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In the most recent episode of season three, titled “Clear”, we saw Rick, Michonne, and Carl all driving together on a trip. We find out quickly enough that they’re headed for what used to be Rick’s hometown in hopes of finding some guns and weapons to take back to the prison. They do indeed find some guns and weapons, but certainly not from a source they were expecting.

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 photo S03E12_001.jpg  photo S03E12_002.jpg  photo S03E12_003.jpg

 photo S03E12_004.jpg  photo S03E12_005.jpg  photo S03E12_006.jpg

Many more photos below…

This episode, with the exception of the driving scenes which I’ll be covering in another post later, was filmed entirely in Grantville, GA. Grantville is a small town of less than 5000 residents approximately 40-50 miles southwest of Atlanta, GA. The closest previous shooting location to Grantville would probably be Newnan, GA which is where the scenes were filmed for Shane and Otis’ supply run back in season two.

I had a free weekend morning and decided to drive up to Grantville for some pictures today. The town looks much like it did when the cast and crew were there for filming, with the obvious lack of zombie traps and road blockages. While I was taking pictures, I had the opportunity to talk with a local store owner while standing on the main road in town. He told me that during filming, the town was essentially shut down for two weeks. As you can see from the pictures, closing down the biggest road through town for two weeks was likely a bit of an inconvenience. If you decide to visit Grantville, and if you have time, stop by and support a local business whether it’s one of the stores or eateries while you’re there.

Pictures of Grantville during filming weren’t easy to get as police had the town blocked off rather well, though some from locals obviously leaked out and I’ve shared many of those before. I’ve come to realize that the crew does this whenever there’s someone, or something, in the episode they’d rather not have become public knowledge. In this case it was the reappearance of Morgan, the survivor who help save Rick’s life in the pilot episode.

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 photo Grantville019.jpg  photo Grantville020.jpg  photo Grantville021.jpg

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For those who have been asking, the partially destroyed building Rick, Michonne, and Carl pass at the beginning of the episode, and again at the end of the episode, is an old mill which was destroyed by fire, or so I’ve heard. As usual, if anyone has more information about the old mill, or Grantville in general, please leave a comment below and I’ll update as necessary.

The building which served as an old restaurant where Carl and Michonne went to retrieve a photograph is actually the old train depot. I have photographs of the exterior above but I wanted to separate the interior pictures here. Judging from what it looked like on the show:

 photo S03E12_Interior.jpg

And how it looks normally, you can see just how much work went into converting it for what we saw on screen. Here are some photos of the interior sent to us by Ben who is familiar with the building as there’s a yearly cattlemen’s dinner held there. Thanks Ben for allowing me to share these photos.

 photo 644161_441051485932318_108333299_n.jpg  photo 269965_441052005932266_2056757542_n.jpg  photo image-1.jpeg

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13 Responses to Location photos – Grantville

  1. Lee says:

    Watching series 3 back again this evening I’m pretty sure this is the same place that some of the Lawless movie was filmed in? The mill wall and the building opposite look like the building were they meet Gary Oldmans character and nearly get shot. Is it just me?

    • You’re absolutely right, Lee. I didn’t realize this either until it was pointed out to me and I re-watched Lawless. There are quite a few locations in the beginning of Lawless which have also been used on The Walking Dead.

      • AY says:

        Hi! Just a fun trivia fact – I’ve noticed the old mill wall/archways in a couple of movies since I first viewed “Clear.” Most recently was today when I watched the “Dumb and Dumber To” dvd! You only see the wall/archways for a few seconds but it’s quite obvious to any TWD fan! What makes this even more interesting is Laurie Holden plays one of the lead female roles in “Dumb and Dumber To!”

  2. Larry Menestrina says:

    Where is “Big Jake’s?”

  3. Kaylin says:

    I have some pictures of the set when it was still done up. I live near there (about 35 min away by car) and we went up to see it when they were filming there last September. One of the days we went was a Sunday when they weren’t filming so we got to walk right up to the “King County Cafe” and the Away With You wall. We also walked next to the center of town with all the zombie traps for a minute but a cop told us to leave. We did snag a couple sneaky pics though. I also have some pics from “Woodbury” aka Senoia as we also watched them do some filming there. I could email them to you, if you like; what email do I send it to?

  4. Eric says:

    The opening and closing sequences were filmed primarily on Dolly Nixon Road near Senoia.
    We are running an Ultra Marathon called the Running Dead Ultra out in the whole area on April 7th. 42.6 mile race that begins near the “Crossroads” on Old Hwy 85, runs through Senoia, hits the Tranquil Cemetery goes down Elders Mill, back over to the front gate of the Studio, and then running through Harrelson and back up Ryan Road, and Dolly Nixon, finally coming back down Luther Bailey and finishing up on Old Hwy 85.

    • The scenes with the hitchhiker and the car wreck, causing them to go off-road, was filmed on Coweta Heard Road near Grantville. The stains from the vehicles and fake blood were still there when I drove down that road to find the locations. I actually had a fan send in some pictures from Coweta Heard Road that I need to post soon.

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  6. Randy Fielding says:

    I was watching the episode along with the submitted photos and when Carl and Michonne entered the train station/parlor to get the family photo,from the long shot… in reality Grantville is actually behind them, but with some CGI work they placed trees into the top right corner for this shot to cover the town in the background

  7. Sometimes I think they shouldn’t put the town back to its original shape lol

  8. Anissa Camp says:

    Wow, the outside of the train depot barely looks like the King County Cafe at all! They really put a lot of work into changing it for the show!

    • It really is amazing. I wasn’t sure it was the right building at first. It has new paint on it now so I’m assuming they repainted it once they were finished with it. I believe the entire door facade was built on site since the sliding doors are what is normally there. Not to mention almost the entire interior since it’s usually a big, open room. I agree, they did put a lot of work into it and it shows.

      I found it funny that many of these scenes were filmed right across the street from each other. To film them entering town, the cameras were likely right on the RR tracks, or in the yard of the depot. I’m not sure if it comes across in the pictures, but Grantville is a pretty small town. I walked around the entire town to take these photos and it look less than a half hour.

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