Locations From Season Three Premiere

I have a lot of ground to cover in this post so let’s just jump straight into it.  If you’ve seen the season three premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead then you should recognize everything I’m posting about here.  If you haven’t seen it yet, no worries, I’m not going to give any spoilers but I will be showing you sights you’ll be seeing when you do watch it. Ready to start? Let’s go…

(The TWDL Google Map and Locations Index have also been updated.)

First let’s begin with the new intro sequence.  The new intro has some things we’ve seen before as well as locations new to season three.  First we see the highway crash scene from the beginning of season two, then Hershel’s farmhouse, a cemetery (I’m assuming this was the cemetery behind the church from season two), and the red-roof house where Daryl found signs of life and a Cherokee Rose.  Then we move into locations we haven’t seen before; ESCO Feed Mill, Case General Store, Sportsmans Deer Cooler, and finally the prison.

I rode up to Senoia and the surrounding area today to get photos of as many of these new locations as possible.  I’ll post pictures of what I was able to get but there were some locations I was unable to photograph.

(Click images to enlarge)

Let’s start with the big one that everyone’s going to be asking about, the prison.  I don’t know how many people know the specifics on the prison so I’ll tell everything I know.  The prison, as seen on the show, is not a prison at all.  The prison is actually a fairly elaborate set built on the property of Raleigh Studios Atlanta in Senoia.  It’s actually the rear of the facility and that’s why you don’t see any roads, driveways, or parking lots aside from a gravel road or two.  The fences, the guard towers, the gates all were built on the rear of the studio lot specifically for season three of The Walking Dead.  I say all of that to explain why I was unable to get photographs of the prison set, not even the yard.  Some fans have driven to the studio in the past and they can attest to the fact that there is security on the road leading to the studio, at all times, and they are not going to let anyone in there which isn’t supposed to be there. There are railroad tracks running behind the property, as seen on the show, but these railroad tracks are no longer used.  They’re overgrown with vegetation and if you don’t really know where to look, you’ll likely miss them completely.  Where these railroad tracks cross the road leading to the studio there are many signs stating that everything you’re looking at, including the tracks, is private property, do not trespass, no photography, and several other warnings I didn’t need to read to know I wasn’t supposed to be in the area.  I suppose one could attempt to sneak in there, but I’m fairly certain this would lead to said person being escorted off the property at best and at worst given the opportunity to explain their actions to local law enforcement.  It’s just not worth it and I hope all fans respect private property laws here, as well as at every single location for the show.  Many, if not most, of these locations are private property and I would hate for fans of the show to cause any unnecessary headaches for the studio, production crew, location manager (Michael Riley) or anyone else associated with the show while they’re attempting to bring The Walking Dead to the fans.  However, I will be updating out Google Maps to show where the studio is located.  It isn’t a secret as far as I know and their address is readily available online.

Next up is the house we see at the very beginning of the season three premiere.  Rick and the other survivors bust into the house, kill the zombies inside, and are then driven out by the approaching horde.  At the time this scene was filmed, the house was abandoned according to local fans who watched filming.  As of now, some 4 to 5 months later, that no longer appears to be the case.  There were vehicles in the driveway, people on the property, dogs, chickens, and just about every other sign you could imagine that people reside there.  As a result I wasn’t able to get photos of the house but I do know where it is and it’ll be updated on the map as well (as will all locations I discuss in this post).  I can say that it looks exactly the same, at least from the outside, today as it did when they filmed there.

Now on to the locations I was able to photograph.  Only one location I photographed today wasn’t actually seen in the episode itself but in the new intro sequence.   That location is the old ESCO Feed Mill.

This is located in Haralson, GA on Line Creek Road near the intersection with Railroad Street.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find much information about this old mill and most Google searches about it simply turn up more photos which have been taken of it over the years.  If anyone has any historical information about the ESCO Feed Mill, please pass it along and I would be happy to share it.

The next image in the intro sequence is a storefront we will also see in the first episode itself:

It’s the same location Michonne enters, dispatches a few zombies, and gets aspirin for an ailing Andrea:

Those who have been to Haralson, GA to watch filming will probably better recognize the right side of this building that is facing GA85 and has “Thompson’s Mercantile” written on it, easily visible from the road.

The words on the front windows say “Case General Store” and are visible behind Michonne when she enters the store during the episode, though somewhat difficult to read.  I’ve include a few pictures here because we will definitely be seeing this location again during the season.  The store is located in Haralson, GA on Main Street.  If you’re looking at the front of this building as shown above, turn left and go to the end of the street (about 2 blocks), and turn right you’ll see the aforementioned ESCO Feed Mill.  Portions of the mill are visible in the episode to the left of the building and in the background.  I don’t believe this building is a general store any longer but is now home to the Funky Shack Art Studio (location of the Zombie Wedding Bash just before the season three premiere aired).

The final location seen in the intro, as well as seen in the episode itself, is the Sportsman’s Deer Cooler.  While primarily the interior is shown during the intro, the exterior is shown as Michonne enters to deliver the aspirin to Andrea:

The Sportsman’s Deer Cooler is also located in Haralson, GA on Addy Street.  It is across the railroad tracks, basically on the other side of town, from the Haralson, GA locations shown above.

As the name implies, this location processes deer for hunters during the hunting season.  It is a business in Haralson and looks basically identical every day as it did in the show, though I hear it was washed inside prior to filming.  Since it’s currently deer season in Georgia, this business was in operation when I went by there today and I didn’t want to interfere with them while they were working so I didn’t attempt to get any interior pictures, though I’m sure it would look the same as what we were shown during the episode.

That should wrap up everything we saw during the season three premiere.  If anyone has any comments or questions feel free to ask away.  I’ll answer to the best of my ability and there are quite a few local fans who keep up with the site and they can usually answer what I cannot.  You can also email us with any pictures or questions, follow us on Twitter, or check out our Facebook page.

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41 Responses to Locations From Season Three Premiere

  1. Amy says:

    I’m headed down from Ohio in June and I’m staying in Kennesaw, GA. I’d like to go out to take pictures of film locations – within a 60 miles radius preferably. I went on the google maps and saw the many places but being a visitor I’m not sure how legit the locations are. Does anyone have any suggestions or is anyone up for being a tourguide for a nominal fee?

    • Fred Scheit says:

      I would suggest that you head for Senoia and get chatting with some of the other TWD fans hanging around there – then arrange amongst yourselves to visit some of the locations together.

    • Casey Florig says:

      Hello Amy,
      Atlanta Movie Tours currently has a tour on Saturdays most of the Season 1 locations. We just did it last weekend and it was great! Starting May 26th they will have another tour on Sundays that will take you down to Senoia (Woodbury). The Saturday tour is $45 and Sunday will be $65. Here are some videos with pictures from the tours we have taken: http://www.youtube.com/user/cflorig

    • Ed says:

      Visit the Senoia coffee house and ask for the man with the red backpack. You’ll have a awesome and entertaining day.

  2. Rachel says:

    Today me and my daughter headed out on a roadtrip to visit some filming sites. We had a blast. At the deer cooler we pulled in to take a photo and this guy came to us and offered to let us go inside. Turns out it was the owner Mike and he was very nice. He walked us thru and let us take photos and told us a few stories. That was my favorite part of the day with the exception of the smell in there. We also tried to get a peek at the prison.No luck with that. Think we found Hershels farm. In Grantville we were a little spooked out. In Senoia we had a really good fried apple pie at one of the shops.It was a lot of fun. Since its not that far from us we are planning trips during filming. We live in Walnut Grove. Its a very small town between Conyers,GA and Monroe,GA. I will try to post some of the photos. Soon.

    • Sounds like you had a great time, Rachel! Yeah, I imagine the deer cooler doesn’t smell all that wonderfully under normal circumstances. As I recall, they had that entire building pressure washed and cleaned prior to filming. Thank you for the comments!

  3. Gina says:

    What an awesome job you do on this site- Just wanted to thank you very much and to the on-site contributors to the inside info! — my family and friends are all huge fans. I was wondering (I live in NC) should I pass through these towns, would the local townsfolk and business owners be offended if I took a photo of my son standing in front of their business if I asked (and yes, I would ask before I took a picture). I just don’t want to bring my son to only disappoint him…..

    • You’re welcome, and thank you for the comments.

      To answer your question, I have never heard of anyone at any of the locations having a problem with fans taking photos. In fact, most would probably show you around and welcome the visit, especially the businesses. I’ve talked to many locals when visiting the locations to take pictures and they’ve always been welcoming and I’ve never been asked not to take photos or to leave. I think you’ll be fine taking photos.

  4. Cheryl says:

    I drove by there one day on way to work before I was watching the show and they were filming….I usually cut through that street and it was blocked off…I wondered which scene they filmed there….Wasn’t watching then…I saw them filming another day close by…Now I am a huge fan…next time I run up on them I will be stopping….

    • jamie thompson says:

      Just wanted to give u another connection to haralson i am the thompson in thompson mercantile i can also give u any and all history of the town and the surrounding area i also have acess to all the locations including the meeting site between rick and the go vener seen in sundays preview i also have info about the many other movies filmed in this town all the way back to moonrunners in the 70s which was the piolit to the dukes of hazzard to todays lawless and walking dead

      • Great to meet you, Jamie! Thank you so much for offering to help with some of the history of Haralson and the filming locations. I greatly appreciate it and hope to be able to take you up on your offer in the near future.

      • Leo says:

        Hey Jamie it’s an honor to be posting a message to you!Just wondering if this info you posted is only limited to the Blogs owner to have access to this info?
        Because I’m one of the Walking Dead’s biggest fans along with my family, and we plan on making a road trip to Florida from Toronto Canada and maybe drop in to your area provided I have some type of guidance into the area where the Walking dead is filmed….
        If you could somehow personally help me to fulfill me and my family’s dream that would mean the world to us!!!
        Let me know if you could somehow lead me into the right direction.
        Thank you and it was great that I even came across your post.

        • Jamie says:

          Would love to help email me ur info. At nana3111@live,com filming is suppose to start back some time next month would be great if u could come during that time

          • Leo says:

            You have no Idea how happy you’ve made my wife and I…….Can’t wait to meet you! I’ll send you my contact info via email, that way we could stay in touch.
            About the show beginning production next month I wouldn’t be able to make the trip at that time, but do you know if they will still be filming the show until mid July as that would be the only chance for me to come and take some pictures and hopefully get to watch some filming! It would be the ultimate If I got to snap some pics with one of the actors,I’d imagine that must difficult getting a pic with them if we can’t pinpoint where they’re filming….
            Thanks again and kind regards Jamie, see you soon!

  5. Colby Mathews says:

    What an amazing site! Thanks for all your hard work!

  6. Marianne says:

    Regarding the photos of the Deer Cooler. The one without the round disk…it appears it is lying on the roof in front of where it should have been. Probably blown down. 😉

    • Sure looks like it. Though from the looks of the supports behind it, it wasn’t secured all that well to begin with. Or they’re just leaving it there until they need it again. Good eye, Marianne.

      • Fred Scheit says:

        Yes, good eye. Also noticed there are supports on the other side, so assume there must also have been one there – during my visit in April this year only the right one was in place.

  7. I’ll be interviewing a gal who was one of the walkers in the prison and can be seen as Michonne walks into the Deer Cooler. I’ll get some more info about set locations from her. I guess she’s in episodes 1,2,4,5,7

  8. jerri merritt says:

    I went to haralson first day of filming saw darryl gtting on motorcycles gt pic pic of the Thompson mercantile and got another pic of him and andrea and the green car will post pic when I figure out how to also gt pic of woodbury and the church

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  10. Natalie says:

    ok…just found out that it’s my Granfather’s 2nd cousin, which makes it my 4th cousin, who owns “Herchel’s farm”. I guess that would be a little difficult to explain when I knocked on the door. LOL!

    • beanice says:

      Just say I will explain it all in detail about the family connection later on then. Can I have a look around to see and take pics of your property that was used as a setting for the TV series the Walking Dead please?

  11. Natalie says:

    The helicopter scene was filmed behind my father’s house on Hwy 16 at a small community airport just east of hwy 85.

  12. beanice says:

    Now to find that area where Andrea and Michonne viewed the helicopter as it went down and then later investigated it. Oh, was that spot where they exited from also in that place when they were hiding out then?

    • Yes, they exited from the rear of the building they were in, Sportsman’s Deer Cooler. As for the helicopter scene, I won’t have much of an idea where that takes place until I see it in the episode. They film so much in so many different places it’s hard to tell for sure.

      • Fred Scheit says:

        When did you take the picture of the Sportsman’s Deer Cooler, with the blue Toyota in front? Your most recent visit?

        I notice that the round image of the buck to the right of the cooler sign is missing.

      • Southside_GA says:

        I hear that the helicopter scene was filmed on Dead Oak Road, that runs between Haralson and Senoia. They have closed this road off several times for filming. I have a friend that lives in that area and has been awoken by the helicopter. Once I see the episode, I will try to verify.

      • deborah says:

        im from Indiana and went to my sisters house in Newnan GA, for a week and we went hunting for all this places, got lots of pictures of diferent filming location. i was so exited.

  13. Scarlett says:

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing! I wish I could visit one of the sets!

  14. Sherry says:

    You and your intrepid group have given us so many amazing photos; we’re not worried about the lack of prison photos. Those of us who are not in Georgia are very happy with all the information you’ve shared! And we promise not to drive down (or up) there and break into the “prison.” Promise!

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