same thing happens in movies all the time, a place is a stand-in for the location depicted.

        • Randall says:

          they could film in many places and claim it’s in georgia. many shows and movies are filmed in whatever location offers them the best for what they need and tax breaks.

  46. clleach23 says:

    Anybody know if they are still filming at Terminus this week? Might be planning a trip for four days and wondered if there is much for The Walking Dead to do or see or if we can take pictures? Any help would be great! Thanks!!!

    • Dani says:

      From what I know, there hasn’t been filming at Terminus for a long time. You can drive by it though, it is pretty neat to see it in person. You can stand where Carol shot the propane tank (outside the fence).

  47. Will they still be filming on the weekend of Oct 31?

    • Dani says:

      They normally don’t film on the weekend but usually film until Thanksgiving. Still lots to see and do in Senoia since the wall is there and of course, the Woodbury Shoppe!

  48. Ariadna says:

    Where is the location they are filming right now?

  49. Bndffrnt says:

    They are filming in downtown senoia right now

  50. Rick says:

    Does anyone know where they are filiming the rest of September?

  51. Moose says:

    Just curious, is the Terminus site accessible the get a photo by the sign seen on the episodes?

  52. debbie says:

    Yeah they are in newnan. My sister lives there and already called me to tease me.

  53. dynastyvhs says:

    Very sketchy rumor is that Downtown Newnan will be shut down this weekend (9/12-9/14) for filming.(AMC tv show) I heard from a friend of a friend who lives downtown to expect traffic delays. I will try to confirm…

  54. Ronda says:

    Any idea where they will be shooting on September 8th. Taking my son to Senioa for his birthday and we’re hoping they might be doing something nearby.

  55. THW says:

    Hi, a friend and I are heading to “see what we can see” this Saturday (August 30)….does anybody know of any filming occurring on that day? I saw a post about the 26th and 27th, so we’re hoping something may still be going on. Any info is greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

    • Dani says:

      Normally, they do not film on the weekends. It does happen, but it is rare and only happens if (I am just guessing here I may be wrong) they are behind schedule. There is still a lot to see! Just a visit to the “wall” in Senoia (it is ginormous) and of course the Woodbury Shoppe is well worth it. Best of luck to you, you never know.

  56. Ashley says:

    The google maps are no longer showing the locations, does anyone know what the issue is? I get a quick pop up saying that it switches back to Google Classic, but it doesn’t stay up long enough for me to click ‘learn more’. We’re in Georgia looking at the sites now and it’d really help out if anyone knows the problem!

  57. Kevin says:

    Terminus – from Turner Field, go west, slightly SW. It takes up several blocks on the edge of a residential area. The site they just used in Griffin was more impressive but its broken down now.

  58. Kayla says:

    Heading to Senoia right now, any idea where filming is today? We did the tours last year and loved it. Planning on looking for terminus up in Atlanta too. Any tips?

    • Dani says:

      Thursday 8/7 they were still at the old hospital in Newnan. Haven’t heard anything about today 8/8. I am assuming they were filming the mid-season finale and normally they take a break. Next filming I have heard about will be 8/25 & 8/26. They are busy building the set (wall) in Senoia, going to go check it out this weekend!

  59. Lisa says:

    Any idea where they are filming the rest of this week and next week?

  60. dynastyvhs says:

    Had a giant blue screen hanging from a crane behind the hospital yesterday!

  61. dynastyvhs says:

    Filming tomorrow (August 6th) morning on hospital road in newnan. From 7am -4pm @ the old piedmont newnan hospital.

  62. Kristin says:

    Any idea if they are filming on Aug 9th and if so, where?

  63. Kevin says:

    Old warehouses north on 16th. Huge set that looks alot like Terminus.

  64. Amanda Smith says:

    Crystal, have u already went on ur TWD trip? I’ve been looking for ur friend request on FB

    • Chris says:

      Thanks so much!!! Too bad they don’t have the pay tours on the weekdays.

    • Michael says:

      Well they must be filming at night because I went there today with my wife and there was nothing. Not even any equipment or trucks or anything. We went and got some photos around Terminus and some downtown.

      • Kevin says:

        Filming is in Griffin. You gotta watch some sites, they like to lump the entire metro area as Atlanta and that’s not the case. We don’t claim Atlanta but it loves to claim us when it’s beneficial and makes them look good! Sure will throw us under the bus on a bad news story though!

  65. Chris says:

    We are visiting Tuesday July 29th any idea where we could see some filming?

  66. Heather says:

    Hey my friend and I I headed down on the 31st of July anyone know where they might be??

  67. Amanda Smith says:

    Kevin your the greatest! Thank u so much! Do u have a FB page I can go add u on if so u can send me ur info to search for u here to my email iluvmypugsadie@yahoo.com also my FB info is under Amanda Davis Smith in Ky I honestly would pay u to show me and my husband around!!

  68. Amanda Smith says:

    Hi Kevin, that’s what me and my husband decided to do was do a few of the small tours then our own. I would LOVE a photo op with any of the cast but like you said they are working and totally tired I’m sure once they are off, but it’s really nice of the ones who do come out to see their fans because like me I bet tons of ppl travel many miles just to get a glance of them and I hope I do get to see them as well but if not it’s still going to be AMAZING just to see the sights and all the TWD locations. But any info u can offer Kevin about a good affordable hotel to stay at a couple nights, great places to eat and the best location to stay in thats close to great TWD locations. I would forever be grateful to u.

    • Kevin says:

      I’m convinced that by the end of this season we will have more footage shot in Griffin than anywhere outside of the studio. Lots to see around Griffin and I know some spots from season 4 not even identified yet. However, as a resident on the Senoia side of Griffin the hotels in Griffin are pretty economy based places that I wouldn’t stay at. McDonough is about 15-20 miles away with some better quality chain hotels. Beween McDonough and Griffin you will travel over the location where they lost Penny and in ZombieLand the non-Twinkie truck wreck and bathroom scene is just over by the Speedway. Peachtree City is close to Senoia/ Woodbury but your gonna pay more, or possibly just find a hotel in Newnan which is a safe bet. Downtown Griffin is a great area with several scenes shot that we have seen and even more we haven’t seen yet. We love to eat at Slice’s pizza and La Hacienda just across the street, both in the old historic buildings. This entire quadrant downtown was closed for filming overnight scenes a couple weeks ago in this direct vicinity and back alleys through these buildings. Both restaurants were closed…on a Friday…so I expect a geat scene!! You can also see from this location the trackside shed where Daryl finally had enough of his little posse last season and just across Taylor street behind Burger King is where the Governor stumbled into his new family. Most the recent filming is near this part of Griffin in some of the old buildings. Over in Senoia/ Woodbury you can eat at the Southern Steakhouse, which I have never been brave enough to try, where Merle led the zombies past in the car he jumped. The same road leads to the studio but don’t even waste your time going back there. Downtown Senoia is a little more $ but Zac Brown has a good place, McGuires pub is nice, a pizza place, and a BBQ joint are also downtown. If your in Newnan, I have to plug my buddies families place, Goldens on the Square, just a few blocks from the Zombie gladiator fights and also several scenes from ZombieLand. Plenty to see and the map on here is accurate. It’s private property but one of the tours make a stop at Elders Mill which is a beautiful spot where they ended season 2 and where I proposed to my wife after getting to know the owner. H has cleared that location and had several movies film there. I was actually handling some work around that time just around the corner and stumbled upon the Kudzu covered gas station just after filming and well before the episode showed. All the kudzu and modifications they made were removed but the porta potties tipped me off at such a remote location. It’s incredible what they can do in hours. My job has taken me by most the identified sites on the map and occasionally find some unknown spots so its cool to have them filming here. Some locations look identical and some you barely recognize. I will say that I have done some follow up work behind Vampire Diaries and a different AMC owned show here in Griffin, and the location managers, etc. are always very cool and grateful for what our area has to offer. Good luck discovering, just respect those properties that are private because there is plenty to see without disturbing those that are private.

  69. Kevin says:

    Everyone asking for dates should take Dani’s advice. The tours are much better than standing around watching trucks being unloaded. Honestly, filming is like watching paint dry because they are not going to allow you to see any spoilers or significant details and if your lucky maybe see someone for a photo op. Maybe I’m just used to it since I live right in the heart of TWD, but its part of their draw to the area that most people just leave them be to do their jobs and we would like to keep them here. Personally I’m more fascinated with seeing the locations and what they did to them on screen because the actual filming process is a bore. Just a suggestion from a local and as Dani suggested you will see much more on the various Zombie Tours or following the location map on your own.

    • Dani says:

      I think everyone hears about filming and assume they will see actual filming. It is a closed set, they keep you as far away as they possibly can so you do not see any real spoilers. Of course, some pictures get out because of the location. It is up to you! You can stand around all day and just see a service truck or get incredibly lucky (since the cast is amazing and they love their fans) :) just be NICE to the fellow fans and to the cast & crew! For me, it was just fun to meet fellow fans just as crazy as I am.

  70. Lily says:

    Does anyone know where filming will be July 23 ?

    • Aimee says:

      Does anyone know if they are filming this weekend? Surprising my teen daughter with this birthday gift for her . Also need to know which tours are the best for the dollar.

      • Dani says:

        Unfortunately, San Diego Comic Con is this weekend and they are all usually there but best of all is the revealing a season 5 preview! HOw much are you looking to spend? Big Zombie Tours are $68/person, Grantville has a great tour for $10/person (highly recommend!), Haralson’s Tour is $15/person, Senoia on the Big Screen Tour Walking Tour (in Senoia) $20/person, Woodbury Shoppe has a museum which is free but who can actually walk out of there and NOT purchase something?

    • sherry says:

      they aren’t filming again until MOnday the 28th. They are in San Diego for Comic Con. They will be in Griffin Monday!

  71. Crystal says:

    Hey TWD fans!! Does anyone know of any filming locations from July 30 to August 2? Making a detour through Senoia/Peachtree City area on the way to Hilton Head. Kids and I love the show and I would love to be able to take them to see filming. Sightseeing will be great but maybe getting a peek at some filming would thrill them!!

    • Amanda says:

      Hi crystal, me and my husband will be stopping by that way on our trio back fr Daytona fll. we are from eastern ky so fl is 14hrs away for us and on our way back we too hope to get a glimpse of filming and maybe if we are lucky get to meet and get a pic or two with Norman Reedus or other cast but we will be there aug16&17 so any info u can help me with will forever be appreciated, here’s my email iluvmypugsadie@yahoo.com and u can search me on fb too if u want, Amanda Davis Smith McRoberts Ky. Thanks so much

      • Crystal says:

        I would be happy to give you any info I find out. Also, I will let you know of the best locations for sightseeing after we go. I will definately friend request you on fb as well. I hope you and your hubby a safe and fun vacation. Always love talking to TWD fans. Take care!!

    • Michael (Terminan) says:

      In my opinion- you might have a better time mapping out locations from some of the episodes instead of trying to see actual filming- not much to see outside the set….

    • Elaine says:

      They will be filming in Atlanta Tuesday July 29th, but haven’t seen anything beyond that. You will enjoy visiting Senoia. Currently a large wall is being built there to be used for TWD for 1-3 years as approved by the Senoia City Council. I know this because I live in Senoia and it’s progress has been reported in the local paper.

  72. Ava says:

    Does anyone know where they will be filming this weekend? We will be in Griffin Saturday and Sunday.

    • Shirley G says:

      these are actual dates and locations as best as I can get for you. Dani you may want to write the info down too! This is filming in GRIFFIN GA.

      Full Road Closure:
      W Quilly St between N 13th St and Palace St
      Williams St between N 13th St. W Quilly St
      -Friday, 7/18 from 5am-11pm
      -Monday, 7/21 from 5am-11pm
      Tuesday, 7/22 from 5am-11pm

      Temporary Intermittent Traffic Control on:
      Palace St between N 10th St and Davis St
      Friday 7/18 from 5am-11pm
      Monday 7/21 from 5am-11pm
      Tuesday 7/22 from 5am-11pm

      • Amanda says:

        Hi Shirley G. Can u please email any info u can to help me on my trio there August 16&17?

      • Ashley says:

        Hey Shirley, do you know what locations they’ll be shooting for August 2 to August 6th and August 9th to August 13th? Not sure which week we’re going, but would love to take into consideration when booking our hotel!

        • Shirley says:

          From what I understand SF send out their letters to the areas of filming about a week before to prepare them and local law enforcement. Your dates may be to far ahead.

      • Susan Call says:

        Shirley G. any idea of filming locations next Friday? We are driving down from Virginia, and want to make the trip count.

        • Dani says:

          Word is they are filming next week, possibly the finale so security is super tight. I am sure they try to finish so everyone can be home by Thanksgiving!

    • Michael (Terminan) says:

      No filming this weekend.

    • Shirley says:

      these are actual dates and locations as best as I can get for you. Dani you may want to write the info down too! This is filming in GRIFFIN GA.

      Full Road Closure:
      W Quilly St between N 13th St and Palace St
      Williams St between N 13th St. W Quilly St
      -Friday, 7/18 from 5am-11pm
      -Monday, 7/21 from 5am-11pm
      Tuesday, 7/22 from 5am-11pm

      Temporary Intermittent Traffic Control on:
      Palace St between N 10th St and Davis St
      Friday 7/18 from 5am-11pm
      Monday 7/21 from 5am-11pm
      Tuesday 7/22 from 5am-11pm

      • Fred Scheit says:

        Not sure if I got that information right, that you posted about, what, 4 or 5 times?

        Could you post again?

        • Shirley says:

          Hmmmmm Fred. I’m on my cell. Clearly that’s obvious that this posting was not even for you so maybe you should back out of the conversation!!! I posted the actual dates and location for the other women who were questioning the days and times. So if you go back and relook the one posting was not posted several times under one comment it was posted under different comments on those who are quiring about information. Your a little bit creepy Fred!!!

  73. Elaine says:

    They are filming in Senoia area, specifically Rock House Rd. near Old 85 Hwy. 7/16 12 am to 7/17 12 am.

    • Susan Cll says:

      Any idea where they are filming today, July 18?

      • Dani says:

        From what I have heard, they are in Griffin today.

        • Shirley G says:

          these are actual dates and locations as best as I can get for you. Dani you may want to write the info down too! This is filming in GRIFFIN GA.

          Full Road Closure:
          W Quilly St between N 13th St and Palace St
          Williams St between N 13th St. W Quilly St
          -Friday, 7/18 from 5am-11pm
          -Monday, 7/21 from 5am-11pm
          Tuesday, 7/22 from 5am-11pm

          Temporary Intermittent Traffic Control on:
          Palace St between N 10th St and Davis St
          Friday 7/18 from 5am-11pm
          Monday 7/21 from 5am-11pm
          Tuesday 7/22 from 5am-11pm

          • Garrett S says:

            Does anybody know if they are still filming today? How close can you get and is there a chance to be an extra?

          • Susan says:

            Thanks ladies, we made it to Griffin, and saw Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln and Tyrese. We did not get up close, but they waived to us. No autographs after wrapping, but a lot of fun.

      • Shirley G says:

        these are actual dates and locations as best as I can get for you. Dani you may want to write the info down too! This is filming in GRIFFIN GA.

        Full Road Closure:
        W Quilly St between N 13th St and Palace St
        Williams St between N 13th St. W Quilly St
        -Friday, 7/18 from 5am-11pm
        -Monday, 7/21 from 5am-11pm
        Tuesday, 7/22 from 5am-11pm

        Temporary Intermittent Traffic Control on:
        Palace St between N 10th St and Davis St
        Friday 7/18 from 5am-11pm
        Monday 7/21 from 5am-11pm
        Tuesday 7/22 from 5am-11pm

  74. Ashley says:

    Dani, do you have an email I could contact you at? I wrote out a reply and it didn’t go through unfortunately!

  75. Tray says:

    In GA visiting my sister until the end of August and was wondering if any anybody knew where they would be July 18-22

    • SC says:

      I am also looking for night of the July 19th or anytime on July 20th. It would be great if anyone has any insight on filming locations for those dates? Thank you!!

    • Shirley G says:

      these are actual dates and locations as best as I can get for you. Dani you may want to write the info down too! This is filming in GRIFFIN GA.

      Full Road Closure:
      W Quilly St between N 13th St and Palace St
      Williams St between N 13th St. W Quilly St
      -Friday, 7/18 from 5am-11pm
      -Monday, 7/21 from 5am-11pm
      Tuesday, 7/22 from 5am-11pm

      Temporary Intermittent Traffic Control on:
      Palace St between N 10th St and Davis St
      Friday 7/18 from 5am-11pm
      Monday 7/21 from 5am-11pm
      Tuesday 7/22 from 5am-11pm

  76. Lynn says:

    Will they be there July 17th and 18th road trip would love to know if they will be there

  77. Ashley says:

    Hey guys, so we’re planning on visiting Georgia in August and are wondering if anyone has any recommendations for hotels to stay at? We’d love to stay as close to Grant Park if possible or to another location that has a lot of locations of scenes in.

    Also does anyone know where they will be filming for August 10-13th or is it too early to tell?

    • Dani says:

      HI Ashley! Are you wanting to definitely stay downtown or close to Senoia? I have heard great things about the Veranda B&B in Senoia (a block away from The Woodbury shoppe 😉 , the Wyndham Peachtree Conference Center (in Peachtree City) hopefully someone will chime in that has visited. Some locations are not accessible to the public (rock quarry, Hershel’s house, prison set (gone now anyway) and others). I highly recommend the Big Zombie tour 1 if you would like to see many of the downtown locations without having to fight traffic or getting lost.

      • Ashley says:

        I will definitely have to check out the ones you suggested. We had even looking at ones near Grant park, but we’ve also been considering staying in Griffin or Newnan. Staying near Senoia is an option I never even thought about until now. Near there or near where they’re filming that week would be amazing as well, so many options its hard not to feel overwhelmed! The important thing is location and price, we’re trying to stay on a budget so we can prolong our stay.

        I know there are some that can’t be accessible (even though its a shame haha), it would be amazing to know the most accessible ones to see to make the planning easier. How much do the yours usually cost? I’ve heard about them and it’s possible we could swing it.

        • Shirley says:

          We live in newnan and it is accessible to everything. Lots of places to stay also.

          • Amanda says:

            Hi Shirley, any help you can offer about where and if they will still be filming around August 16 & 17 and where a great affordable hotel is close to the filming area.i posted my email in a comment to ashley that you can contact me on if you don’t care to. Thanks so much!

      • Ashley says:

        I’ll definitely make sure to check out those places. Right now we’re trying to stay on a budget of $40-$70 a night so we can prolong our stay. We’ve found a place in Atlanta, Griffin, and Newnan and the one in Newnan is looking like a good option near many of the places. We’d love to stay centrally located to the most accessible places, however because I know some can’t be accessed unfortunately. It would also be nice to stay near where they’re filming for the week of August 10th.

    • Amanda says:

      Hi Ashley, me and my husband are traveling from eastern Ky to Daytona Fl which is 14hrs away driving for us August.10-17 but leaving Fl on the 15 to go to Ga that sat the 16 and sun the 17 to hopefully catch a look of the TWD filming there as well so any info you can help me with will be greatly appreciated such as where they will be filming and if so on sat or sun and the best places to get a good look. I’m so excited as I’m sure you are as well. I hope you get good pics and I wish you luck on getting to meet ur fav twd characters, mine are Daryl and Michone.wish me luck too!

      • Ashley says:

        Hey Amanda, we will be there around the 10th so we’re excited too! If you have an email, I can definitely keep in contact with you and let you know our experiences! We’re traveling from PA so it’s a long drive and fingers crossed it’ll be worth it! I’d love to help make your trip worth it too.

        • Amanda says:

          Ashley, my email is iluvmypugsadie@yahoo.com thank you so very much! Send me ur email as well in a quick msg to my email so we can keep in private contact and also let me know what hotel u decide on because we are on a budget as well so we will be able to do more things while there. Thanks once again

  78. Lisa Sessions says:

    Any idea where they will be on July 24-25, 2014?! My sister and I are headed on a road trip and want to see if they are shooting still!!

  79. Dale F. says:

    Was driving down Hospital Road in Newnan a couple of weeks back and the old hospital was sealed off by security and folks were sitting in chairs across the street waiting to get a glimpse. The hospital has been fenced off for a few years now since they moved to a new Piedmont Hospital a few miles away. Overgrown, abandoned look for sure. Who knows what has happened to the inside of the years. Would not take mush to get that “post-apocalyptic” look. People are fighting the county to turn it into a mental health hospital.

  80. Elysia Silver says:

    where will TWD be filmed on july 10th?????

    • Shirley says:

      They will be in Griffin Georgia today from 5 PM to five in the morning

      • Susan says:

        Shirley, please post where they are filming on July 17 and 18 when you find out.

        • Shirley G says:

          these are actual dates and locations as best as I can get for you. Dani you may want to write the info down too! This is filming in GRIFFIN GA.

          Full Road Closure:
          W Quilly St between N 13th St and Palace St
          Williams St between N 13th St. W Quilly St
          -Friday, 7/18 from 5am-11pm
          -Monday, 7/21 from 5am-11pm
          Tuesday, 7/22 from 5am-11pm

          Temporary Intermittent Traffic Control on:
          Palace St between N 10th St and Davis St
          Friday 7/18 from 5am-11pm
          Monday 7/21 from 5am-11pm
          Tuesday 7/22 from 5am-11pm

          • laura says:

            Hi Shirley! Do you know of any future filming locations? I live about 4 hours from Senoia and am wanting to plan a trip to go see. It would mean so much to me if you could help me out!!!

          • Shirley says:

            Laura. If you go in Facebook and go to THE SPOILING DEAD they will give you all the info you need. These are die hard fans.

  81. Deana says:

    Ill be in Newnan next week, any idea the current filming locations?

    • Kevin says:

      I just saw 7 production trucks go by my house in the past 30 minutes heading toward Griffin, doesn’t mean they will be there next week by any means. They don’t sit still long often moving by the day.

    • Shirley says:

      They will be in Griffin Georgia today from 5 PM to five in the morning

  82. Brian says:

    I am in Senoia right now but for the life of me can’t find where Rick escaped the mob, leaving his “walker bomb” or am I an idiot and missing something.

    • Mike B. says:

      Are you referring to the house that he and Carl were in and he hid under the bed?

    • Fred Scheit says:

      Do you mean in S04E11, where Rick hides under the bed?

      If so, look at the Walking Dead Locations Google Map for “Rick and Carl take shelter”.

  83. Sam Evans says:

    I went by the filming location near senoia and got stopped by a police officer because they didn’t want people on the set but I managed to get my hands on a sign that says SF and an arrow sf meaning season five of course. I wanted to make sure it was twd so we asked the cop and he confirmed it.

  84. Holly says:

    Hello fellow TWD fans!! I’m currently in Newnan, GA visiting my sister & her family (who have lived here about 8 or so months) We drove through Griffin & Senoia on our way here, but did not stop as we’re planning a longer “tour” on our way back to Savannah next weekend. With that said, we are heading to the “old” hospital on Selt & Newnan Bypass on Monday 😀 My daughter is so excited; I’m almost afraid she’ll do something stupid & get arrested *laughs* I will happily send in pictures if we see anything worthwhile & if not, it’ll just be cool to meet other fans!

  85. Ashley says:

    Do we know how far along in summer they film/the chances of meeting one or a few of them? Live up north and considering a trip down, but want to make sure it’s worth it before saving up (of course seeing the places will be beyond worth it already but still wanted to check in).

    • Shirley G says:

      It’s really so hard to tell, you just never know which character you’re going to meet on any given day!! I’m outskirts of Meriwether County I have met Norman and had pictures taken. My ex-father-in-law’s is mayor of Woodbury Georgia so you just never know who where or when you might see someone!!!!! Your best bet is to look up the walking dead tour in Atlanta Georgia and they take you to all of the different locations and places but you just never know who you might meet. Grantville Georgia is another awesome location with Mayor Jim, they are always having the walking dead Cast dropping in and taking pictures with fans!!! Glenn and Maggie have been there Daryl has been there!! Mayor Jim Gives an awesome awesome tour!!!

      • Dawn says:

        The mayor of “Woodbury,” huh???

        • Shirley G says:

          Yes, Dawn. Not Woodbury as in the town on TWD! The real Woodbury Ga Dear!! I said my ex father in law as well. I also found out he was over run this term. So he too is an Ex now!!!

      • Ashley says:

        Thanks, Shirley G! We’ve decided to forgo a beach vacation in lieu of this vacation because my cousin and I are huge fans. I’d love for my little cousin to be able to meet a few of them, he’d love it! Do you have an email? I’d love to stay in contact/hear your experiences!

        Does anyone know how long they film for during the summer? We’re shooting for the beginning of august, but would love to be there while filming!

        • Shirley G says:


          Check out the different sites for the walking dead tours. They are filming in Newnan ga now. Also Griffin ga.

        • sherry says:

          Hey Ashley! Just a little info. Go to The Spoiling Dead Fans on facebook. They will let you know when and where they will be filming. Good luck! Also, they usually film through Oct sometimes Nov. But, you never really know from year to year if that might change.

    • Michael (Terminan) says:

      Filming lasts until mid Nov. No guarantees you will see or meet any of the cast- but ya never know 😉

    • sherry says:

      Hey Ashley! I will say this, chances are better meeting some of the cast on the last day of where they are filming. Say for instance, if they’re filming 2 days in Newnan, than a good chance is to come on the 2nd day. I’ve been lucky the last 2 times I’ve been to watch them film. Some came out one day and the next time some came out. They are good about coming out but it’s just not alllll the time! Let me know when you plan to come to town in advance and I can give you all the info I have and maybe we can meet up at one point. I’ve been 5 times now and the last 2 times got to meet some of the cast! It’s pretty awesome! :) Best of luck, Sherry

      • Jodi says:

        Sherry do you know where they are filming the week of July 14th. We are coming down from Ohio and it would be awesome to see some filming!

        • sherry says:

          Tues, July 14th, they will be in Senoia on Rock House road between Old Ga 85 and Crawford rd. and in Griffin Friday the 18th on Quilly st /Palace st/N 13th st.

          • Michelle says:

            Any idea what the schedule looks like from august 9th to August 28? My 26 year old has Cerebral Palsy and goes to a special needs camp just 2 hours away. She’s a HUGE fan and I would love to surprise her!

      • Ashley says:

        Thanks, Sherry! I’ll definitely keep that in mind, it would be GREAT to be able to have that opportunity. Do you know where they will be filming from August 9th to the 13th?

        • sherry says:

          no sorry ashley! don’t know yet for then..they usually send a business flyer out and its normally a few days before filming. keep in touch though. i might can find out in a week or two!

          • Ashley says:

            Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, the notification went to my spam for some reason! I’d love for you to let me know when you can, it would be so nice to actually meet them! We’re already beginning to get excited for this trip and that would just be the icing on top of the cake!

      • Amanda Smith says:

        Hi Sherry, do u have an email where I can ask u a few questions about tour info there? I’m traveling from eastern Ky 14hrs to Daytona Fl aug 10-15 then 6hrs fr Fl to Senoia in high hopes to get a glimpse of filming or some cast of TWD, I would be ever so thankful for any help u can offer me and my husband. Here is my email iluvmypugsadie@yahoo.com, I’m sorry to be a bother.

      • Jason Sloan says:

        I’m in Atlanta for business 7/24 & 7/25 any location scoops for these dates?

  86. Lisa says:

    Took a special trip up to Georgia from Florida today…and found the film crew setting up at an old hospital in Newnan…intersection of Selt Road and Hospital Road. Good luck!

    • sherry says:

      Went to Newnan, Ga today to watch filming. Was there 11 hours and disappointed did not get to see any filming or no one doing autographs:( All we saw was setup crew doing stuff around the hospital here and there and security doing their thang! oh well, better luck next time I guess! It was still fun to be out there just across the road and meeting different fans!

      • sherry says:

        Also, just an FYI for anyone that’s interested. They will be filming at the old hospital in Newnan ,Ga til next Tuesday!

        • Shirley G says:

          We live in Newnan and so sorry but right now they’re filming in Griffin Georgia!! Old hospital road was the season four.

          • Dani says:

            That is very possible they are also in Griffin, but they are also in Newnan. Saw it with my own eyeballs yesterday.

          • sherry says:

            Me and a friend went up to Newnan again today to watch the film. Yes, they are def at hospital road location. They are suppose to be there through tues then Friday they will head back to Griffin to film.

      • Dani says:

        It is fun meeting fellow fans even if you don’t see anything else. I did a drive by yesterday and waved at all the fans standing in the rain :) might go today if the weather isn’t too bad.

        • sherry says:

          yes it is still very fun! and you prob seen me out there. We were there in the rain .

        • Shirley G says:

          Might be crew picking up a few things. Our next-door neighbor is helping with security for the walking dead so I know for fact that they are in Griffin Georgia right now. Hope that helps you out a little more

          • sherry says:

            There is either some confusion or something but I was there again today in Newnan and they are still at the hospital road location. I saw a couple of cast members with my own eyes! I know they are suppose to be going to Griffin next week to film some more.

      • Ray Smith says:

        Any idea where they will be shooting on June 18th/19th?

  87. heatherescoe says:

    Could swear I saw some of the same signs used in Senoia, here in Athens last week.

  88. Sean B says:

    We were In Senoia on Friday. Moving trucks, Semis carrying grass, and a firetruck all around from the studio. Raleigh-Studios in Senoia. Couldn’t get in obviously but drove down that road. Senoia is a nice little town full of nick-nack shops. They had a Walking Dead Shop, which was cool. They are filming in griffin right now, and Im from Texas and Im here in Georgia. Were headed to Terminus in about 30 mins.

    • Vickie Simmons says:

      I am headed they tomorrow May 28th. So where in Griffin are they filming?

    • sherry says:

      Hi, we are heading up to Senoia this afternoon to check out some of the old filming areas. You mentioned they are now filming in Griffin . Do you know if they’re still there or where abouts? Any info is helpful! Thank you:)

  89. Kevin says:

    Then again, I have seen the film crew start early to stage and film the scenes that they use in the opening to the show. They never really changed them last season so that’s a possibility.

    • LoveDaryl says:

      Now that it is mid-April, has anyone sited activity at the Terminus location?

      • Matt Maggard says:

        Was there yesterday. Crews are working and a security man in a suit stood at the gate. He was polite and told me there were no tours as the site was top secret.

        • pirateprecious says:

          How close can you get? I have some VIPs coming in town and they wanted to visit. It’s be nice to get a pic with Terminus in the background. Thanks for the site.

          • Angie P. says:

            I was there last week and we were able to take some nice photos outside of the fence. The gate was locked with a no trespassing sign on it. If the street in front of Terminus is still open, you can get some nice shots with the building in the background. The letters for “Terminus” were covered with plywood boards last week.

  90. Kevin says:

    Not to rarain on your parade but most likely you ran into filming on Rectify, which is also owned by AMC and shoots around Griffin and surrounding areas.

    • Rectify is actually a project of The Sundance Channel, not AMC. Ray McKinnon, the U.S. attorney on Sons of Anarchy is the show’s creator, head writer, and frequent director. I worked on season two, episodes one and two (background).

      • Oh, I forgot to mention that, yes, Rectify films in Griffin, but they are on location occasionally, too. The two episodes I worked on we’re filmed in southwest Atlanta. I can’t say where specifically because it might reveal potential spoilers.

        Helpful Hint: to find out where your favorite shows might be filmed, do a records search for city council and county commission meeting minutes. It’s not always easy, but occasionally you’ll find notes recent enough to let you know about road closures coming up and why. Sometimes the notes are specific and once in a while it will even name the show.

        Many of the railroad tracks scenes were filmed in Brooks, and I was able to visit the set. I didn’t say anything g at the time online because I saw Chandler Riggs on the set and I didn’t want to give spoilers. But that set location is already over on the show.

      • Kevin says:

        It filters down to Sundance, but AMC is the ownership company. Recently did some work for the upper ranks of the project and it all answers to AMC. They actually purchased a couple properties for recurring sets nearby and AMC writes the checks.

        • Interesting. AMC is a winner. Nothing but hits.

          • Kevin says:

            They definitely like the area and as a resident it’s fun having them here…I think a big part of it is how they can do their thing without alot of publicity and we all respect them being here. Hopefully things will continue like the past few years and everybody is happy.

  91. Adam says:

    I went to where the Scene was filmed of Daryl at the Intersection and later where Joe comes across him to this afternoon, as wanted to have a look, especially with it being so near where I live and I turned off Poplar Rd to be met by a police car blocking the entrance to Bill Hart Rd. Apparently I was told that it was closed, except to people living on the street itself. This got my curiosity up and I attempted trying to get to it from the other side, only to find a police car blocking that end of it also. No explanation was given to it being closed, except to residents. But it doesent take a rock scientist to work out, it must have been due to filming. Know it’s a little early for Season 5, so maybe shooting additional scenes and tweaking next Weeks big Finale Episode. Perhaps a Scene showing one of the other groups walking the same way that Daryl had. Then again perhaps they are going for an early start on Season 5, in the hope of making it easier to film, esp if everyone doesn’t think they begin filming until May!!!

    • “Rock scientist” or not, if the road was actually closed because of filming, it might not necessarily be WD. With Raleigh Studios one town away in Senoia, they shoot other stuff around here too. They were shooting the next Hunger Games in downtown Newnan at the end of last year and I have run across Drop Dead Diva shoots a couple of times not far from my house, between Newnan and Senoia.

      It’s also possible it was closed for other reasons. They have been working on the RR tracks between Newnan and Senoia recently and those tracks run next to, and cross, the road down there too. It might be as simple as the road being closed due to track work. They have closed several other roads along the same tracks recently while fixing track crossings.

      That’s not to say it couldn’t be a WD shoot, but there are several other possible explanations too.

  92. Chris says:

    Yes she is correct. I found it today as well as the track side building that Daryl stayed in with Joe and his boys. CLAIMED it to be located at 160 W Bank St, Griffin, GA

  93. Angie says:

    Do you know where Terminus is located?

    • Dani says:

      Yes! “Terminus” is located close to downtown Atlanta in Mechanicsville. We will add it to our map shortly. ( Google: Windsor ST SW Atlanta )

      • Angie says:

        Great! I’m visiting family in my hometown in GA next month and want to see some of the locations. Love this website!

        • Kasey says:

          We drove down from ohio and thanks to your website we got to see everything we wanted and had a blast! My husband found Terminus and I have a picture…can I email it to you? Thanks again for all the info!

      • Mike says:

        Weren’t they originally going to use “Plant Yates” in Newnan for something? I was hoping this was going to be the Terminus site.

        • They did. It was in the background in the scene where Daryl got the car stuck on the pile of walkers. It was supposed to either be the veterinary college they were headed to, or along the way. If they did any filming in or around the buildings themselves, they either aren’t going to show it or just haven’t yet.

          • Mike says:

            With the Terminus site being located right off the I-75/I-85 connector, I doubt they film there long, thoughts?

          • Diane says:

            To Mike, the neighbor we spoke with said they have been told two more episodes with the option of coming back later in the filming season if needed. He also said some of the workers will be arriving this week to get things set up.

      • Maria says:

        Does anyone know how crime is in that area? I want to stop by but that area seems very sketchy.

        • Diane says:

          My husband and I have been there twice. It’s a family type neighborhood with kids shooting baskets or playing in the yards. In fact, a gentleman leaving his driveway stopped to talk with us and told us things he’d seen. He was quite lovely and wished me ‘God bless’ before driving off. Even tho Terminus is on the far end of a street with some boarded up houses, we never felt unsafe.

          • Fred Scheit says:

            Ah, but the Termites were nice at first!

            Seriously, where ever and what ever location you visit, be aware of your surroundings . . . and have an escape route planned!

    • JC says:

      Located in Atlanta, just west of Turner Field next to the Norfolk Southern Railroad mainline at the intersection of Ormond St and Windsor St. GPS 33 43’54” N – 84 23’54″W

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  95. Melissa says:

    I just wanted to sincerely thank you guys here on this site. Without you I would have never found any of these filming locations and never ventured out this past weekend to seek them out. It was amazing to experience what the characters do in the show. Walking road side, alone. Through the woods alone. Scared.. nothing around you and everything looks and feels just like the show. Once you get that Walking Dead experience and put yourself in the character’s shoes, you just get it. You feel their emotions. I just don’t know how to put it but go out and travel to ATL and you’ll see what I mean! P.S.. We took a huge risk, past the trespassing signs at the “Prison”. No one bothered us and there was nothing to see except Raleigh Studios and the grey army looking buses used in the show. These directions are 110% accurate and if I had more time I would have also attempted Hershel’s Farm. I know we shouldn’t as fans cause it gives us a bad look, I get it but the journalist in me just wants to know. Another tid-bit– yes someone is also renting out both Rick’s house and Morgan’s. We actually met the woman renting Rick’s house named Jenny. Very nice but please.. word of advice from me from Jenny–please don’t go past the house steps. She states people go there all times of the day and night doing all sorts of things so have respect for that. As for Hershel’s Farm.. I would have also done that from a distance as respect but keep in mind.. they have no problem of you taking pics but try not to cross any lines and proceed with respect. Jenny was cool. So overall, the hospital had to be my favorite. Completely abandoned like the world just upped and left. Completely creeped out and free to roam. Best place to see by far. Trust me! Didn’t get to much cause of time so make sure to leave early and expect to take a whole day if not 2! But it’s wayyy more amazing to just map out the tour yourself than to just do the paid tour. Do your research would be my last piece of advice 😉 Thanks again Walking Dead Locations. Already can’t wait to head back to ATL!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Melissa. I’m glad that you enjoyed taking a look around at the various locations. Sounds like you had a really good time, and that’s the entire purpose of the site and the information I put out. I also thank you for the tips you mentioned for other fans who may visit sites. Yes, many of the locations are private property and that’s always good to keep in mind when visiting them.

      Thank you again!

      • Hugh says:

        Are the RR track scenes done on those abandoned tracks just north of Raleigh studios?

      • Melissa says:

        I also just wanted to share some update photos of the “Hospital”, “Sheriff Station”, “Woodbury” and near the “Prison” (Which is Raleigh Studios) where the grey army buses they are currently using in this season and past season is being held) and the garden where Milton was speaking to Andrea and many more. What is the best way to send them the quickest to you guys. Too many email address to really know :)

        • chad says:

          I am headed there next week to look around and see some sights. How did you get near the prison?

          • Dani says:

            There is a lot to see but the prison isn’t one of them it is the back lot of Raleigh studios and is not open to the public. I am assuming they are done with the prison set since it was mentioned on Talking Dead that most of the cast showed up for the filming of Ep 10 “Inmates” because it was like saying goodbye to a fellow cast member (the prison).

          • Fred Scheit says:

            I seem to recall seeing a mention somewhere about some prison props in the Woodbury Shoppe in Senoia?

          • Dani says:

            yes, prison props and a certain someone’s motorcycle! Can’t wait to see!

          • Melissa says:

            I just used the directions from this site but there is no Prison. It was something built by Raleigh Studios. The only thing you will see is no trespassing signs, the buses to the far right, guard post and Raleigh Studio’s sign. But nothing else from “The Prison.”

    • Shirley G says:

      Hershel’s farm is privately owned and not visible from the road. It is also not available on MapQuest as location is private!!! However my husband and I have been to the farm and we do know it’s location!!!! Fantastic I must say!!! Many many perks living in Newnan Georgia!!!!

      • Tina says:

        I have found a address for the farm but not sure if it’s correct and also the address of ricks house and the house where Carl eats the pudding hope they r correct when we get to GA :)

        • If you’re referring to Hershel’s farmhouse, it’s not terribly difficult to find but it is private property and, unfortunately, you cannot see it from any public roads. However, the other houses you mentioned are easily viewable. Be safe, enjoy your trip, and have a good time! :)

  96. Jake says:

    So who’s up to saying were a “group of producers” for a new show on fox an would like a tour of the facilities at Raleigh to see if we want to film our new show there?!? I’m kidding but that would be awesome!

  97. mary says:

    what city in GA was the “after” episode shot at? I love the neighborhood Rick and Carl hid at.

  98. ROBERTO SOROA says:


  99. Michelle says:

    Hi! Like everyone else on here, I would love to visit the filming locations of TWD. Does anyone know where the 2nd part of season 4 is being filmed and how long the shooting will last? I knew to this part of everything, but would love to learn as much as I can for when I get a chance to visit. Thanks!

  100. Kenny says:

    Southern Colorado, outside of walsenburg or pueblo ould be a great area,.. lots of trees…

  101. darlene says:

    HI Dani, Long time no see. Any chance you’re going to Chicago? If not, I hope to see you in Atlanta.

    • Dani says:

      HI Darlene! Not going to Chicago, haven’t decided if I will go to Atlanta either depends when it is and who will be there.

  102. brenda says:

    where is the exact location of the prison?? i cant find it on the map..

    • Dani says:

      The prison is actually a set built on the back lot of Raleigh studios in Senoia.

    • Find Chestlehurst Road in Senoia using Google maps. Once you’ve found it, click over to satellite view and it is easy to see the studio buildings. Directly below the buildings, at about 5 o’clock, you can see the perimeter of the prison fence. Using the largest closeup view you can also easily see the shadows cast by the guard towers at the fence corners.

    • It’s labeled as “The Prison” on the map (on the left-hand side of the page). However, here’s a direct link to its location.

      • Heidi Lyn says:

        Anyone know if they do tours or allow photo’s to be taken of the prison set?…I’m from Ontario, Canada and driving to Ft. Ogle Thorpe, GA to visit some friends/family and I wanted to take a drive down and see a bunch of the sites from filming! :) Especially the prison and the farm! #HUGE Fan :)

        • The farmhouse and prison locations are pretty popular, unfortunately they’re also the only two locations that I can think off of the top of my head which are completely inaccessible to fans. The studio doesn’t allow anyone on the property, and security will stop you. The farmhouse sits far off the roads and can’t be seen from public property and the driveway is gated and locked.

  103. Paul says:

    WOW!!!..Off topic, but I believe this is the first comment/thread I’ve ever encountered on the internet in my 20 -/+ yrs where everyone is completely curteous, respectful, and thankful to one another. Really…All yahoo(or any website containing comment sections for that matter)comments on nearly all articles ALWAYS include some comment poking fun of the topic or most commonly the commenter(s). Way To Go Fellow Fans!!! I couldnt be prouder to be a part of such an INCREDIBLE Fan Base…KUDOS :)

    • DEBORAH KEOUGH says:


  104. well in the Graphic Novel they were barricaded at a school and guess what it was my school Wyandotte High School of Kck ^_^ i hope they film there lol it would be awesome cause our school has a really dark past but then again there is other places that would be awesome but yea…..

  105. sebastian says:


  106. Kevin says:

    In the seaason 2 DVD extras, the barn was built with plans to burn it down.

  107. Kevin says:

    I believe that is Freedom Parkway on the east side of Atlanta if I remember correctly.

  108. Kevin says:

    There is something significant with the RR tracks in the second half. Many filming locations late in the season were locations with tracks. Maybe their rendezvous plan…maybe walkers struggle to walk on them…Guess we will find out…

  109. sebastian says:

    Is it just me or do 99% of the real life locations look nothing like on the show?
    Some, like the rick/gov meeting place do, but others like downtown Atlanta looks super different.

  110. Fabio says:

    Hey, looks like the lake the governor is using to hide the walkers of people he killed is located right next to the prison!

  111. I had a crazy idea earlier. I just took a peek at the Google image of the Prison. The side of the Prison that’s the recognizable exterior from the series is on the opposite side of the road anyway, so driving to it would be pointless. With that being said, has anyone tried to hike through the wooded area and sneek a peek? This would involve parking a distance away and hiking through woods but it would be TOTALLY worth it. I was wondering if anyone had tried it, and if there are fences, etc. I’m guessing it’s on someone’s land, but you never know.

    • Lauren says:

      The closest you can get is by the railroad tracks it’s heavily guarded from all sides as well as cameras everywhere. I had a friend try and he was arrested for trespassing :(

      • Randall Jackson says:

        u cant walk on the tracks.. what about now that their done filming at the prison?

        • sebastian says:

          well they may be using those tracks for the second half of season 4. If you look at the poster for the second half, it has Rick and Carl on tracks. chances are they will want to use locations near previous/current locations, so odds are they aren’t done there.

  112. Bill says:

    Hey fellow fans. I live about five minuets from the studio and saw them moving the trailers and support vehicles today. They were headed North toward Fayetteville on HWY 85. I don’t know where they were headed can’t wait to find out though.

  113. Brittany says:

    Looking for info for friday the 15th, will be in and around the area all day. If you can help let me know, would love to say hi to some folks and try to catch a peek at some of our #teamprison folks

  114. I just found out about this site, awesome. I would love to come visit these sites, though my husband would think it was a complete waste of time and money! lol are they always done with filming the season by thanksgiving? I have family around Atlanta and we live in sc, so not too terribly far to travel. a friend was there a couple of weeks ago and managed to snap a pic of daryl around the set

    • Yes, they will finish by Thanksgiving. Andrew Lincoln said last week that their goal is to finish by November 22nd (a week from Friday).

      I don’t think visiting the sites is a waste of time, necessarily, if you plan it out correctly and have fun while you’re doing it (food, drink, etc.).

      Only a handful (at best) of the actors will still be around after next week. Lincoln and Cohan will go home (David Morrissey already left, which might mean something to the plot), and Emily Kinney and Norman Reedus will go back to New York. IronE Singleton will still be here (well, he’s off the show now) and Melissa McBride lives in Atlanta.

      I will say this, however: Emily Kinney is playing with her band in town on the 25th of November. Who knows who else will show up to watch. I bet she won’t be the only famous person in the crowd.

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  116. Gene says:

    Is the scene where Rick leaves Carol behind filmed in the same subdivision where Shane took Andrea to teach her to shoot?

    • I don’t believe so. I believe the location where Shane taught Andrea to shoot was somewhere on the studio’s property. Since it’s next to impossible to get on there, it’s hard to know for sure. However, I do know there haven’t been any reports of them filming in that subdivision prior to this season.

    • Magz says:

      Shane took Andrea to the corner of Victoria Trace and Eagles Run roughly 3 miles
      from the prison filming location or about 2 miles from Hershel’s farm location.
      The scene where Rick and Carol part company was filmed in Tuscany Lane, Griffin.

  117. Stella says:

    Where are they filming today?

  118. Lisa says:

    Where and when are they filming next?

  119. s3v3ns240 says:

    Alright well thanks for that info. I was just at Stone Mt. on vacation and on our way back we stopped buy Senoia and a couple other places that I had pre planned for the trip but it wasn’t until I got home and found this awesome site that I knew how close I was to the prison and the farm house while in Senoia. But from what you described it doesn’t look like it would have done me much good either way cause like you said they are on private property, so thanks for the info and keep up the good work.

  120. Jana K says:

    We already knew the farm was private property, so we didnt even try finding it. But as you cross the railroad tracks looking for the prison you will find a guard shack. The sound of you diving over the train tracks is their que to come out of the shack. On the left you will see the Raleigh Studios sign and by that point you realize you better turn around. LOL We took a pic of the Studio sign and make a u-turn. LOL

  121. Amanda says:

    Are they currently still filming on location in Ga?

  122. martha says:

    anyone know were there next local going to be at ..please let me know thanks

    • Grantville, Georgia. Check the local newspapers there. I had a hard time nailing down the date, but the location director got permission from the city counsel to film in the Grantville cemetery. They asked for the end of October (keep in mind that November 1st is on a Friday, and WalkerStalkerCon begins that day, so they won’t be filming Friday, Saturday and Sunday…but I could be wrong about that as not all actors film at the same time).

      They are going back to visit Morgan (he’ll be in the episode).

      That’s all I know. I don’t know if they will be doing day shoots or night shoots, and I can’t pin down the exact dates. I work all day each day, but if I find out something I’ll head down there myself (though I suspect they’ll have a 100-mile barrier). 😉

      If you can add to my info, post it.

  123. Jana K says:

    We used this website to get physical addresses. http://www.findlatitudeandlongitude.com/find-address-from-latitude-and-longitude/
    We put in the Lat. and Long. from the Walking Dead Location Map.

  124. Jana K says:

    My husband and I did a road trip vacation and stopped by many of the filming site and had a blast doing it. Ricks house, CDC, Zombie Arena, The Bar, The Pharmacy, Morgans Apt, Motel where Merle hotwired the car, the Mill where merle died, “Woodbury”, The Steakhouse, jsut to name a few…The prison and farm are indeed both private/studio property. We took pics all along the way and had a great time.

    • Tanya Ratliff says:

      Jana K, my husband and I are wantin to do the same thing tomorrow, can you tell me where all these things are located or where you found the information for it? Thank You

    • Rick says:

      Are you able to at least drive up to the Prison and or the Farmhouse to take pictures or is there no access what so ever?

      • Dani says:

        No access. The prison set is behind the studio. The farm is not visible from the road (check out the Google map) and from what I am told, it is a working farm and they don’t want tourists. Both are private property.

        • sebastian says:

          I saw the farm on Google maps, but I didn’t see the barn anywhere. Was it just a temporary structure or a studio or what? And wouldn’t a working farm have a barn?

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  126. Chad Miller says:

    Heard they filmed at an old gas station not to far from elders mill waterfall. Went there and snapped a few photos of my car there! Cant remember the location excatly.

    • BradS says:

      See my other post a few above this one for the location of the gas station.

      • BradS says:

        Forgot to mention, the gas station is roughly a mile from the Elder’s Mill waterfall. Coming from the waterfall take the first right (Deep South Road) and follow that to where it ends at Johnson Road. The gas station is on the corner to the right.

  127. bill says:

    oct 14 : milner ga.

  128. ric says:


  129. ric says:

    theres no prison, its just a set and part of Raleigh film studios. theres a guard at the gate.

  130. ric says:

    On Monday I am planning on heading where ever they are filming. any ideas where they are filming on oct 14?

    • ric says:

      you cant access the prison. its just a set, its part of Raleigh film studios. I was there twice. you cant get passed the guard at the gate.

    • Fred Scheit says:

      This is trespassing – pure and simple.

      And not a laughing matter, nothing to make light of, and certainly should be discouraged by all here on this site.

      There have been other instances of trespassing, and it gives the true fans of the show a bad name.

      Don’t even consider it.

      • Dani says:

        Agreed Fred, I have always said the prison and the farm are private property (among other sites). There are so many sites to see without trespassing on private property, and I apologize if anything was construed otherwise.

        • darlene says:

          Agreed. I think i just got so excited that i was letting it get the best of me. Im embarrassed now that i was considering it. Am having the time of my life here. TO ALL THE LOCALS…..YOU ARE ALL AMAZING!!!!

  131. darlene says:

    Dani, Ive emailed Walker Stalkers and haven’t gotten a responce regarding the actual tour sites. We don’t want to visit any of the same ones on Saturday. Do you know what the individual sites are?

    • Dani says:

      I am sure they are super busy with the party and con planning! What probably won’t be on the tour: the Atlanta sites, Grantville, Elder’s Mill and south of Covington.
      I went on their tour for the finale and we visited Senoia, Haralson, the ‘The Arena’ S3E1 in Newnan, Sharpsburg, Deer Cooler “Seed” S3E1. the Church in S2E1. Senoia is great, I showed a few people some of the sites they would have missed :) My Twitter: @Dani_TWDfan if you need any more help

  132. darlene says:

    Thanks Dani, I guess I was wondering if there’s any chance that any cast members will be around on Oct 12th?

    • Dani says:

      Never know, but they don’t normally film on the weekend*. Last year, the main cast members had a season premiere party in California (I think, not positive). There MIGHT be a surprise guest(s) at the WS premiere party, crossing fingers!
      *Some cast members were around this weekend, see that is why I say – you never know!)

  133. darlene says:

    ric, any idea of when filming will end before the premiere?

  134. Walker Stalker says:

    ric, this week they are on Dead Oak Road outside Senoia and then they are supposed to be near Plyant Road in Senoia later this week. There is rain moving through Georgia today Tue 9-24-13 so filming may be temporarily delayed.

  135. ric says:

    Any news about filming location for beginning of October? I live in ft. benning and am still hoping they will come this way :-) but I will take a short trip to Senoia either end of this week or beginning of next

  136. darlene says:

    We sure will Dani. Tho I don’t know how many tics were sold, I imagine hundreds upon hundreds. I want to meet you in person to say hi so I will do my best to locate you. I doubt we are dressing up either. (don’t think Id do a good enough job lol) Everyone on this site gets a big thank you. It is so wonderful that this information is put out for all of the fans.

  137. darlene says:

    I cannot begin to thank you for that information Dani! I just bought tics. We are over the moon excited!!! YOU ROCK

    • Dani says:

      Fantastic! Hope you have a great time and the weather is nice. See you at the party, I don’t think I am dressing up as a zombie so I will either wear my white Science Dog shirt or Woodbury Cafe shirt so hunt me down and say hi!

  138. darlene says:

    help. This website and everyone on it is awesome!

  139. darlene says:

    We are coming Oct 12th. Since the walker stalker party is sold out, does anyone know of any other parties where we can watch the premiere ect? We are staying in Senoia but will gladly go anywhere close. Thanks for your

  140. Ric says:

    Does anyone know about any road closures or possible filming tomorrow Monday 16th and throughout the week? I live on ft.benning an hour away from Senoia and might take a quick trip to Senoia. I was at the filming on pylant street but didn’t get lucky to see any of the actors…just tons of crew members and blacked out Mercedes vans.

    • Walker Stalker says:

      They are at Griffin Country Club off Pine Hill Rd today and tomorrow.
      Later this week probably back in Senoia near Plyant Road.

  141. Glenda Jackson says:

    Wow! I love this site! It is so awesome! I am a huge Walking Dead fan! I live in California and would love to visit GA and some of the sites and tours! Thanks for this awesome page!

  142. Walker Stalker says:

    Reese & McIntosh Trail were blocked on Friday the September 13th. Fans were able to sit in the grass nearby, but a few who attempted to park on Reese up the road from Base Camp were told by Coweta County Sheriff to move their vehicles. Filming took place in the evening at the top of the ‘hill’ on Mcintosh Trail as you turn from Reese Road. Large light shining into the trees at the top of the hill. Supposed to have set something on fire up there, too. Coweta County FD was on scene as of about 7 p.m. that night.

    • Elaine Mitchell says:

      I passed by there several times in the day and once at night. I saw a few people near the intersection of McIntosh and Reese. I also saw the light on the hill. There is a farm at the top of the hill, but no one lives there now. I went to an estate sale there about 6 months ago. Did you hear about an actor injured in an accident during filming Sept. 6 on Dead Oak Rd.? The story was on the front page of The Newnan Times-Herald Friday, Sept. 13. It was a walker in a scene where he is shot and falls into the road. The driver of a 2-1/2 ton military vehicle was supposed to stop short of running over him. However, the truck’s brakes malfunctioned, and the truck ran over the midsection of the actor. The driver quickly backed up. The actor suffered injuries to his lower extremities, was treated and immobilized and was airlifted to Atlanta Medical Center. The actor was released on Monday Sept. 9 and his injuries were not life-threatening.

  143. Elaine Mitchell says:

    I drove past the filming site (Turin/Sharpsburg) this evening on my way to the store. On one corner of Reese Rd and McIntosh Trail there is a JLG aerial lift, raised to about 5 or 6 stories high with a very bright light shining down on the filming site. Earlier in the day, I was able to see that McIntosh Trail had been transformed by spreading a lot of leaves on it to give the appearance of not being used for awhile. I also saw 2 vans pull out of the base camp behind me. One was black with heavily tinted windows. They turned right on Odom Rd. to get to the other end of McIntosh Trail. Filming continues Thursday and Friday so I will post more if I see anything.

  144. sherry says:

    i’m sorry , road closure? does this mean the road is closed or? so , no one can watch the filming at the turin/sharpsburg filming ? :(

    • Dani says:

      They will close the road while filming, if at all possible. Security is super tight. Hard to see anything even if you do get close.

      • sherry says:

        why is security so tight these days? use to fans could watch the filming ,see the characters, get autographs etc…have they had some “crazy fan incidences ” or? ..maybe they don’t like giving away spoilers anymore ! either way, boo hoo! a girlfriend and i were planning to make a trip to Ga to try to catch some of the filming but seems from everyone they have the places on lockdown :(

        • Walker Stalker says:

          Security is “so tight” as you put it because there are mucho spoilers for this season 4. Lotta people gonna die, lotta people gonna cry. At least one main character is going to be dead by the end, the Governor is who-knows-where (although he’s been in the cities of Griffin, Turin, Thomason and Senoia filming scenes…) and Michonne HAS A FREAKING HORSE. YES. HORSE + KATANA = BADASS

          So you see, my dear, that AMC, Robert Kirkland and, well, basically anyone who has AMC sign their paycheck for Walking Dead does not want any thing to be spoiled out or leaked before these episodes air.

          Spoiler: IT’S GOING TO BE AWESOME

          • sherry says:

            well , yes! i totally understand but it still sucks for twd fans:( —you say its gonna be awesome, but sounds like its gonna suck:( lol..i hope rick dont die! but thanks for your input on this! until then, keep walkin dead! :) cant wait Oct 13th! :)

  145. Elaine Mitchell says:

    Filming Sept. 11-13 in Turin/Sharpsburg (road closure and base camp is set up). Filmed 2 miles east of Senoia Sept. 6. Filmed in Turin/Sharpsburg Sept. 4 (road closure and base camp was set up). I know this because I live within 2 miles of the Turin filmings and drive by every day.

    • Pat says:

      Hi. We live in north Florida, amd we would like to catch a look at some filming: Or at least get near it. Do you have any idea where they will be on Monday sept 16 ?

  146. Matt says:

    Has anyone ever found the filming location to the Cold Storage Web Episodes?

  147. John Smith says:

    turin, georgia and later griffin, georgia again

  148. Tracey says:

    Thomaston, Ga last I heard

  149. Team TWD says:

    does anyone know where they are filming now..i heard they’ve started up filming again. any help is much appreciated!

  150. darlene says:

    much appreciated!!

  151. darlene says:

    Hello all. Am going to Ga Out 11th. Am finding it difficult to find the location of “the big spot” , also since we will be there when the premiere is on, we have no idea where to watch. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I also wanted to thank all of you for your help. it is wonderful that this site is available to help all the fans visit

    • Dani says:

      The ‘Big Spot’ location is in Griffin, GA. North Expressway between Ellis Rd & Lyndon Ave. I will ask around if there will be any premiere parties, I am sure there will be one somewhere.

  152. Skyler Ackerman says:

    What is the prison called in season 3?

  153. Elaine Mitchell says:

    Yesterday, I saw ‘Do Not Mow’ signs on Reese Rd. about 1/4 mile north of ‘Abandoned House’ season 3, episode 1. There are no houses in this specific area, just woods, pasture, and a bridge over a creek. I don’t know if this area is part of TWD filming or another film.

    • Elaine Mitchell says:

      It was a TWD filming location for one day only, Sept. 4. Flyers from Raleigh Studio were put on our neighborhood mailboxes to notify us of the road closure. I drove by the base camp and saw trailers, equipment, catering tent, and the camo school bus used last season.

  154. Jackie says:

    Signs in Senoia said a section of Pylant Road (where the Do Not Mow) signs were will be closed from August 21 – Aug. 28.

  155. Donna says:

    I noticed while driving through town last week that there are “Do Not Mow” signs on Pylant St., which usually means that they are getting ready to film there.

  156. darlene says:

    Hello all. It was a happy accident that our trip falls on the Premiere of Season 4. Our only concern….WHERE to watch? Any ideas?

  157. Donna says:

    And I’m glad that you found the Culpepper House to your liking, Darlene. I was in the coffee house yesterday, and ran into Scott Wilson (Herschel). So be sure to go to the Senoia Coffee Company – the actors are in there all the time. It was my second accidental actor sighting, as I’m always in there having coffee.

  158. Stephanie says:

    They were filming there already earlier in the week…not sure if they are still there or not now. Probably can’t see anything since security is SO tight anywhere they are filming. :(

    • Tracey says:

      Yes I heard security was VERY tight in Thomaston. They had signs up around The Bluff saying it was closed for “repairs”.

  159. Tracey says:

    I have heard rumor that they are getting ready to film at Sprewell Bluff in Thomaston, Ga. I use to live there. People are saying they’ve seen crews in town. Don’t know how true it is! But its pretty cool!

  160. darlene says:

    The location where Rick meets the Governor is the same location that Daryl finds Merle right? Im so excited. From the great advice from everyone on here we now are staying at the Culpepper House and are planing are trip in detail. George it was nice to see that you had such a good time.

    • gpw6 says:

      It is. The lady that runs the tour is very knowledgeable about the entire setting. I apologize, but her name escapes me right now. She will point out exactly where each event took place.

  161. George says:

    My son and I just spent the weekend visiting all “The Walking Dead” locations and had a blast. I highly recommend visiting Major Jim in Grantville for an awesome tour and Haralson for a tour of the mill. Every one along the way was so nice. Even when we visited the sites that were private property, such as Elder Mills Waterfall, when we asked permission to take photos, everyone was very welcoming. I hope to post some photos soon.

  162. darlene says:

    both replys are very helpful. the culpepper looks great! wheres the best place to find parties going on that weekend? is it something you will post on here?

  163. Donna Heinlen says:

    In response to the request for the closest place(s) to stay, there are two bed and breakfast inns in Senoia, The Veranda Bed and Breakfast and the Culpepper House. Both are located in downtown Senoia, within a stones throw from the sidewalks of “Woodbury”. If bed and breakfasts aren’t your style, there are several chain hotels in the neighboring town of Peachtree City, Ga that you may find to your liking. Because I live in the area, I have been inside both bed and breakfasts but have never stayed in them. However, they receive rave reviews from Walking Dead fans who have used them. Hope that helps.

  164. darlene says:

    very helpful. do you expect or know of any “parties” or special events going on the preimere weekend in the area? was hoping to possibly see some cast\filming\ but they may be out of the area promoting. Not trying to be a pain to you but you seem like the best possible source.

    • Dani says:

      There will be some premiere parties. Walker Stalkers is having a big one in downtown Newnan but it is sold out. I am sure there will be more parties elsewhere.
      Yes, the cast and crew usually are in California for their big premiere party. no bother at all.

  165. darlene says:

    it seems as no tour shows you (even from afar) the farm or the prison. Ive been driving myself crazy trying to pin down addresses for these locations. I do understand that we can’t get very close but still want very much to visit. Can you get these for me? and btw…thanks for your time and the help you have provided to many

    • Dani says:

      The prison is on the Raleigh Studios set and is very much not accessible to the public. The farm is private property (and from what Mayor Jim in Grantville told us, they owners would appreciate everyone respecting that). I would LOVE to see them as well.

  166. darlene says:

    when I looked on here today, the post i left yesterday did not show up so I reposted, then boom there it was. Thank you very much for the info. you said you didn’t know about filming that far in advance, do you know if its even possible they will be filming then? Your help is awesome, thanks

  167. darlene says:

    I am from ohio and am driving to ga with some friends in Oct. Wondering the best place to stay. Also, any chance filming will still be going on? Kinda weird that we will be there when the season 4 premiere will be on. That probably means no cast or crew will be around. Any thoughts on that? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    • Joella Nall says:

      Darlene, I have read your posts on here. You MUST take the Atlanta Movie Tour (part 2). It is awesome! You will visit many places and learn a lot. We took it in July and loved it!

  168. darlene says:


    • Dani says:

      No idea about filming that far ahead of time, sorry.
      We have tour info on this page, I just updated it today :)
      Depending on where you would like to stay, there are several hotels in Peachtree City and Newnan both towns are about 20-30 minutes from Senoia (Woodbury). The Veranda Bed and Breakfast looks amazing, and it is right in downtown Senoia. Hope that helps!

      • Joella Nall says:

        We stayed in the Veranda in July and loved it. The people are very nice and the breakfast is fantastic. However, there are no tv’s in the rooms; only one very small one in a common area on the first floor. So, you would need to have a plan to watch the premiere somewhere else.

  169. darlene says:

    Hi everyone. we are coming oct 12th. Does anyone know if there will be any filming\cast\crew in town then. possibly be filming still going on? We can not wait ! Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. we are coming from ohio just for this!!

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  171. Ryan Golias says:

    I’m almost 100% sure the opening scene in the trailer for season 4 was filmed in Douglasville on Fairburn road and hospital drive intersection. There was an old Big Lots in the shopping center there that they used for the “Big Deals” location. I will try to get a pic today or tomorrow and post.

  172. GT says:

    There are signs up on Georgia 85 stating that on July 26th traffic will be slowed or completely stopped on both Seavy Street and GA 85 in Senoia. This usually means filming is going to be taking place for the show.

  173. Stephanie says:

    Security is extremely tight this time and they don’t really let you near where they are filming this time… I have no idea where they will be on the 24th. Most of the time we find it when we are on our way somewhere….we just come across a sign where they will be and it is usually the next day.

  174. Deb says:

    I’ll be in Atlanta July 24th – 28th. Any ideas where they might be filming? Thanks!!!!

    • Dani says:

      Agree with Stephanie. Security is extremely tight. We do not get a notification that they are filming, just fans who happen to find a road closure or other information. Just be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest! @TWD_Locations

  175. KANDI says:


  176. Heather says:

    Looks like they will be filming in Senoia on 7-16.

  177. Kranky says:

    Just wanted to ask …I saw that they had a casting call with people bringing their own vehicles, unless they are white.
    Anyone know why this restriction?

    Also, do you think we will ever see the Greene farm again?
    Seems like with the military trucks the group now has, a few could go back to get the generator.
    They go back to Woodbury, but it would probably be too dangerous with the Governor still on the loose, and I bet there would be booby traps.

  178. Kerri says:

    This website is AWESOME!!! I love how you put all the locations on Google Maps! Excellent work! I need to a Walking Dead road trip ASAP!!!! Is it October yet?

  179. Andrea says:

    I will be down near atlanta this saturday july 6th….does anyone know if they will be filming friday saturday or sunday , if so then does anyone know where? we are visiting my brother at fort benning on friday and doing our “walking dead stalk ” on saturday so any help as to where would be the best place to go would be greatly appreciated.

  180. Jay Bradshaw says:

    My buddies and I went back again on another location stalk last Sunday. We found the prison of course but it was gated and guarded from the front side opposite where they shoot the exterior scenes. I asked the gate guard if there was a place on a public road where photos could be taken of the prison and she flat out lied to me and said the prison was nowhere around there. I also tried to go in via the supposed church which was perpendicular to the prison through the woods with no luck either. We did get invited in to check out Morgan’s apartment when we were taking photos in Grantville which made the whole day worthwhile.

  181. Mandie says:

    I’m in Florida and driving back to Indiana on Sunday. Any word on filming locations this season. L would love to meet any of the group. :)

  182. WalkerFan5 says:

    Do you know if that cabin in the woods with the lake behind it (off of SR 85) is accessible for pictures? I noticed the helicopter crash site is near there as well. I took a tour in Haralson recently & she said the crash site was near Haralson & we took pics of that field. Oak something road I think. Wondering if we took pics at wrong place? 😉

    • I need to check on that helicopter crash site location myself. As for the cabin, it’s in private property, as far as I know, and well off the main road so I don’t believe it’s easily accessible. I do believe that Atlanta Movie Tours goes back there on their Sunday tours out of Senoia, though.

  183. yvonne hewkin says:

    im wanting to send norman reedus chocolate for uk and been advised to send it via Brillstein entertainment is that right

  184. Carrie Burns says:

    They cut the grass earlier this week, not guessing anytime soon, but they are all around, Norman has been passing through on his bike and they have all been popping into the Woodbury Shoppe. We are working on something for June 15th and will keep folks posted.

    Our Big Zombie part 2 tour kicks off tomorrow and while we can’t get as far as Griffin and Grantville during the tour, we are suggesting folks head to Station 22 Grill on Sunday’s at 5pm to watch “Clear” and take the Mayor’s tour at 6pm. He’s an awesome guy and working hard to help keep Grantville on the map. Just got permitted to open up Morgan’s apt as a B&B.

    So excited for all the great things for fans to do!

  185. KANDI says:


    • Nope. They’re being pretty quiet about filming this season and I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t find out they were filming in Senoia until they actually showed up with cameras.

  186. Eric Paris says:

    Hey everyone! Just read every comment in this thread. In Atlanta for holiday and will be having a “Walking Dead” Day tomorrow! Thanks for all the tips and locations. I’ve worked almost three hours piecing together what I think might be a fun route of the major locations that are most easily reached. Should be a fun outing tomorrow with my friend all the way from Myanmar! If successful, I’ll post what I think this thread needs most – a simple route taking you from place to place, in order of driving route, and of major filming sites, including Woodbury and a tour in Grantville.

    • Michelle says:

      If anyone has a route that they took to see the main sites from the show please post them so that I can plan a driving route for next week.

  187. WalkerFan5 says:

    Where do you meet the mayor for the Grantville tour?

  188. Nikki says:

    Cory’s right about the town of Grantville. My friend and I drove down there last night and walked smack into a tour group getting ready to go. The mayor himself was our guide, and he was incredibly stoked to tell us stories and walk us around everywhere. He told us that that was the biggest group they’d had yet (nearly 30 people!), and he wants us to spread the word, because they love doing it. So if you guys are ever down this way, give it a whirl. I’ve got photos, screencaps, and a write-up here: http://createthisdestroythat.tumblr.com/post/49133195323/so-i-was-lucky-enough-to-tour-another-walking-dead

    • WalkerFan5 says:

      This is great news re: Grantville. I’m getting ready to start visiting all season 3 locations. Thx for the info!

  189. Jay Bradshaw says:

    Me and a few buddies went to ATL to find some of the filming locations. After a lot of trial and error, we managed to make it to the Quarry and take pictures from the exact location they looked down into the quarry when the girls were washing clothes and Shane and Carl were catching frogs. Let me just say that unless you have keys to all the locked gates and fences on the road that leads you to the quarry, you have to park and go some hiking; around fences, over fences, through woods, up mountains, through fields, etc. IT was quite the adventure but well worth it when we finally reached paydirt!

  190. Diana says:

    I didn’t realize they weren’t that far from where I live at

  191. Cory says:

    The town of Grantville is offering tours on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 6pm. You get to walk around the town and go into the room that Morgan and all his weapons and writing all the wall was in. It is free of charge (for now until the realize they can make money off of it). This is also the town that Andrea was hiding from the Governor in.

    • WalkerFan5 says:

      Can’t wait to go. It’ll be so nice to be able to enjoy myself and not worry that I’m bugging someone!

  192. Casey says:

    I was looking on IMDB’s page for The Walking Dead and noticed one of the filming locations listed is West Central Prison in Zebulon. Is this correct? I did a Google search and found other sites mentioning it but it doesn’t look right on Google Maps – plus I realize now the prison is really a studio near Senoia. Anyone else know where this confusion came from?

    • Fred Scheit says:

      We have the benefit of hindsight in knowing, without any doubt, that the prison set is at the Raleigh Studios Atlanta.

      There is a sign at the prison set, that says “West Georgia Correctional Facility” – it seems that some people had thought this meant the West Central prison at Zebulon.

      A lot of this confusion seems to stem from reports pre Series 2 – just unfounded speculation.

  193. jboog says:


    yeah, there is more info here for anyone interested.

  194. ninelivelys says:

    So how do you find out where they will be filming? We live near by and love the show…we have been through the town, just looking for dates to line up the trip. Any info?

    • Information comes from various sources, much from local fans who see filming notices and road closure signs, etc. That said, I still haven’t heard anything about season 4 filming yet. Hoping to hear something soon.

  195. Jboog says:

    The prison stated on the map is the prison used. It is now owned by studio, and I believe the inside is the inside you see. If you look you can see the water and bridge Rick got stuck on in the first gunfight with the Gov.

    • It’s not a prison at all, it is the studio. Makes those trips from the studio to the set awfully short. Plus, they keep complete control of the site and all access to it.

      • Jboog says:

        Oh I know, I should have stated more clearly. It appears to have been a distribution center on google earth prior to them buying it and adding the fence and towers. I meant that it was indeed the location that’s all. I love this site btw. I check it regularly.

        • Ah, OK. I know there was some talk at one time of them using an actual prison at one time so there was a lot of confusion about that for a while. Just didn’t want to create any confusion. Thanks for clarifying, and thanks for the comments! That is an old picture of the studio (I don’t know how often Google Maps updates) and from what I heard it took quite a construction crew a couple of months to build everything we saw on TV. Pretty amazing job.

  196. ruskin says:

    Great job man. I love TWD. I hope you continue updating

  197. Maria Cooley says:

    The prison stated on this website is not the prison that is used for filming the Walking Dead. Prison scenes are filmed at Raleigh Studios in Senoia. But you can’t see the prison & they don’t do tours. So if you wanted to come down here and maybe capture something, it is impossible. You will be turned away at the gate.

    • If referring to the prison links in my index above, they are indeed linked to the location of Raleigh Studios Atlanta in Senoia, the back of the lot specifically since that’s where many of the scenes are filmed. If referring to some of the comments, those were indeed incorrect. There were rumors they were going to film in an actual prison, but those plans didn’t pan out and they decided to go with the set on the studio lot instead.

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  199. chuck says:

    Was wondering if anyone knows the community where the water tower in the opening theme of every episode was shoot. It looks just like the water tower in Depew, Oklahoma. Just wondering if it might be the same tower. All you can see is a DE on the tower.

    • I have to admit I don’t remember seeing a water tower in the opening montage. I know there’s a shot of the ESCO feed mill and the guard towers at the prison set. That said, all of the scenes in the opening credits were filmed locally, here in Georgia, so I would have to say the water tower would be as well. There’s a water tower in Senoia though it’s not normally seen during the show, but there’s a chance they have a shot of it in the credits. I’ll have to watch again this week for the tower and see if I can make it out. If you know what scene, or images, are before and after it it would help narrow it down, but I’ll see what I can find out.

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  202. Claire says:

    Are you filming in London, Ontario right now?

  203. Anthony says:

    Thank you for this fantastic resource by the way, I really enjoy it, and I can appreciate the amount of time you have put into it. Hi-5 from Australia!

  204. Anthony says:

    I can see also in the map where the baby shop is. Are you going to mark that with an icon as well ?

  205. Sue Mc says:

    Thanks so much! Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  206. Sue Mc says:

    Does anyone know if they will be filming during the summer? We will be at Fort Benning and it would be great to check them out if they are filming.

    • Yes, they should most definitely be filming during the summer. They’ll start in early May and will likely run through November or so. Now finding out exactly where they’ll be, that’ll be the tricky part. I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated as quickly as possible.

  207. Thanks. As soon as I get a location I’ll be headed there as well for some pics.

  208. Any location updates for lastnight’s episode yet?

  209. thanks so much for everyones help we are here from collinsville illinois, for my bestie brithday and we have hit almost everywhere we could and thanx to this site we were able to do it!! so thanx guys

  210. Was Morgan’s hide-out/traps scene shot at the same location as the wall in Grantville? Or was that a different location?

  211. Joel says:

    Exact coordinates of the old brick abandoned building from ‘Clear’ are: 33.233468,-84.834721

    This is the building where the ‘old friend’ was collecting the walkers at the end.

  212. Hello! I read shooting for season 4 starts on May 6.. We would really like to see the actual shooting. Hope you can help us.. Thank you.

  213. Rachel says:

    I have family in Grantville that say they saw them filming there

    • Yes, there was filming in Grantville on a couple of occasions. In fact, I believe we’re going to see that this week. I also have several photos from Grantville I will post once we see it on the show.

  214. pamela says:

    This week’s episode, Clear, where they meet a friend from the past :-), was filmed in Grantville, Ga. It was a lot of fun watching them film here. Have pics of them filming here, including the friend from the past.

  215. Not sure but filming crew were out off Hwy 124 over the Yellow River bridge in Gwinnett/Dekalb

  216. Karina says:

    Was told this week that they will be filming something for Season 4 on a farm in Ringgold, GA. It’s a very nice horse farm, but the family who owns the farm isn’t saying much about it, since I’m guessing they don’t want people driving by. But Ringgold is a tiny town, so if they end up filming some major things there, it might be a good opportunity to run into someone. I was told by the property owners themselves that they were contacted about using the property for filming.

  217. I havent yet but I plan to in May.If you do please let me know how it goes I would love to know someone elses experience before doing my own. You can find me on fb :)

  218. Cheryl says:

    We live close by…I took my grandson on a tour of about 7 locations Monday. There is a state park in Coweta county that is nice.

  219. Ashley says:

    Just wondering if anyone has actually done a self-tour of the locations in a few days and what they would suggest be best? We’re going to try camping to save on money, so if anyone knows of any campsites close to the locations, that would be awesome!

  220. Britney says:

    Saw on tonight’s episode where Daryl and Merle are walking across a bridge with a sign that says “Yellow Jacket Creek”
    I’m going to Atlanta next week and would like to do a little TWD exploration while i’m in the area :) Any idea how I would get to that area?

    • I haven’t added it to the Google Map yet, but it’s the bridge on Line Creek Road near Griffin, GA. If you search on Google Maps for “Line Creek Road, Griffin, GA” you’ll see it. I’ll have it added to the location index as well as the TWDL Google Map soon.

      That location has now been added to both the Locations Index as well as the TWDL Google Map.

  221. Jenn :) says:

    Any filming updates yet? We are driving thru GA in March and would be thrilled to make a detour to see ANYTHING about filming. Thanks!

    • I know I am going to GA in May and am waiting to hear anything.. I have been researching alot but nothing yet they are suppose to start in March or April but noone knows where…trying to find someone that get mail notices or newspapers is proally the easiest way to find out right??

      • blossomkay says:

        don’t have any info on where they will be filming during that time, but if you make a side trip to Senoia, GA (where the “Woodbury” scenes are filmed) it should be quite enjoyable. You will easily recognize Main Street. and many of the shops on that street have Walking Dead memorabilia in them. The “Woodbury Coffee Shop” (which is actually the Senoia Coffee Company” is a great place for lunch, as are some of the other restaurants on that street

        • yea ok thanks I am planning on staying a week to try and hit all the locations on TWDL google map and to catch some filming somewhere. They usually get notices in the mail a few weeks ahead of time and I am not going til May so it cant be that hard to find out by then where they will be.

          • Good luck! If there’s anything I can do to help just let me know. Yes, you’re correct about the filming notices. I have many locals (at least more local than I) help by sending in information from signs in the area as well as filming notices placed in their mailboxes. I’m hoping to start hearing something by the end of the month or March. It all just depends on how early the crew is going to get started.

  222. Matt Record says:

    Anyone know the filming location to the cold storage webepisodes?

  223. dave says:

    Just after Daryl and Merle make their exit into the woods, possibly to be never seen again, Rick and Glen have a mid-road pow-wow. It’s either then or just after when Rick is speaking with Michonne, that you can see a walker far off in the distance stumbling around. It’s barely noticeable, in fact, at first I thought it might have been a crew member having accidently made their way into the picture. It’s this attention to detail that makes TWD so interesting and worthy of a next season, and another and another………………….

  224. Ashley says:

    Does anyone know if filming will take place this summer? We’re looking to take a trip to explore the locations sometime in June or July and meeting some of the actors would be a totally awesome bonus!

    • They’ve filmed from Spring through Fall in seasons past and I’m expecting the same this year. It’s a little early to have any exact times or dates, but keep an eye on the site and hopefully we can help put you in the same place as some filming while you’re here.

      • Anissa Camp says:

        I am looking forward to getting more info on approximate filming schedules for this Spring. I am trying to plan a camping trip to Georgia and need a bit of advance notice to get it together. If anyone has any info I would appreciate it, I will keep checking back! Also any tips on places to hang out to potentially see cast members and dos and don’ts.

  225. DogRescueGal says:

    I was on Main St. in Senoia (Woodbury) today at the coffee shop, and was told by an out-of-town “business man” (wink wink) that they would be filming here this Friday night.

  226. I heard a rumor they will be in Cocoa Beach Florida next week filming, anyone have confirmation on that??

  227. Guille says:

    i think thats the intention right???

  228. Guille says:

    man,id like to say something,and i hope someone answer me….

    did anyone noticed that,when glenn and maggie are riding the horses,before the pharmacy episode,SOMETHING MOVES BEHIND THEM,AND LOOKS LIKE A WALKER?????

    please tell me im crazy!!!!

    (its at about min 33)(and looks like Shane)

    sorry for my english,im from Argentina

  229. Markaarons says:

    I was wondering If the shot any in Warner Robins because I have heard that.

    • I haven’t heard of any shooting in that area. They’ve been in and around the Senoia and Newnan areas by all information I’ve seen and heard. Filming in Warner Robbins isn’t completely outside the realm of possibility but if they did, they did it with no one I know having heard about it or seeing it.

  230. mr-e says:

    I explore all over and have been to a number of these locations way ahead of them filming. Some of these are new to me. I have shot over at the goat farm for well over 10 years.

  231. Marlana says:

    So, I hear they are filming again in Senoia on Nov 11-16…where exactly are they filming, and what would be the best day to go?

    • It’s supposed to be the 12th-16th. I don’t know what they’re filming so I have no way of knowing which day is best. This late in the month, and considering filming is supposed to wrap in November, I would say they’re probably filming the season finale or the episode prior.

  232. Byron says:

    inside episode 303 where i saw it

  233. Pingback: Birmingham, Leeds and then on to Atlanta…Georgia « Beyond Devil's Tower to the Land of the Houyhnhnms

  234. Byron says:

    In the last episode 303 if you go to amc’s website they have an inside look at the episode.The helicoptor crash site the director said they were in peachtree city.Other fans have posted that its in Haralson or senoia do you know exactly were it is?

    • I’m still working on it. I only have bits of information from back in April/May/June when they would have filmed that scene and given the terrain, unless someone can come right out and say where it was, it may be impossible to nail down 100%. I can’t find that video on AMC’s site but I’ll keep checking. Maybe I can recognize where it is.

      • Graham says:

        This scene was filmed across the street from the entrance to my neighborhood in Senoia (Stonebridge). There is a large tract of land that has a locked farm gate at the entrance directly across the street from Seavy street. This is the same set where a few of the crew were hit by a falling trees during filming.

        • Thanks for the info, Graham. I remember the story about the tree falling and injury some crew members (thankfully they were all OK). If I understand you correctly, it was on the East side of 74/85, and north of Stonebridge, correct? I think I’ve driven by there, I’m fairly certain I have actually, but never paid attention to what may have been out toward the woods.

          I appreciate your help!

  235. Senoia Res says:

    I know that the 2nd day they were there, about 1pm they had a bunch of people lined up at the woodline and they were walking in a long row out into the field…. Not sure what they are filming, but the van that carries the cast (they wave at us all the time) was pulling into the driveway. They may use the same van for all the movies, so not really sure….

    • Raim95 says:

      They were filming this past week near Oaks Motel on Hwy 29S in Newnan and they filmed some out at Beverly Park Suvdivision off Millard Farm Rd in Newnan. A lot of time the local newspaper will let you know ahead of time when and where they are filming, especially if there are road closures. I know they still have a ton of stuff for filming set-up behind a fence near the Senoia Post Office. (I live approximately a half mile from downtown Senoia.) It is very interesting to see the show on TV and compare it to the places you know they filmed.

      • The Times-Herald used to be a great source for filming information before they started charging for almost every online article the publish. That’s fine for anyone who lives in Newnan and can buy the paper locally, but for anyone online that’s a bit ridiculous IMO.

  236. I don’t believe that filming hear Hwy 16 and Hwy 54 is for TWD. There’s a movie which has been filming in that area over the last few days.

  237. sp00fw32 says:

    I went over there yesterday afternoon and it looked like they were filming at the baseball field in that subdivision. Cast trailers were closer to the railroad tracks and camera equipment was a block behind them. They started taking the D-> signs down after everyone’s shown up, probably to draw less attention from Stalking Dead fans like ourselves. Their isn’t much of a set there.

  238. Senoia Res says:

    They have been at the corner of Hwy 16 and Hwy 54 in Turin.

  239. Senoia Res says:

    They were filmig in April or May of this year – I know at one point there were people on horses at the end of the driveway when the sheriff’s office had the road blocked, but I haven’t recognized it yet. Guess I will keep looking :)

  240. Senoia Res says:

    Also, they are filming now at the corner of Hwy 16 and Hwy 54 in Turin – Sherrif’s office is on site and I saw the van with the characters turning in today :)

  241. Senoia Res says:

    Does anyone know what episode was filmed in the house at the corner of Gordon Road and Hwy 54 in Senoia?

    • I believe it’s one of the earlier episodes, or should be in the first half of the season. I remember fans sending in pictures from that house but no one mentioned which episode it was for, just that it wasn’t that far into the filming season I seem to remember.

  242. Angela Conley says:

    Someone told me that there was filming done in an old historical house in Buford, Ga? Can anyone confirm this??

  243. Pingback: Locations From Season Three Premiere | Walking Dead Locations

  244. Melanie says:

    Does anyone know if filming will resume next week? I will be in Atlanta for a convention and I am dying to see some filming of the Walking Dead.

  245. KANDI says:


  246. Brandy says:

    Someone please tell me where the prison is located! It says Zebulon, Ga. which would be the West Georgia Release prison near my house (like one minute by driving) but I just don’t see how it is the same prison! There could be no way! The prison by my house isn’t multiply stories, nor is it that big. Plus I drive by it everyday and I have not seen any camera crew or anything there! So where is this prison located, cause it can’t be in Zebulon like they say! Thanks! :)

  247. Zach Lee says:

    Does anyone know when they will start filming season 4? I know season 3 hasnt even premiered yet but i love all the hype around my town (Sharpsburg/Senoia) when theyre filming and I love meeting cast members.

  248. Cat says:

    Someone said they filmed somewhere called Henderson Middle School. Is that true?

  249. Daniel says:

    They were in Senioa last Thursday and Friday morning and then at the studio/prison all day Friday.

  250. Byron says:

    nobodys heard anything about filming where they are? Its been real quiet since they left grantville

  251. Nat says:

    The prison: What about all the constuction going on toward the end of Elders Pond. Right before it opens up again?

  252. Brandy says:

    Just thought I would let yall know they are shooting down here in Grantville Ga now till the Sept. 17

  253. Byron says:

    season 2 comes out on dvd and blue ray today the 28th for those that dont know.

  254. Drew says:

    I wonder if anyone could get airial shots of the prison. Seeing the farm on google maps has helped me understand where things were happening. I want to be able to do the same for the prison.

    • I don’t believe there’s anything in the area which would prevent someone from going up in a private plane or helicopter and taking photos. The only issue would be finding someone to fly you around the area. No idea how much that’d cost, but if I were a pilot and had access to a plane, it wouldn’t be difficult.

  255. Melanie says:

    Pretty sure I found Lori’s crash location on Chestlehurst Road in Senoia, GA, just before the gates of Raleigh Studios. Didn’t take a photo, sorry. The jail is a set at Raleigh Studios 16 & 75/85.

    • Drew says:

      Could you provide a google maps link? Or official address? I’d like to know where the studio lot is. I’ve been showering ATL looking for a building with a little pond next to it. Lol

  256. NM says:

    Hey folks — In last season there were horses as part of the story line. Not sure if there are any in this season or not. Since I write for a local horse magazine (www.atlantahorseconnections.com) I wondered if anyone might know which stables/trainers the horses came from. I thought Georgia horses in movies/TV might make an interesting story.
    Any ideas?

  257. Regina says:

    Just wanted to know if they are still doing casting calls for season 3 and where do I go to apply?

  258. CathyS says:

    Hi! We are road tripping through Atlanta tomorrow. Does anyone know if Senoia is still decked out in Walking Dead attire or did they take everything down? We would like to stop by if the set is still up! Thank you!!!!!!

    • Steven says:

      The town is basicly transformed for shoot days. Takes about 6 hours, awesome to watch. Some parts of the set stay up. Some of the empty business have fake sign, Like bank of Woodbury and crab apple books. Since Woodbury townhall is a is such a large set piece it is up all the time. All of the local business are informed of the shooting schedule, I bet if you called one they may tell you when they are shooting. Founders restaurant is one of the business that is always affected, I ate lunch there one day they we’re shooting, it was pretty cool. They had blinds up on the windows, but you could still see out pretty well. Have fun.

  259. Debbs says:

    Can someone please give me the location or address of Hershel’s farm??? Don’t want to go there just interested in its location. I live just a mile outside of Senoia and TWD is my favorite show and the excitement of the filming is overwhelming.

  260. Dave311 says:

    In downtown Senoia tonight and got to meet Andrea and Merle. Both really nice to the crowd. Could not get conformation of Rick being here though.

  261. Ryan says:

    I went to senoia on Tuesday and got some good shots, even met “Andrea”. The place was awesome!

  262. Dani says:

    I was in Senoia today, sign said road (main street) will be closed tonight 7/30 at 11pm through 8/3 7am. You can’t get close when they are shooting, lots of cops and security but if you hang out at the cafe or coffee shop sometimes you can get lucky and see some actors! They had the business across from the Redneck cafe set up as their catering area.

  263. Ryan says:

    Does anyone know any dates,times,locations of upcoming filming in senoia?

  264. Samantha says:

    Anyody know if they are filming Monday? And if so, where?
    Sam :)

  265. Ryan says:

    Are they filming in Senoia still?

  266. Kandi says:

    We are here in senoia now and they are beginning to film in a few.they will also be filming in the morning until around 7am

  267. Rochelle S. says:

    The names of Woodbury are still on the senoia buildings and the town hall building is still up and also there is a fenced in with barb wire area where all the tires and gray busses are and vehicles used in the show are stored right downtown. I took pictures of it all 2 days ago, so I’m thinking they should be filming in Senoia again! I would like to know when. I know Merle goes into an Irish pub in Senoia on his motorcycle.

    • kandi says:

      the buses and cars have been there for over a month. we have went to senoia at least 4 times in the last month and no one has been there.

      • Scott says:

        We took a pic with Norman tonight as we were leaving dinner in Senoia. Probably around 645 PM…. He and Andrew Lincoln were both on their way to the set from a crew only area. He was so nice!

  268. Steven says:

    Any word on where they are filming this week?

    • Debbs says:

      They have been filming every night this week in Senoia on Main Street, July 31 thru August 3rd. I’ve been there every night. Great people to talk to.

  269. Steven says:

    Anyone know where they might be filming next week? Is the set still up in Senoia?

  270. Stefanie Winborne says:

    My son and I are planning to head to Senoia on Thursday (July 19) to see what we can find. Does anyone know if they will be there or if we should look elsewhere. Funny, I ran into “Merle” at the airport Sunday. He was great to sign autographs and pose
    For pics. I should have asked him!

  271. lisa says:

    I know they were filming in senoia today. Pretty cool to
    One of my friends missed it…..by any chance does anyone know when they will be back in Senoia??

  272. Dave says:

    I’m wondering has anybody tried to find this area that was used in the Wildfire episode where the survivors travel from the first campsite to the CDC? It was a brief segue in which the group passed by these two homes and one of the homes had what looked like a large black board. That was covering up a window in front of the home. I believe this may have been the first time that the whole group had seen a structure and the effect that the Apocalypse had on it.

  273. Byron says:

    i found the filming location in gay,ga meriwether county but the cops ran me off before i could snap some pics.I did see greg nicotero standing right by the road talking to some people.I’ll try to drive back up after they get done and get some photos.But if anyone has better luck than i did please post.

  274. Joseph says:

    In looking at google satellite map, there is a patch of what appears to be the remnants of a forest fire directly northwest of the farmhouse. ( Herschel’s )
    Was this already here, …or did it result from the barn fire ?

    • I think that Google Map image of the farm site was taken before filming so I believe that was already there.

    • Blake says:

      That isn’t fire damage, it’s trash wood from harvesting timber. If you look you can see logging roads, “skidder roads” into the woods and a few more piles of trash left over from “selective cutting”.

  275. Steven says:

    Does anyone know where the new filming location in Newnan is and what they might be filming there?

    • Daniel says:

      They filmed at Sonrise Church and a metal company at 57 East Broad Street. They used an old daycare at the church and Daryl and Maggie were both there. Not exactly sure what was filmed at East Broad Street. There were a ton of extras, lights that made it appear there was fire in the background and it was also shot after dark.

  276. Dawn says:

    My stepmom read an article to me in our local paper, the Troup County Banner saying that they will be filming in Meriwether County tomorrow clost to Gay, Ga. I am trying to find out exactly where that is so I can take my son. We both absolutely LOVE this show and I think it would be great for him to see! If I find it, will post pictures if I am able!

  277. Lauren says:

    In Season two, when Shane and Randall go to a High School for medical supplies is my High School, in Newnan Georgia. I was ecstatic to figure this out..I recently moved to Newnan from Florida and The Walking Dead is my favorite show! I am excited to learn at the place where zombies roamed, haha.

  278. Steven says:

    I’m planning to be in the area July 25 – 28. Any idea if and where they might be filming during this time?

  279. Byron says:

    they will be filming in meriwether county in gay,ga on july 9

  280. LJ says:

    Sorry forgot to put he, after Jon Bernthal’s name but he is also there on his free days

  281. Heather says:

    Once I get to Senioa and or Newnan, GA is it pretty easy to find the filming locations? Do the actors sign autographs? Bummer Shane won’t be there :(

    • LJ says:

      I don’t know about if the film locations are easy to find when you get into Senioa or Newnan, but I do know for a fact according to Jon Bernthal (Shane), Jeffery DeMunn (Dale) and James Allen McCune (Jimmy) visit the set when they are on their days off from working on other projects… So you just might be lucky to meet them on location

  282. Camila says:

    My mother law gets her hair done in Senioa GA and she said she saw The Walking Dead being filmed yesterday. She said its really neat to watch and it’s crazy how they make the town look completely abandoned! If anyone is near there you should check it out, they are still filming scenes there.

  283. Brandon says:

    Has anyone tried getting on Hershel’s farm?

    • No one that I’m aware of. It’s private property and well off the road. The property has fencing and a gate at the road. No one that I’ve heard of has gained access to the property.

      • Brandon says:

        Yeah I just went and looked today and there was a sign saying there was video and audio surveillance…. When I was in Senoia I ran into a security guard and the location manager came over and when we asked him if there was any way to get on the farm his reply was “Only if you want to get shot, we’re in the south you know.”

  284. Byron says:

    My brother told me he saw in the Newnan,Ga paper they will be filming in downtown newnan june 26-29 dont know exactly where said downtown.

    • SHERRY says:

      cool ! i was wondering when they were suppose to start filming in Newnan..thanks for the info! i believe im gonna make the 35 min trip and check em out ! hopefully get to see something!

  285. ben says:

    I live in senia and its amazing. they film right down from my house all the time. i live on rockhouse road. I cant tell you how cool it is.

  286. LJ says:

    Does anyone know where TWD will be shooting during the 1st and 2nd week of July? I will be in the Atlanta and Senoia areas during toughs 2 weeks so I was wondering if they will be shooting in either place or near these locations?

  287. Chuck says:

    Why am I obsessed with this show? The drama, action, everything is good. I haven’t been excited about a tv show in a long time. I vacationed down to watch them film
    in Senoia and got to see some of the action. Didn’t see any walkers but saw some characters! Afraid to mention who I saw due to a spoiler alert.

    What is it about this show that makes t so good?

    • SHERRY says:

      I LOVE THIS SHOW TOO! i get so excited to watch it especially when its a really really good episode and even juicier the next week …i sometimes have to take an anxiety pill just to calm down ..lol..sad, i know. but its nice to have a show that makes you excited to watch it! keep on keepin on TWD! love sherry xoxo

  288. Kathy says:

    Was in Senoia last night, May 7, watching some filming in downtown, very interesting but even if you got a couple pics, like I did though they were dark and poor quality, you could never tell what the plot is or give anything away from what you could see…was just fun watching especially from under the train cars…hope to get to see some more filming!

  289. Brian says:

    Friend told me they filmed in Zebulon,GA : West Central Prison 1070 County Farm Rd, Zebulon, GA 30295
    Not sure if previously or currently and can’t really find anything on this site, any thoughts?

    • I hadn’t heard of any filming in Zebulon but it’s certainly close enough to the area that it’s a possibility. If I hear anything else about possible filming there, past or future, I’ll pass it along.

  290. Jeff says:

    The first of the month I think it was 5/9/2012 they started filming close to GA 20 again. This time it was on lower woosley Rd. Funny thing is it is in the same location where Zombieland was filmed where the Hosties truck ran off the road into a ditch. It is very close to ATL Motor Speedway, and the shot they filmed involved palm tree of some sort I know because I saw a crew removing them when I drove by the next day.

    Also I don’t know if it has anything to do with The Walking Dead but right under 20 on 19 41 they stoped traffic for a couple of hours while they filmed a short sceen.

  291. Grace says:

    Are there certain days or times they film?

  292. Tommy Knight says:

    We have 10 or 12 “dead heads” come by every weekend. We are glad to see them and talk about the episodes filmed here. By the way, the production company was wonderful and did exactly what they said they would do! This was a lot of fun, wish they would film here again!!

  293. beppe says:

    i would like to come to atlanta only to see this places…thanks for yours information about sets…bye from italy!!!

  294. Kelly says:

    They are closing Highway 20 tomorrow morning through Friday night to film parts of season 3. The closure signs were up today and the road barrels are out ready to close off the road from Highway 20 to Lower Woolsey Road in Henry County.

  295. walkingdrunk says:

    i assume they will be filming on weekdays for season 3, cuz weekends are pretty much full in main street, and we have farmer’s market in main street every 2 weeks in summer to fall.

  296. Kristan says:

    This is awesome!! I love reading about where movie scenes were filmed and driving by them. :) Do we have any idea where and what prison that is in the last second of Season 2?

  297. Doug Allen says:

    I live in clarkesville ga about an hour and a half away from atlanta me and my family go to the starlight drive in on moreland ave. at least once a month everytime we were down that way i always wondered were they were filming thanks to this website now we can make a trip to some of the locations while we are down there a few are not far from the drive in.

  298. Michael says:

    Hope they come to Brevard County, Fla. We’ve got a newly empty prison in North Brevard they could likely use for location shots, we’re just a few hours south of Georgia and we sure could use the business after the shuttle program shut down.

  299. Christi says:

    We were on Browns Mill Road in the Stockbridge/Lithonia area on march 17th and they were shooting in a subdivision.

    • Hmm, that may not have been The Walking Dead. They’re filming almost exclusively in Senoia this season, but filming doesn’t begin until May. There are many, many productions going on around Georgia right now though.

    • walkingdrunk says:

      i am almost certain the only subdivision i have seen for season 2 is in episode 6 where shane and andrea were almost trapped looking for sophia, and that subdivision is in hutchinson cove in senoia. i would know cuz i live in the subdivision on the other side.

      • Brian says:

        agree – my aunt lives in Senoia and accidently rode through on her golf cart, she was a little freaked out! haha

  300. Luke says:

    Absolutely love what you are doing on this site. I’m also live in the Atlanta area so seeing these photos are definitely exciting. We managed to get some photos last summer (start of season 2 shooting) of some stuff that apparently was supposed to go down at “CDC” (i live a few miles for Cobb Energy), but we never saw what we saw on the show, nonetheless, i still have the photos if you are interested in seeing some footage that they didn’t use. The pics aren’t too awesome cause we were there at the end of the shooting so we couldn’t really get that close, but some of them came out pretty good. We were up the hill from this day of shooting, got some photos of the same intersection (http://www.marietta.com/the-walking-dead-in-cobb-county)

    • I remember that. It was some of the first footage they shot for season two but it was all scrapped by the network and deemed “unusable” or something similar. It was all basically scrapped with the only part remaining being Rick on the rooftop monologuing on the walkie-talkie. Glen Mazzara has mentioned that this footage will likely be on the season two DVD/Blu-Ray set even though it never aired. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

      To answer your question, yes we’d love to see them! Please email us as much as you’d like to share and thank you!

  301. Brian says:

    Speaking of the Prison, I know CGI was used at the end of Season 2, but can anyone guess where/if they will use an actual prison in Season 3? I have no idea if a large empty prison is located anywhere in Georgia. I would hate to see them leave the area to use a prison in another state.

    • From what I’ve heard the prison will be a mixture of on location shoots as well as some studio shoots. They’ll be using the Raleigh Studios sets in Senoia for the studio stuff but I haven’t had any confirmation of any actual locations for the prison yet. That said, I don’t believe they’ll be leaving the state to film any of those scenes, but that could change. I imagine there will also be some CGI involved as there has been in both seasons thus far.

      • Lee says:

        I read a local news article (Newnan/Coweta County, Ga.) that approximately 60 carpenters were hired in the Senoia area (site of Hershel’s farm), apparently for sets that are to be used in season 3. I would assume that a project of that magnitude might be directed toward construction of some of the prison??? I’m in Senoia quite often, so I’ll certainly keep an eye out. Unfortunately, it will probably take place in a secluded area, maybe in the open ground between Hershel’s farm and the studios. Promises to be interesting…

  302. Randy says:

    In the final episode of season 2 is the camp that they are staying at in the final scene Hard Labor State Park? Also, is the prison in the last scene West Central State Prison in Zebulon? Thanks!

    • Daniel says:

      No, it is Elders Millpond in Turin, Georgia. I actually went by there today and got some pics, hopefully they will be posted on here soon. Not sure about the prison, but it was definitely CGI because there is nothing but woods behind the actual Elders Mill pond.

      • walkingdrunk says:

        geographically elders millpond is close to Turin, but they are under the city of Senoia. Turin’s city limit starts near a church after the other end of the elders mill road.

  303. david says:

    can any one tell me that the location the store scenes were filmed in during the 2nd episode, season 1? The listing above does not give the location, does that mean it was filmed in a studio?

    thank you


  304. Josh says:

    Is it possible to actually go to Hershel’s Farm and take pics or is it private property and someone lives there?

    • Michelle says:

      The farmhouse is private property and people do live there. Sorry!

      • Indeed. That is the reason we can’t get location photos of every site. I wouldn’t recommend nor condone trespassing on private property. I’d like to think other fans would respect that as well so the people behind the show don’t have any problems in the future from land/home owners. If you have, or can get, the owner’s permission, that’s great, but if not then please do not trespass.


  305. Michael Ormes says:

    O and I would like to know why in the world they kept messn with that ol crappy RV when all they gotta do is go find a BIGGER,NEWER,and more efficient one at a dealer lot or in someones yard for that matter.That goes for guns,bullets,vehicles and whatever else they need.I mean there was MILITARY and Emergency stuff everywhere.Generators,machine guns,bullets,Hummers,cans of fuel,I mean its sitn everywhere in alot of the places they’ve been at.All you’ve gotta do is grab a box or pickup truck,fill it up with whatever you happen to be around that you know your gonna need and take it to a safe place.O and if there happen to be aa herd of zombies around then just gra b something big and tough like a SEMI TRUCK or a piece of HEAVY MACHINERY,or even a TANK and run over them.But thats just what Iwould do in any kind of civilization toppling event.

  306. Michael Ormes says:

    I wonder if Merle is gonna show back or if hes even alive.Has anyone heard anything concerning anything of the sort?Oh yea and what ever became of Morgan and his son?Are all these guys out for good or what?I hope not because Ithink Merle would be the perfect guy to replace Shane as the new (A$$HOLE) ha.

    • Billy Bob says:

      Yes Merle is coming back I am sure. They left it completely open… plus he was at the Dallas Convention with the Walking Dead group… he will be back in season 3 I guarentee! I dont see them bringing him to a convention if he was just going to be in 3 episodes. (well 2 and 3 mins of the 3rd) plus he stole the car when the boys went back looking for them.

      • AmyA says:

        Merle was spotting shooting for season 3 in Senoia June 6th, so yep he is going to be there. The newest cast members were shooting their scenes in Senoia on Main St. June 7th. :) We stopped by for night filming and they had a huge fire going and a mountain of tires as a barricade. very cool.

  307. Jason says:

    We are here in Conyers, GA on business and we are huge fans of the show. What are some of the best for sure spots that we can visit and take pictures? Any information would help us a lot. We are looking to do an all day drive around if needed. Thank you for all your help

    • The easiest way to see the most sites is to check out all of the ones in downtown Atlanta. This would include most of the stuff from season one as well as Rick’s house, Morgan’s house, and Grant Park where bicycle girl was found by Rick. That’s where the majority of the sites are located.

      I’m not exactly sure what you’re looking for, be it a few sites or even an entire day trip, but take a look at our Google Map if you haven’t already and see if that can help you plan your day out a little better.

      I wish I could say I know of a route that would take you by all of the sites, but I’ve been driving back and forth for a couple years now so even I don’t remember the easiest way to some of these. :)

      Good luck and if I can help any further, let me know!

  308. Tvirusterror says:

    Ahh! I live here and am planning in visiting all the sites this spring! Like on poster said they keep all the locations and stuff really secretive as well as the extras! So I only hear about it late at night on the news or newspaper. Great episode tonight!

  309. Daniel says:

    On an episode of Talking Dead, they said that the barn was indeed built just for the show.

  310. Lee says:

    I’ve looked at several satellite views of Hershel’s farmhouse, and have not located the barn where the walkers were kept. The small shed where Randall was chained is visible behind the house, but no sign whatsoever of the barn. Given that satellite photos can be a year or two old, was the barn constructed for the filming, or was the barn shots done elsewhere. I many of the shots of Hershel’s farmhouse, you can see the barn sitting a couple hundred yards from the house, but that could be simply done with CG. Any ideas?

    • Brandon says:

      If i’m not mistaken i think they built it just for filming because they had to burn it down and the farm is private property.

  311. Tim says:

    TWD, do you live here in GA? I live in Newnan
    I would love to help you with photos. I thought
    Today I would start taking Facebook status
    Photos at different locations of zombie kills.
    My goal is to be a zombie in season 3.

  312. Tim says:

    Ive been in all those buildings in Old Town
    sharpsburg. I’m pretty certain the interiors
    Where shot in the actual building for the bar
    Scenes. I’ve been in that building upstairs
    And downstairs.

    • Lee says:

      I agree. The front bar and lower room in the back where Glenn was hiding during the shootout (in the bar) is inside the building. Also, when they escaped the building, the area out back was again the rear of the same building. Unless things have changed, you can freely walk around to the rear of the building to see where they exited. On a side note, the wrought iron gate that Randall’s leg was impaled on during the gunfight as he was getting off the roof of the pharmacy was placed there in the alley, so it is no longer there. Also, the interior of the pharmacy was the same building that Maggie and Glenn entered and encountered the zombie in the “Cherokee Rose” episode. My mother owned an antique store in that building a few years ago, and the interior scenes were accurate for that building.

  313. Normandyai says:

    Does anyone know where the small town in Season 2 is located? Like where the bar is and such?

    • The pharmacy, and at least the exterior of the bar scene, were shot in Sharpsburg, GA. I don’t know yet whether the interior bar scenes were filmed in the same building as the exterior shots but hopefully I can tell in coming episodes (given they show it again).

  314. Papa Kapp says:

    The last episode Nebraska was referring to a line said while in the bar. The scene where Shane and Andrea were shooting the walkers in the sub-division was off of Rock-a-way rd in Senoia. I passed it going to work the day they were shooting and I drove in there the next day. I believe the Street is Victoria Terrace.

    • Indeed you are correct. I will be updating this page for season two very soon. I believe they filmed on the corner of Victoria Terrace and Eagle Run there in Hutchinson Cove Subdivision. I’ve put a marker there on our Google Map thanks to some folks who live in the subdivision sending me some info and pics.

  315. Pingback: The Walking Dead -- Season 2.5 - City-Data Forum

  316. Daniel says:

    Auto fail…it should read “but I know” and “Season 2″, lol. Sorry about that.

  317. Mary says:

    The next episode is called “Nebraska” right? are they filming in Nebraska

    • Daniel says:

      I am unsure if why it is called Nebraska buy I know that all of season 21 was filmed in Senoia, Ga and the surrounding areas.(Griffin, Hampton, Newnan, Sharpsburg, Fairburn)

      • Kerri says:

        It’s called “Nebraska” because the new guys talk about how they went through Nebraska. They mention it a few times in their conversation. He says, “They don’t call them fly over states for nothing.”

  318. Jean N says:

    Im totally new to the show… so wanted to catch up with the first season… the very first scene is filmed 2 miles up the street from my home in Douglasville (where the new New Manchester HS was just built at. )at a local Texaco gas station at the intersection of Campbellton-Fairburn rd/92-166 and Cascade-Palmetto Hwy, Douglasville line going into I guess Fulton County. Just blew my mind that I picked that up within 10 secs…lol. Now Im hooked to spotting out the film sites.

    • Great to hear you recognized it! That was the very first location I visited when I started this site and it was one I passed many times, I just didn’t realize it was the same place when I saw it on screen.

  319. Dave C says:

    There is a scene from the trailer where Darrel is shown riding his chopper past a sign for Bethel United Methodist Church. I Google’d (map) the church and got five different hits in the Atlanta area. Don’t know why, but I’m just looking for the sign. I searched the five spots with street view (where available) and couldn’t find it. It’s probably the one in the Senoia area that doesn’t provide street view. That figures!

    • I know where that sign is. It’s located at the intersection of Luther Bailey Road and Old 85 Hwy (not “Old Hwy 85″) in Senoia. You can just make it out in Google Maps but there’s no street view of that intersection. We also had someone send pics of that sign (http://walkingdeadlocations.com/?p=300) on the way to the church for pics.

      • Lee says:

        I was at the intersection of Luther Bailey and Old 85 (18 Miles Out episode) this past Sunday, 3/4/2012, and the church sign was missing. I drive by it regularly, as my mother lives a 1/4 mile south of there on Luther Baily Road. The sign was clearly there during the filming of the “18 Miles Out” episode, but is now gone. I am hoping the church removed it; I’d hate to think some lowly souveneir hunter stole it…

  320. Reid Davis says:

    I created a running route that hits most of the in-city locations: pretty fun way to knock out 12.5 miles. Did the route on Sunday afternoon/evening (the sun was setting) and got some pics in the process – http://runkeeper.com/user/reidldavis/activity/59805715

  321. Nikki says:

    Thanks for posting I live near Atl. so please post any upcoming filming locations if possible because I only hear about it on local news at night when they are finishing up. Its weird the house/farm (sorry I dont remember the old mans name) they are at now, is from what Ive followed from the shows, is east of Atl. which is I20 interstate, Then the little girl got lost and the girl on the horse (sorry again horrible with names) said take the next exit, Fairburn rd. and youu will see the mailbox. I LIVE ON FAIRBURN RD, OFF I20! Sorry I just thought that was so cool! Its not really like where they are at, not right off intersate anyway. Thanks again.

  322. Reid Davis says:

    The houses are easy: Morgan’s house is 376 Ormond Street SE (currently occupied, so be nice). Rick’s house is 817 Cherokee Ave. SE. (unoccupied and for sale, last I checked.) Bicycle Girl is at the intersection of Berne Street and Park Drive. (Careful shooting kept the Grant Park Pool — a regular stop for our family — out of the frame.)

  323. nicole bell says:

    Where is the lake that andrea and amy have the talk on the canoe. Gorgeous lake! Same episode where the guy gets beat for hitting his wife while doing laundry?