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In the eighth episode of the fourth season, “Too Far Gone” (S04E08), we see the Governor talking with his new group of survivors as they agree to attempt to take the prison. He believes the biters can’t cross the river so he makes the decision for Lilly and Meghan to stay there at the campsite while the others head toward the prison. Needless to say this was a bad decision on everyone’s part as Meghan is bitten later while Lilly’s attention is focused on a walker attempting to cross the river from the opposite shoreline.

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 photo S04E08_001.jpg  photo S04E08_002.jpg  photo S04E08_003.jpg

(Note: The above images are property of AMC Studios and are posted here for comparison purposes only.)

These scenes were filmed along the Flint River at Sprewell Bluff State Park near Thomaston, GA back in July/August. The crew was on site for several days to film these scenes.

I was able to drive over to Sprewell Bluff to get some photos, though since it’s winter, the foliage has changed appearance a good deal. It’s easy to see, however, where the mudslide was created for the purposes of filming and even the replacement grass put back in place by the production crew. The production team does an excellent job of returning all locations back to condition it was in prior to filming, or sometimes even better.

Sprewell Bluff is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon with plenty of places to have a picnic, walk through the woods, or even take a dip in the Flint River. Be advised, however, that if I understand the signs correctly along the road to the park, the site will become a pay-to-use site beginning in January 2014. If you do decide to visit the park, you’ll need to bring along a few dollars.

 photo SprewellBluff001.jpg  photo SprewellBluff002.jpg  photo SprewellBluff003.jpg

 photo SprewellBluff004.jpg  photo SprewellBluff005.jpg  photo SprewellBluff006.jpg

 photo SprewellBluff007.jpg  photo SprewellBluff008.jpg  photo SprewellBluff009.jpg

Now that the episode has aired, I can share these photos as well. I received these photos from an anonymous source back just after filming completed, or perhaps while it was still taking place. They primarily show where the trailers were set up during filming.

 photo 1098077_10201375838816282_1492866601_n.jpg  photo 64704_10201375838536275_721933604_n.jpg  photo 601994_10201375838856283_81160694_n.jpg

 photo 1017284_10201375838736280_263500205_n.jpg  photo 17763_10201054585461346_1802145883_n.jpg

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  1. Fred Scheit says:

    How close to these locations can you get by car – is there any distance walking involved?

  2. Catherin Hehman says:

    I live close to Sprewell Bluff. We canoe the Flint River and this is the drop off for the five mile float. You can rent canoes and use the shuttle at the outfitter store by the bridge.

  3. sondra says:

    what does the pink and purple piece of paper of the trailer doors say? I cant tell.

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