Location Photos – Griffin, GA (2)

In the season four episode “Live Bait” (S04E06), we see a flashback of the time the Governor spent after he killed some of the Woodbury residents. During this time he finds his way into a small town where he absentmindedly sidesteps a walker which was coming for him, and then collapses in the street. As he’s getting back up he notices a small girl watching him from the window of a building in front of him and finds his way inside.

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 photo S04E06_001.jpg  photo S04E06_002.jpg  photo S04E06_003.jpg

 photo S04E06_004.jpg

(Note: The above images are property of AMC Studios and are posted here for comparison purposes only.)

These scenes were filmed near downtown Griffin, GA along Meriwether St. The food truck was parked in front of the building’s sign which is visible in the photos below. I don’t know, however, whether the interior scenes were filmed inside this building or at a different location. If anyone knows, feel free to leave a comment below and I can correct it here.

The locations are plotted on the Walking Dead Locations Google Map as well.

 photo Griffin001.jpg  photo Griffin002.jpg  photo Griffin003.jpg

 photo Griffin004.jpg  photo Griffin005.jpg  photo Griffin006.jpg

 photo Griffin007.jpg  photo Griffin008.jpg  photo Griffin009.jpg

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5 Responses to Location Photos – Griffin, GA (2)

  1. Terry Dunn says:

    Filming today in downtown Griffin, Georgia. Got stuck in the traffic.

  2. Kervin says:

    We’re planning to see the actual filming seen of the walking dead mid season finale this coming Friday 24, 2014. Im a die hard fan of the walking dead. I want to see the cast and take pictures with them. Am I able to visit the filming site this Friday? If it is possible when where and what time? Thankyou so much.

    • You can visit many of the filming locations any time you’d like since most are easily accessible to the public. However, the cast and crew aren’t filming right now and likely won’t begin again until May, when filming for season five begins.

  3. Mark Miller says:

    Your fourth thumbnail, from the actual episode, showing the truck in front of the apartment building, takes you to the full size image from the first thumbnail of the governor walking past the small building just before encountering the walker, instead of its ful size image.

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