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As I mentioned yesterday afternoon/evening, I was sent some photos on Facebook of the location being used Monday, May 13th, for season four filming. The location is in Griffin, GA on North Expressway between between Ellis Road and Lyndon Avenue. Thanks to Alexander Cain, for sharing the photos with me, and for letting me know more about this area, also called Ellis Crossing, in Griffin:

This is an old Wal-Mart and Winn Dixie combination parking lot.

Our Super Wal-Mart was constructed here in Griffin, Georgia up the road from this particular set about ten or so years ago. The location of this set is where the Wal-Mart used to be, but Winn Dixie was its next door neighbor in the same parking lot. So either reference is correct. Most people think of it as the old Wal-Mart lot just for sentimental reasons, and also because a lot of people (me included) tend to forget we used to have a Winn Dixie right where the “Big Spot” is right now. So the “Big Spot” exterior is, technically, the former Winn Dixie, but to call it Wal Mart would work too.

As far as I can tell this is a single-day shoot.

Alexander also told me that rumor is there was going to be a plane crashed into the building, or that it was going to be made to look that way. Of course we probably won’t know for sure unless someone is there to view the filming or until we see it on the screen this fall.

Not long after Alexander’s message and photos, I also received some additional photos from other fans in the area.

Thank you to Lynna, who lives nearby, and sent these photos in of the filming site:

(Click images to enlarge)

 photo LAinG001.jpg  photo LAinG002.jpg  photo LAinG003.jpg

 photo LAinG004.jpg  photo LAinG005.jpg  photo LAinG006.jpg

I’d also like to thank Jason who went by the location this morning for a few photos as well.

 photo JGinG001.jpg  photo JGinG002.jpg  photo JGinG003.jpg

 photo JGinG004.jpg  photo JGinG005.jpg  photo JGinG006.jpg

 photo JGinG007.jpg  photo JGinG008.jpg  photo JGinG009.jpg

 photo JGinG010.jpg  photo JGinG011.jpg  photo JGinG012.jpg

This filming will be taking place in conjunction with some road work directly in front of the location so traffic is going to be disrupted quite a bit as this is a main road through Griffin. I’ve heard that all businesses, etc, in the area will remain open while filming is taking place but traffic will be stopped periodically not only for construction, but likely also for the filming.

A big thank you to everyone who let me know about this filming location so I could relay the information and to Alexander, Lynna, and Jason for sending in photos of the site.

Update: Alexander sent in the following information relating to the filming site which may be useful to anyone planning to attend. I’m just going to copy his words here rather than try and write it from memory:

For anyone thinking of going to the shoot site : This is a BIG parking lot. If you come in to Griffin, you’ll probably want to park down near the car wash or gym area. You will see a business called Irish City Pub, then to its right is a car wash, behind all of that in a small shopping nook is a gym. Next door to there is an event center. Okay, the building you see immediately to the right is the old Wal-Mart. Right after that is the old Winn Dixie where the Big Spot has been created.

It all depends on how traffic gets stopped. I don’t know if say traffic is stopped 3 blocks away if that means pedestrians will be stopped at the same time. It DOES NOT LOOK THAT WAY. It seems that if you are on foot you will be able to access the area where filming will be taking place, and due to the size of this lot you should be able to find plenty of places. Try the Subway that is close by, it is at an angle but you will be able to see the whole set from there. At least the exterior portion. I do not know how much if any filming is taking place inside the “store.”

I wish I could give a time for the day but nothing is coming out of this to provide that. Given the placement of the flagger signs and the electronic signs it appears that this will be taking place at least partially during the day

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80 Responses to Location Photos – Griffin, GA

  1. Tony Ivie says:

    TWD has set-up equipment with lots of big rigs @ E. Solomon St. and 5th. St. next to the Griffin Daily News in Griffin Ga.

    • Saw a bunch of trailers and big rigs over in Griffin on Saturday right behind the the auto shop Daryl and the Marauders hold up in for a night. On W Bank St between S. 9th and S. 8th st

  2. Angie says:

    They filmed in Thomaston Ga at Sprewell Bluff in Thomaston. Do you know what episode that will be in?

  3. michelle says:

    It is illegal to take pics and post them….the pics would be the property of AMC because you are not authorized to be there the police can confiscate your phones and cameras. I know this because they filmed on my horse farm and we were told we could only take pics because they were using our property but if we even sent them to another phone before the season ended they would sue us.

  4. darlene says:

    very helpful Fred, thanks so much.

  5. darlene says:

    we are coming to ga in oct. can you tell me the address of the big spot? thanks for all of your help it is much appreciated. Also we will be there during the premiere of season 4. the problem is WHERE to watch? we are staying in senoia but will gladly go where ever the best place to watch is. Thanks!!

  6. are you guys going to update the google map with the season 4 locations you know of so far like the big lots location etc? thanks :)

  7. Elaine Mitchell says:

    I live in Coweta County and stopped in Senoia July 25th to visit my favorite shop. It is located next door to Woodbury Town Hall. I was shocked to see that Woodbury Town Hall had been torn down and cleared out! I asked the lady in the shop what happened. She said that TWD was filming last week in Senoia and the scene involved a large military type vehicle crashing into the town hall, followed by a loud explosion. After filming, the wrecked building was covered with tarps, later burned and cleaned up a few days ago. The shrubbery and bench at the edge of the city sidewalk remain and you can clearly see where the sidewalk to the building was. I took 4 pictures with my phone: 1 from the rear and 3 from the front. The shop lady also told me that the rumor around town is TWD is going to Savannah. While I cannot confirm that the information she shared is true, I can confirm that the town hall is gone.

  8. Brad says:

    We are heading down to Senoia Monday & Tuesday, and hear they are filming in and around the town at that time. Can anyone confirm?

  9. Mark says:

    Hi. Is anything left to be seen at the Big Spot location? Is everything gone?
    Thanks Mark

    • Dani says:

      They usually don’t leave the sets, they usually return them as they found them once they are finished shooting.

      • Fred Scheit says:

        I visited the Big Spot Griffin location before, during, and after the filming.

        Have a look at this photo, taken on the Friday following the Monday filming:


        As you can see, most of the props had been removed – just some equipment left on the car park, and the security guard said they were due to be removed later that day.

        Whilst I was there chatting to the security guard, a couple of guys arrived and started to remove the Big Spot banners from the store windows.

        The interior of the store was also empty of props at this time.

  10. Joella says:

    They are filming on Main Street in Senoia this week in “Woodbury.”

    • Dani says:

      They did film earlier this week (July 16 and possibly 17) not sure if they are finished or not, haven’t seen any updates.

  11. starla cantrell says:

    Any news on new filming sites? Would love to plan a trip but I need to know ahead of time bc we are 4 hours away! Any info would be appreciated, thanks!

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  13. Joella Nall says:

    Awesome! Thank you! Planning my trip now. Can’t wait!

  14. Joella Nall says:

    Does anyone know how far into the summer they will be filming? Anything in July?

    • Not this far out.

      As for how long they’ll be filming, they started the same time they did last season, and with the same number of episodes in the coming season I would expect them to shoot roughly the same length of time. Last year they filmed, officially, until the week prior to Thanksgiving.

  15. Jodi del savio says:

    Any news about filming for this week the 28th-1st?

  16. Christy says:

    Does anyone know if there is any filming this weekend on the the 27th or 28th of next week? we are planning on being in town those days.

  17. crissy says:

    ANYONE know where they post the photos of the fans ?? I notice a man walking around taking pics of us and another man videoed the crowd and asked us ?s I’d love to see those videos and pics:)

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  19. Fam.Adams says:

    hello … it’s true that since theres no way for the study of the series we want to know because my family and I traveled from afar to go see the show are fans and I mostly am crazy to go aver the place where they film the series and want to know if you can spend or not… thanks :)

  20. Pat-e-cake says:

    Could someone tell me about the photo at the top of this page. such as what Town is it and if it’s in any episodes of the Walking Dead..(.The Photo)
    looks to have been taken in the early fall…also looks to be on a one way street and at the cornor has a store that could be a Deli or lunch bar ???
    thanks for any information……..

    • The episode it appears in is unknown at this point because the episode hasn’t aired. This was a filming location used Monday, May 13th for filming for season four of the show. The town it is in is Griffin, GA. The photos were taken a couple of days prior to filming.

    • Fred Scheit says:

      I think Pat-e-cake means the page header photo – that’s from the first episode “Days Gone Bye”, where Rick rides the horse into Atlanta:


      As he goes around that corner, a tank (that he eventually hides underneath) is parked in the middle of that road.

    • Ah yes, Fred is correct. I misunderstood the question, sorry about that. He’s also correct, it’s an image from downtown Atlanta where the tank was parked in the pilot episode. It is the Forsyth-Walton Building and it’s located on the corner of Walton St NW and Forsyth St NW in Atlanta. The deli is Pan America Deli, but the name isn’t visible from the view in that image.

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  22. vanessa says:

    hello I would like to go and see all of this action and try to get glens autograph. does anyone know how long they will be in Georgia?

  23. Karla says:

    passed there earlier this evening and everything is still there with 24 hour security. I talked to the gentlemen who was very nice but firm and said no pictures. I wanted to try anyway to get one in front of store. I noticed someone mentioned in an earlier post about a plane crash scene. I doubt it and possibly what they saw were security vans marked Delta since they also have a global security company and employees wear Delta security tags. If a supervisor is checking on employees he does show up in a white delta van. just a thought on any plane crash ideas.

  24. Alexander says:

    Possibly. Or else the production schedule for set doesn’t have it dismantled until later.

  25. Brock says:

    set was still up 100 percent complete with 2 security people when i went by a few minutes ago ,so….. maybe reshoots if needed?

  26. Tyler says:

    Do you know if there is any word on filming in Senoia from May 22-25? I’m visiting family down there then and would DIE at the opportunity to catch filming or at least see the set up. Thanks, by the way! Your website is a huge help for when I’ll be going back down again this Summer to visit on the sets! Can’t thank you enough.

    • I haven’t heard anything to confirm that yet, unfortunately. I’ve heard the same rumors as others, that there’s supposed to be a large block of filming in Senoia itself, but I haven’t heard a date anywhere. From the way they’re prepping vehicles near town, I’m guessing it could be very soon.

  27. Alexander Cain says:

    Not in Griffin.
    Filming for Walking Dead is done here … at least for now.

  28. any work on filming tomorrow?

  29. Alexander Cain says:

    They were still around set at about 6:30 when I left, “Glenn” had come out to sign autographs but anyone that tried to take pictures with their cell phone had the phone temporarily confiscated. “Glenn” said he couldn’t pose for pictures due to spoiler purposes.

  30. Brock says:

    yeah they are just got back, about or so people their so u gotta park closer to the wig store , but its good

  31. I need updates if anyone has any. I get off work in an hour and wanted to head there. Anyone know if they’re still set up?

  32. Britney says:

    I’m going up there now! I live in Barnesville which is only 18 miles away! anyone have any info for me? any updates? I can’t believe this! I grew up in this old parking lot with the old Walmart lol So excited

  33. Britney says:

    I’m going up there now! I live in Barnesville which is only 18 miles away! anyone have any info for me? any updates? I can’t believe this! I grew up in this old parking lot with the old Walmart lol So excited

    • tracey says:

      This SUCKS!!! I grew up in Barnesville! But I don’t live there anymore. I’m in Florida now. :( I want to go there!!! Lol

  34. Mariano Oliveti says:

    I would really like to take my son to the set, he is a huge fan of the show and he got me into it … if anybody knows a specific location during the month of May, it would make my young son’s very happy. Thanks in advance!

  35. Southside_GA says:

    Thanks for the info TWD_Locations, going to drive by there today and we’ll see what it looks like!

  36. Alexander Cain says:

    I have added additional pictures from this evening, including a few from behind the building showing Extras Holding area, a scaffolding built by production to access the roof (probably to put the sign up outside the store but who knows?) and a few lighting trucks. The lighting trucks are being kept behind the building for now. Two more of them arrived around 6 p.m. Sunday evening.

  37. Alexander Cain says:

    Dale, are you seriously saying you were hoping that people would keep it quiet that Walking Dead was in town?

    You may as well ask that President Obama come stay at the Holiday Inn and everyone pretend that it’s just a tourist from Hawaii.

    I’m not making light of your perspective; in fact, I understand it completely. I am just saying that I don’t think this would be something you could keep quiet. Especially since they have hand-crafted an entire storefront in a major intersection on one of the heaviest trafficked arteries in this entire city.

  38. Dale says:

    No local businesses or churches are being compensated. They must notify these places and see if there are issues before they can film. Most everyone in our town has known for sometime but we have kept quiet because we would like for them to return. I was hoping that noone would publicly share the information for that reason.

    • anon4cec says:

      I’ve heard that the church actually received money because of the inconvenience the filming caused. There are no other businesses that would have been affected by the filming.

      The church then gave out gift cards to everyone in attendance on Mothers Day.

  39. Alexander Cain says:

    Jason, I take it that’s the church that is just behind the NAPA store?
    I saw a few people in there on Friday afternoon.
    I don’t know how much your church is being compensated, if at all.
    Just know that you are correct, you guys are literally on the set. As in, the exterior of your entrance is right on set. To go inside you would have to access the set.

    • Jason P. Brown says:

      That is correct Alexander! A buddy of mine who is a fan of the show as well went by early this morning and confirmed that they had a lot of plane parts and pieces lying around now. While we were in service yesterday, we actually saw a Delta airlines SUV come in and have some folks sign some paperwork. Also there were production folks working on distressing the Big Spot sign and the building below the sign. Excited to see how this will be used in the series!

  40. Jason P. Brown says:

    Our church is located in this same shopping complex – it will be interesting having this set right outside the window of where we have our Mother’s Day service! Too bad I will be out of town starting this afternoon or else I would be there Monday… I too have heard that it will be a plane crash scene and there will also be Helicopters there.

  41. WalkerFan5 says:

    A local coffee shop in Griffin has told customers that TWD crew has been in for coffee recently. I’ve also been told they plan to film at Newnan HS again.

  42. Lizz says:

    We are driving to Senoia today from Jacksonville, Florida and staying until Wednesday. We will drive to Griffin for this filming. Hope to see some action! I will post pics from our Walking Dead vacation!

  43. danielle scaduto says:

    When you find out when they start filming in Senoia can you please let us know! I wanna drive up :) also ive been in Senoia the last week and have noticed the signs that have the road closures usually have bags covering them up when they aren’t filming. Well Friday they took them off. So maybe that’s a clue they will start filming there soon! Also lots of stuff has been added to the (what I like to call it) prop corner. (the fenced in area in downtown Senoia)

    • Hi, Danielle! My sister, mom and I drove to Senoia on Tuesday, May 7th and met Norman Reedus in the Senoia Coffe House on Main Street. It was AWESOME!!!! They were filming at the studios that day, he just popped in to get some coffee for him and Andrew Lincoln (Rick). He was the sweetest guy you ever imagine. Follow us on Twitter @BitchinDixons or join our facebook group if you want, we have the pics posted there from our trip… http://www.facebook.com/groups/BichinDixons (no ‘t’ in Bitchin Dixons for facebook, it wouldn’t allow it…lol). Hope you have a great trip!!

  44. Jessica says:

    Does anyone know if they will be doing any filming in Senoia for this season?

    • I’ve heard that yes, they’re going to have an extended filming period in Senoia shortly. Upward of 20 days (not counting weekends) I believe is what I heard, but that’s unconfirmed as of right now.

      Edit: I shouldn’t say “unconfirmed”, it’s from a reliable source, but it could also be misdirection either accidental or intentional. If true, we’ll know this coming week, after May 14th.

      • Felix says:

        Would you happen to know what day they will start filming, if this information is true?

        • All I’ve heard is it’s supposed to be some day this week, after the filming in Griffin. I haven’t heard an exact date yet, but the crew has been prepping in Senoia since before May 6th so I would expect it fairly soon.

  45. Teetz says:


  46. Teetz says:

    I heard this was for a MASH remake? Has it beennreally confirmed as a walking dead site?

    • All of the information I’ve received, from multiple sources, says that yes, it’s for TWD.

      • Shannon Stroup says:

        I spoke with a security guard who has not watched the show. He confirmed that it was TWD. He laughed and told me that when the character “Glenn” arrived this morning he tried to turn him away not realizing that he was a cast member!

        • Lindsey says:

          I got there this morning at 8am…I saw Daryl, Glenn, Tyrees, Sasha, and Michionne! I was able to get a few pictures before the police got super strict. Can’t wait to see it on tv!

          • Alexander says:

            I got my photos before the police decided to be a little aggressive in their behavior, too. I have the same five as Lindsey as well as the Woodbury newcomer kid that was with them.

          • Ava says:

            Where are the pictures?

    • crissy says:

      I was there it was for walking dead i got to hug glin and get a pic had to sneak it :p Derrel waved a couple time and drove off on his motorcycle:) couple of other cast mates were there but the police would let anyone take pics said we’d go to jail so i only got one before they started taking phones

      • Gildaroy Lockhardon says:

        Taking phones? I’m gonna call B.S. on that one. They’re absolutely NOT allowed to do that.

        • Fred Scheit says:

          I was there during the filming – the security guys did say that cameras/camera phones would be confiscated if used, and all TWD fans there tried to help police this, by mentioning this fact to newcomers, etc.

          TBH, I wasn’t aware of any actual confiscations whilst I was there.

          If you were there on the day, would you have challenged that?

          If so, and you actually called “B.S.”, that would probably have guaranteed the parking lot (private property in this instance) would have been cleared of all TWD fans.

          And you wouldn’t be very popular.

          • Dani says:

            If I remember correctly, a Fox5 camera was confiscated for 24 or so hrs because they filmed something in Grantville while TWD was filming. I have also been told they will take the card out of your camera or camcorder or take the phone and make you delete the pics/video in front of them (just hearsay but I wouldn’t challenge it!). One of the producers came over several times and told us NO flash photography while they were setting up/filming. I am sure they will be even more strict this year.

    • Fritz1164 says:

      Yeah right M.A.S.H. There was a Big Lots in 1950s Korea?

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