Farm Location (Updated)

We received an email a few days ago from a couple who live in Senoia regarding the location of Herschel’s farm.  They told us that there were signs in the area pointing toward the site as well as law enforcement officials keeping onlookers away during a night shoot.

Thank you to Leslie Barker and her husband for sending us these pictures of the farm location and we’re jealous you had the opportunity to have a run in with Andrew Lincoln there in Senoia!

(Click images to enlarge)

Apologies for getting this pics posted late.

UPDATE: I’ve added a question mark to the title of this post based on some comments below.  We haven’t been able to confirm, for sure, that this is indeed Herschel’s farm and may just be an unknown location.

UPDATE 2:  As we have now learned, the building shown in the pictures above is not, in fact, Hershel’s farm.  The location which is serving as Herschel’s farm is located between GA Hwy 85 and Chestlehurst Road in Senoia.  As it is private property, we likely won’t be able to get location photos.  However, I will be marking the actual location on our locations Google Map when I update it.

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  1. Damio ln says:

    Anyone else notice that this farm may have been used in supernatural episode 12 faith looks damn close and one of the scenes shows the barn in the background

  2. michael mann says:

    In the story, this place should be close to Macon right? because Lee, Kenny and whatnot go to Macon after being at Hershel’s farm.

  3. None of Your Business says:

    Is it really the Farm? My family will be visiting some tie this year and I want a picture of me by the tree where they bury everyone……. Creepy?

  4. Diane says:

    It’s my husbands boss’ farm. I keep trying to get invited there!

  5. Jeremy says:

    Hey guys just wanted to mention something real quick about hershels farm. My parents live just down the street from the property and I found a google map view of the farm thanks to your site. About a week ago my brother and I were visiting my parents and had some guys with us for my brothers bachelor party. They got wind of the fact that I knew where heshels farm was. They asked me to take them there so I decided to go, it was about 1 am. We first went through a neighborhood and walked through the woods for about an hour, no luck. Then I knew it was right off GA 85 so we went there. There is a mobile home at the road and his farm is way back behind it. We pulled on the side of the road, jumped out and hopped over the barbwire fence and started running. We eventually got to a gravel road and decided to follow it. After about a half mile or so we saw a white building. we got closer and closer and saw just off to our right the windmill where lori apologized to shane at the end of season 2. we kept walking and we found it! we were in the front yard standing between where the group camped and hershels house. I will say that it seems much bigger in person. it was about 3 am and one of the guys walked up to the house and saw a volkswagen on parked next to the house. we came to the realization that someone lived there and decided to get the hell out. on our way out we saw this barn ( ) it is right off the road (ga85) behind the mobile home and another house. you can definitely tell this IS hershels farm!!! Anyway just thought i would share this with you guys.

  6. K says:

    Made it to the farm today on our drive through Georgia… Or should I say to the gate. There is now a metal gate spanning the entire driveway about 10 feet off the main road. Also posted trespassing signs, so no hope of legally seeing the farm :( I took a quick shot of the gate if you’d like to see the dead end :)

    • I had heard about the gate last year. I had also heard there was a guard house at the road, or near it, while filming was going on last year but that may or may not still be there (probably not). I would imagine there’s going to be security on that house for the foreseeable future, but hey, ought to make it easy to resell in the future should they decide to.

      Sure K, if you’d like to send it along, just email us. I’m always interested in anything anyone would like to share.

  7. K says:

    We’re currently heading down to florida right now and will be heading right through the shooting area when we head home next week. SO tempted to take a slight detour past the farm just to see. Think it’s even worth a shot?

    • It’s always worth a shot. The worst thing that could happen is you’re turned away. Good luck, and if you do happen to get in, we’d love to see your pictures!

    • Daniel says:

      Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but if I were you I wouldn’t waste my time. I rode by there again last week and they have a locked gate up about 50-75 yards down the driveway. Unless you plan on jumping the fence and walking down the super long driveway, there really is no way to get to it(legally).

      • K says:

        Dang, that’s what I was afraid of. Not so scared of ‘hopping a fence’ and walking a bit.. but scared of getting a trespassing lawsuit or something slapped on me while on vacation just in case there’s security, sensors, cameras, etc…

        Bummer :(

  8. pat says:

    giong to see farm, dead or alive, im gettin a pic of me on that porch!

  9. pablo says:

    Me and the wife took a tripto ATL and decided to pass by the farm. Sad to say that its private property and my wife was very disapointed. And I don’t wanna get shot. Lol

  10. Anonymous says:

    How do you know its confirmed if you couldn’t see the house? Probably just another rabbit trail !

    • Anonymous says:

      Because a friend of mine knows the family that owns the property/farm. She told me the address, and like I said , even the security guard told me that it was the farm. Plus, you can see the house(big house with green roof) and farm from google maps.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The actual address is 3481 Hwy 85 South. I know a friend of the family that actually owns the house and property. I went there and confirmed the address today. About a 1/4 mile down the driveway was a gate, security cameras, with a security guard. She told me that that the filming was complete(which I already knew from AMC’s FB page) and that they were just cleaning up and removing equipment now. Once the crew is out of there, I am going to try to get my friend to take me over there so I can get some pics.

  12. August Alexander says:

    The farm is located at 3506 Georgia 74. Senoia, Ga up a loooooong ass driveway, look at it on Bing Maps.

  13. Heat says:

    I’m pretty certain you are off base about the house. Although it appears to be similar I’ve been told by several locals that it is closer to Sharpsburg.

    • Yes, the house in the pictures above is not the actual farm location. We know where it is, now, in Senoia but as I mentioned above, since it is on private property, we likely won’t be able to get photos.

      However, I will make the farm’s location on our TWD Google Map when I begin updating for season 2.

    • Andy says:

      It is not near Sharpsburg. I have been to the house when the filming was taking place. It has the two access points as I listed above. It is the house in the large plot of land with the green roof between hwy 85 and Chestlehurst rd. It is owned by the Senoia film company which is located at the end of Chetsltehurst rd. It is going to be hard to get a picture as is about a mile off of the road. Oh and it was moved there by the production crew.

  14. Doug says:

    I believe this is the farm in episode 2


    The coordinate is the house marked by a green arrow

    There is also access from 3564 hwy 85

    I believe it was near the hwy around 15 years ago and they had it moved back

    • I can’t see that link, Doug, but if it’s a green-roofed farmhouse, in a rather large plot of private property, situated just off GA Hwy 85 and just north of Chestlehurst Road in Senoia, then yes that’s the same location I have. Considering it’s on private property, however, I don’t know that I’ll be able to get actual location photos. I have no idea who the owner is nor how to contact them, but it’s a nice house from what I can tell.

      • Andy says:

        That is the house I have been out there but you can’t access it as it is gaurded on two different entrances one on 85 and the other at the dead end of Chestlehurst rd. I was privilaged enough to get to go out there.

        • At the end of Chestlehurst Rd. is the production studio used in the walking dead, Raleigh Studios Atlanta, it is guarded if you pull to the entrance gate you can see part of the mock prison used in the movie, not really much to see, you can really see a lot more in the town of Senoia or Woodbury as it is named in the movie. I will give you a tip, don’t go on a Monday most everything in town is closed, and stop by the Georiga Merchantile store for everything dead.

    • Misty says:

      I remember that!!!!! I didn’t realize it was the same house! I had no idea they had just moved it further back on the property. I assumed it was moved to another property but I do very clearly remember them moving it.

  15. Rick says:

    Seeing if I can post a link to the google map…not good at this stuff.

    View Larger Map

  16. Rick says:

    Just on a hunch seeing so much about Senoia, GA being a filming location, I just went to google maps and just started looking outside the town for farmhouses that look like the one in the production photo and I think I may have found it. The farmhouse is large and has a green roof. Due east of town on Hwy 85 there is a large farmhouse that looks like the same dimensions from above as the production photo (Green roof and all). It has a long driveway so you can’t see it from the road on Street View. I wish I could give a better description but hopefully when you guys read this you’ll find what I’m talking about.

  17. Ryan says:

    Although the crew is filming there, I don’t think this location serves as Hershels Farmhouse. I looked at this area on Google Maps, and the land doesn’t match up from what is in the trailer. Aswell as no houses around these shed structures.

    I did find something interesting when looking around Luther Bailey on Google, a small cemetary and church named “Bethel Cemetary” which matches exactly the church in the trailer.

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